Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Immigrants Are All God's Children--What About Borders?

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An immigration watchdog group predicts the Left will refuse to retreat from their overwhelmingly unpopular position on illegal immigration and the porous southern border. They will do so in part---probably a great part, because of their intense hatred for Donald Trump. 

The Pope is urging the world not to hide behind walls and fences.

Is "open borders" a spiritual, biblical position of the Left, or the newest version of an old tactic?

What does the Bible say?

Be informed, not misled.

Virtue or vitriol?

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, told American Family News that "Democrats are unwilling to moderate their radical immigration stances despite Election Day now just 10 months away."

He predicts, "Only if the Democrats get annihilated in November, and the party apparatus concludes that immigration was a big part of the reason for that debacle, that they are almost guaranteed to face in November, that's going to take some  real political disasters for them---election losses across the board---before they actually come to that conclusion."

So, is immigration a moral or political issue?

Obama is a globalist, but he was careful not to take such a visible, obvious globalist view on illegal immigration and border security.

That stark difference became crystal clear in recent days when a 2010 Twitter post by a Kamala Harris aide, Jamal Simmons, came to light. In the tweet, Simmons noted that he had observed two "undocumented" people, including an activist, that had appeared on MSNBC.

Simmons posted, "Can someone explain why ICE is not picking them up?" 

Now that Simmons is the new communications director for Harris, he is groveling for forgiveness over a social media post that a majority of Americans agree with, but his far-Left, radical political party considers his statement of national security to be racist and xenophobic.

In an apology, Simmons wrote he is sorry for "offending those who care as much as I do about making America the best multi-ethnic, diverse democracy it can be."

Kirkorian explains that "anything Trump did is by definition bad from the Democratic perspective."

Apparently, immigrants are only "all God's children" when that deeply held belief advances a secular progressive agenda.

New Year, Same Crisis

Julio Rosas writes for Townhall but has spent a great deal of time on the border reporting during the past several years.

He said yesterday, "The crisis at the US-Mexico Border has continued on into 2022, and recent examples of who has been arrested after illegally crossing the border show the more sinister side of the national problem." 

He verifies a number of arrests that have been made just in the past few days by various local authorities after known criminals have simply crossed the border planning to disappear into America's neighborhoods.

Most, not all, but most have a history of sex abuse of children, theft, and violence. Some have been charged with murder. You can read the details of some of the arrests of illegals in various US cities in the article linked above.

Is this God's will for nations?

Pope Francis: "We cannot hide from migrants behind walls and barbed wires."

Yesterday, Pope Francis railed against the "dehumanization" of migrants, calling for shared responsibility among European nations in welcoming migrants.

He said in the face of increasing movements of migration, "We cannot be indifferent or hide behind walls and barbed wires under the pretext of defending security or a style of life."

He said he is aware of the difficulties that some "states encounter in the face of a large influx of people."

He said, "No one can be asked to do the impossible for them, yet there is a clear difference between accepting, albeit in a limited way, and rejecting completely."

The Vatican tweeted yesterday, "Mary and Joseph Were Immigrants."

Concluding, he noted:

"The issue of migration, together with the pandemic and climate change, has already demonstrated that we cannot be saved alone and by ourselves: the great challenges of our time are all global. It is thus troubling that alongside the greater interconnection of problems, we are seeing growing fragmentation of solutions."

He said, "What is needed instead is a recovery of our sense of shared identity as a single human family."

Is this what devout Catholic Joe Biden is working toward?

Or is it this:

Yesterday we learned that New York City Democrats have granted voting rights to nearly 1 million noncitizens.

Up to one million noncitizens living in New York City will have access to the ballot box after Mayor Eric Adams (D) on Sunday approved legislation by the city council to automatically become law.

The Mayor said, "I believe New Yorkers should have a say in their government."

This, in spite of the fact that this political maneuver violates New York state law. But who cares about laws? 

What does God say about national soverignity and borders? 

Sam Rohrer, president of the American Pastor's Network and former Pennsylvania lawmaker for 18 years, has written this regarding God's Word on immigration and borders.

Immigration and border control issues dominate our news and divide our nation, but God’s not divided nor is He confused on this or any issue—and we should not be either.

In fact, there are clear, biblical principles on why no one should be confused about God’s position on immigration and borders. Let’s look at borders first. In Acts 17:26, Paul says that God established nations and borders. Daniel 2 says He raises up leaders and nations, and He puts them down.

Without borders, there’s no order, no law, no justice. Without borders, God’s promise to bless the nation whose God is the Lord could never occur. God’s plan of redemption revolves around nations. In time, God will judge all nations who reject Him. Is it any wonder that the coming anti-Christ and globalists demand open borders?

If borders or walls are immoral—as even some religious leaders contend—then Nehemiah was wrong. And even more so, God Himself is wrong, because heaven has walls and gates, and Jesus says that whoever circumvents one gate and climbs in another way is a thief and robber.

Borders are essential to nations. In fact, the definition of "nation" includes a common language, a common view of God, and common borders. God’s blessings and judgment are bestowed on individuals and nations. Therefore, borders and border control are essential to protect a nation’s citizens and should rise to the highest of concerns for those in civil authority.

Additionally, this immigration controversy is not only political but moral. The Scripture passage most used to justify open borders and weak immigration policies is Leviticus 19:34, where God commanded Israel to welcome the stranger or sojourner as one who’s native-born.

By itself, this verse sounds compelling and unconditional, but it’s not. The Hebrew word for stranger in this text is ‘ger,’ and it means the immigrant wanting to assimilate—to embrace the God of Israel and their laws.

King Solomon in II Chronicles 6:32 repeated this: “If a sojourner comes to the land ‘because of our God’ and prays in the temple … then welcome them in.” To be welcome, immigrants must submit not rebel, fear God, and not fight for atheism or Allah.

Then in Isaiah 1:7, God uses another Hebrew word for stranger—‘zur,’ which means an enemy or one who would not assimilate and who hated the God of heaven. Because Israel would not obey God on matters of borders and immigration and point people to the God of heaven, Isaiah said that God would use these strangers as judgment. They would desolate the land, burn the cities with fire and overthrow the nation. There’s a horrible price to pay for wrongly interpreting God’s Word.  

Therefore, we can ask again: Is it moral to deny access to some ‘would-be’ immigrants? Does God’s Word provide clarity? The answer is yes.

Our government has a unique duty to God and to the citizen—one might even call it a moral duty. Different from the Church’s duty to care for the sick and reach out to those who don’t yet know the God of heaven, government’s duty according to Romans 13 is to enact justice, enforce the law and protect the citizen.

This is why God provided civil government with the sword of justice. This is, in part, why we are to pray for those in authority—that we may lead quiet and peaceable lives and because they are accountable to God.

God’s Word does hold all the answers about borders, immigration, and much more, but only if we read God’s instructions for our lives and our nations, take them to heart and follow them.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.