Monday, July 12, 2021

Prince Harry on Committee to Solve Media Misinformation

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The Aspen Institute is touted as a non-partisan organization celebrated for the "thinkers" and "influencers" involved in the Institute who work to create solutions for the problems in the culture.

They have recently formed "The Commission on Information Disorder."

Some well-known faces on the newly formed "non-partisan" commission include Katie Couric, Prince Harry, and far-left mega-donor Kathryn Murdoch.

If the Institute didn't have a lot of influence on what is seen and read by Americans, I wouldn't mention it---but they do have a great deal of influence. And their influence will be evident in the media you see and hear.

And they are not "bi-partisan."

While they claim to be finding solutions to misinformation---they actually reflect the problem.

Their recently formed "Commission on Information Disorder" includes, in fact, a group of partisans working to push the "misinformation" of the far-left progressive agenda.

Be informed, not misinformed.

The blind leading the blind?

Top figures on the Aspen Institute's recently formed Commission on Information Disorder have themselves previously spread inaccurate information and pushed misinformation.

There is one token so-called "moderate" Republican, former Texas Rep. Will Hurd, on the commission.

And their recommendations, which are nothing more than Democrat talking points, will have considerable influence on all news organizations. Each story will begin with "a recent survey has found that..." Whatever.

The group consists of top media figures, former government officials, tech executives, and academics who have jointly set out to pinpoint the causes of misinformation and disinformation and to propose solutions to combat their spread.

Some of the most recognizable names on the commission include Prince Harry, Katie Couric, and Kathryn Murdoch, whose family owns Fox News, among other media outlets. These and several others on the commission are far-left activists.

When this announcement was made, the American Principles Project, a conservative organization, sent a letter criticizing the Aspen Institute of "engaging with known partisans to tackle disinformation."

A closer look at the actors on stage.

The commission was launched by a contribution of $3.3 million given by Craig Newmark, who is also contributing to far-left journalism schools and far-left organizations including Mother Jones and ProPublica.

Newmark, the founder of Craigslist, has been brutally critical of President Trump---in one case publicly comparing his response to the rioting in Portland to Nazi Germany.

He has also heavily supported candidates like then-Senator Kamala Harris, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, and others who share their views.

He has regularly funded studies that "found" that the media did "the right thing" to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story. And his studies found that "conservatives are spreading 'disinformation' by claiming the social media Big Tech firms have an anti-bias against conservatives."

Newmark has been very supportive of Nikole Hannah-Jones---the New York Times writer that started the "1619 Project"---which has been extensively discredited except by these "non-partisan" far-left leaders who are going to solve our "Disinformation Disorder."

Katie Couric, who has been in journalism for years and hosted NBC's Today Show for more than a decade, won a couple of Edward R. Murrow Awards and a Walter Cronkite Award, and several Emmys,  has herself been exposed for misleading news coverage and repeatedly shown bias.

One case in point. Couric deceptively edited a 2016 documentary to make it appear as though a pro-Second Amendment group had a long pause before answering a question about background checks. It became public when the group demanded the documentary be corrected. They had not paused at all in giving their answer.

This kind of purposeful misleading by Couric is not isolated. It's habitual.

Why is Prince Harry, a member of England's royal family, on an important commission with the power to potentially shape future US policy?

Very recently Harry was calling our Second Amendment, "Bonkers." 

Kathryn Murdoch is a left-wing mega-donor, wife of James Murdoch, and daughter-in-law to Rupert Murdoch. The Murdoch family controls Fox News. James and Kathryn are leftist to the core.

She has contributed millions to far-left organizations. Her husband James gave $20 million to Biden and a few other left-wing organizations last year.

After Fox News called the 2020 election for Joe Biden, Kathryn tweeted, "We did it."


You may remember that President Trump often called the media, "The enemy of the people."

Friday, Rasmussen published a survey of people's response to the question, is the news media really "the enemy of the people?"

They found 58% or all voters said yes. Of those, 34% "strongly" agreed, and 24% said they "somewhat" agreed.

Rasmussen also asked, "Do you trust the political news you're getting?"  Only 37% of all voters said yes, while 43% said no, and 20% said they weren't sure---they're confused. 

The spirit of our age is one of "tolerance," but intolerance has become the norm. The spirit of our age declares to be searching for truth, but their truth is evolving, always changing because it has no firm foundation. And anything is "true" if done or said to achieve the "noble end" of the "progressive agenda."

Today on our live radio program, I'll be talking further on how Christians can discern the truth in a chaotic, deceptive culture.

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Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.