Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Wuhan: "Greatest Cover-Up In Human History"

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Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) shared new findings from the House Foreign Affairs Committee probe into the possible origins of COVID-19 yesterday and accused the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of engaging in "the greatest cover-up in human history."

And he says, the CCP is likely "very concerned" by the findings of this US committee.

We should all be informed.

Fox News reported yesterday that "In the US, all 50 states plus the District of Columbia have reported confirmed cases of COVID-19, tallying more than 35,003,546 illnesses and at least 613,228 deaths."

And they report that "it has affected the lives of billions across the world."


One of the haunting questions remains, "Where did this virus originate, and how was it leaked out into the world population?"

The curtain is being drawn open on the question.

US Representative McCaul: "It's the greatest cover-up in human history."

McCaul, the ranking Republican on the Committee, has laid out a number of key points from the report which is scheduled to become public soon, which he says "should cause the Chinese Communist Party to be very concerned."

He says, "They're playing with fire. They were genetically manipulating at the lab where this gain-of-function was taking place."

Many of the key points of the report show that the supercharged virus was likely circulating in China as early as September 2019. That was well before the World Health Organization's Country Office in the People's Republic of China picked up a press release statement on December 31, 2019, by the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission from their website on cases of "viral pneumonia" in Wuhan.

In September, the Wuhan lab's genetic sequencing database was taken offline in the middle of the night, which McCaul says shows they were trying to "hide" or "cover-up" something of significant concern. 

Satellite imagery from around the same time shows increased activity at the hospitals near the Wuhan lab, McCaul says.

The Committee has also learned that months ahead of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Wuhan National Biosafety Lab requested bids for major renovations to air safety and waste treatment systems in research facilities that had been operational for less than two years, according to a report Fox News has obtained.

In addition, McCaul references the October 2019 World Military Games, where he says 9,000 people entered the country. According to the Committee data, some returned to their home countries with flu-like symptoms.

What should be done?

McCaul is calling for top researchers involved with the Wuhan lab to be sanctioned. And he singled out Peter Daszak, whose New York-based organization EcoHealth Alliance sent $3.4 million in National Institutes of Health grants to the Wuhan lab between 2014 and 2019, according to the Wall Street Journal. 

And McCaul says Peter Daszak needs to testify before Congress about what's going on.

The bottom line is that the evidence is confirming that the Chinese Communist Party knew well in advance there was a serious problem, and tried to cover it up---an act that interrupted the world economy and killed millions of people.

Sen Rand Paul was right.

Two weeks ago Sen Rand Paul, also a medical doctor, accused Dr. Fauci of lying to Congress about the role his National Institutes of Health (NIH) played in funding research in the Wuhan lab in China.

NBC and a number of other leftist mainstream news organizations jumped to Fauci's defense.

Fauci got hot and told Paul, "Senator Paul, you do not know what you're talking about, quite frankly, and I want to say that officially. You do not know what you're talking about."

Rand Paul did in fact know what he was talking about and Fauci knew it---thus the reaction.

Paul said that it appears that the Wuhan lab was doing "gain-of-function" research which dramatically increases the transmissibility of a virus of an organism in order to study the disease.

NBC says Paul "implied Tuesday that Fauci had previously lied to Congress and was aware of what the Wuhan lab was doing with grant money that came from NIH"---which Fauci runs and American taxpayers fund. 

Taxpayer money is not to be used for "gain-of-function" research.

At the time Fauci wiggled around the accusation by explaining that technically the practice in the lab was slightly altered so it did not come under the "scientific definition" of "gain-of-function" research.

"I totally resent the lie that you are now propagating, Senator," Fauci said, "Because if you look at the viruses that were used in the experiments that were given in the annual reports that were published in the literature, it is molecularly impossible for those viruses to result in the coronavirus."

Since then Fauci's statement has shown to be a false statement.

The additional evidence, hopefully, will soon be made public---and will further turn the light on the lies and deception that have led to the pandemic, and the overall management of the pandemic in our own country.

It's understandable that Fauci would get pretty hot in his response to Rand Paul. If what Paul has said is proven to be true---and I believe it is---Fauci will not end his career well. He has a lot to lose personally. Including a bruised ego.

A while back, Fauci told one of his supporting cast---I think it was CNN---"People who disagree with me are disagreeing with science."

To me, from my years of being a youth pastor,  Fauci's statement about his own infallibility reminded me of the cult leaders I've confronted over the years who were telling vulnerable teenagers, "If you want to know God, you must go through me---so join my cult." Thus isolating them from God and family. And Truth.

Fauci claimed that the "fiddling with the definition" exercise has been "evaluated many times by qualified people."

Why then are they scrambling so when someone turns on the light?

Call it what you want, but it's becoming more and more evident that the Chinese at Wuhan lab had juiced up the virus for scientific study (or whatever), millions of US taxpayer dollars have been sent to Wuhan lab from Fauci's NIH to Peter Daszak's EcoHealth Alliance, then to the lab and most all the actors have been denying all of the above.

The fires of failure.

Most of us have been concerned as we've watched governors and mayors take executive actions to save us from ourselves during this pandemic. How can one resist another who is trying to help us all---for the greater good---even if it challenges the Constitution a little?

I'm reminded of a quote from Edward Gibbon's "The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire." It reads:

"Without any violation of the principles of the constitution, the general of the Roman armies might receive and exercise an authority almost despotic over the soldiers, the enemies, and the subjects of the republic."

Today, most of us know that Rome walked the path of no return, into the dustbin of history.

 I pray we also understand that the current leadership in America is beckoning us to walk that same path.

Pray for America.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.