Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Left Considers "What To Do With Biden?"

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What has been on the mind of most Americans lately is now being discussed openly: What can the Left do about Joe Biden, given his growing problem with dementia, his sinking problem of failing to deliver what he promised, and plummeting poll numbers?

While most far-left Democrat politicians are primarily concerned about their own political fortunes---there are some who are actually concerned about our country...I'm told.

We should all be concerned.

And we should all be informed as to what is being discussed, and what may well happen in the coming days regarding the lack of leadership in our country.

Be informed, not misled.

Biden's tide is not rising.

The headline reads: "Report: Far-Left Weighs Benching Joe Biden After 2022 Midterms."

While President Biden still has 3 years left in his term, some on the far-left are predicting that if the poll numbers don't improve...the grassroots and disgruntled liberals will seek another candidate to compete for the nomination.

President Biden's approval rating is 42% according to a left/leaning NPR/Marist poll on November 24. Other polls show worse approval ratings for both Biden and Harris.

Vice President Harris is said to be strongly considering a run for president herself in 2024, as is Pete Buttigieg, who is currently Transportation Secretary.

Bernie Sanders is being considered as a replacement by some of the power players in the Democrat Party.

Biden has repeatedly said he plans to run for reelection in 2024. Most seriously doubt that he would even be able to run given his current cognitive decline. And only 13% of Democrat voters said they would support Harris in 2024 if Biden doesn't run.

The Hill says, "As speculation has swirled that Biden, 79 and the oldest man to hold the office, may not run again, new interest has turned toward Harris...but in that her office is filled with personal and morale problems, it's not likely" [she could win].

At this point, only 39% of voters in battleground districts support Biden's "Build Back Better" agenda, and Rasmussen Reports said yesterday they found that 51% of all likely voters oppose the $2 trillion "Build Back Better" bill, including 40% who "strongly" oppose it.

A CBS News/YouGov poll finds that 63% of American adults are opposed to giving $450,000 to illegal border crossers, including nearly 4-in-10 Biden supporters, 64% of swing voters, and 92% of Republicans.

It's unlikely that Biden's radical agenda will come to fruition before the 2022 midterm elections, given that "moderate" Democrat Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema oppose many of Biden's proposed items.

I'm reminded of  Judges 21:25: "In those days there was no king in Israel; every man did what was right in his own eyes."

If Biden is benched, what could happen? Hillary?

Townhall published an article yesterday written by Wayne Allen Root titled "Get Ready for President Hillary Clinton."

Root begins with a quote from boxer Muhammad Ali who often said, "It ain't bragging if you can back it up."

He then proceeds to "back up" that he has been right on a number of things over the past several years regarding politics in America. It's true. He has been right about a number of things---and as he says "it's all on tape."

Root says, "So, I'm going to make another shocking prediction. Democrats (i.e., the party of radical, insane, and hateful socialists, Marxists and communists) are getting ready to install Hillary Clinton as President of the United States."

How? Well, he says "the answer is simple."

"Biden is finished. He served his useful purpose." 

"He provided a white, experienced, grandfatherly, supposedly 'moderate' face to serve at the top of the presidential ticket. The mail-in ballot fraud got the Democrats 90% of the way home in rigging and stealing the 2020 election. And Biden's 'white moderate grandfather' routine did the rest: He fooled just enough clueless and naive voters in a handful of battleground states to finish the job."

"But," he says, "the jig is up." 

Here's how Root thinks Hillary will ascend to the White House:

Biden is as good as gone. It's only a matter of when. That would make Kamala Harris president. We all know that's not gong to happen. I believe she is the most deeply flawed, despised and unpopular vice president in the history of  America, and maybe the history of the world, too. Her 28% approval rating makes Biden look popular.

Harris has to go too.

Here's my crystal ball. Democrats will demand Harris' resignation. She'll cite 'personal reasons' or 'family issues'. Then corrupt Democrat donors will give her a $25 million mansion to retire in. You'll never hear from Harris again.

Next, they'll name Hillary Clinton vice president.

Very quickly after that, they'll start planting nonstop stories in the media claiming Biden's aids see him in dramatic mental decline. After 3 to 6 months of those stories in the media, Biden will make his touching goodbye announcement and ride off to a nursing home specializing in dementia patients. And like Harris, Jill Biden will get a $25 million mansion as incentive to shut her mouth and never be heard from again.

Just like that Hillary Clinton is President of the United States.

Root says he guesses Democrats will need a black woman as vice president to diversify the ticket and lockdown every last black vote in 2024. And he guesses that Michelle Obama could be that black woman.

"Don't laugh. Get ready," he says. "It's coming. Clinton/Obama 2024."


Last week Victor Davis Hanson wrote an article titled, "Losing Confidence in the Pillars of our Civilization." 

Hanson is one of America's most trusted historians. In his article, he summarizes the collapse of our institutions due to a lack of public trust. It's a very informative article, I suggest you read it.

He concludes: "Conservatives now have lost their former traditional confidence in the administration of justice, in the intelligence and investigatory agencies, in the nation's military leadership, in the media, and in the criminal justice system."

He says, "No one yet knows what the effect will be of half the country losing faith in the very pillars of American civilization."

What Victor Davis Hanson describes is not new to the society. It's as old as the human race.

In 1 Samuel 8:1-21, the Bible says: "And it came about when Samuel was old that he appointed his sons judges over Israel...His sons, however, did not walk in his ways, but turned aside after dishonest gain and took bribes and perverted justice."

Judges 2:16 says, "The Lord raised up judges who delivered them from the hands of those who plundered them."

Judges 21:25 reads---"In those days there was no king in Israel: Every man did what was right in his own eyes."

That defines America today. But I believe there can be redemption and restoration for our nation.

Perhaps what we are experiencing today will be a motivation to pray earnestly for our country. And to become engaged in the election process, choosing leaders who will stand for our Judeo-Christian foundations, values, and principles.

Be Informed. Be Engaged. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.