Friday, January 21, 2022

Is This the Last March Under Roe v Wade?

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Tens of thousands of pro-life citizens will take to the streets today in Washington DC to affirm a powerful message about the sanctity of life and the importance of protecting the unborn.

The message? "Equality Begins In The Womb" 

The question?  Is this the last march under Roe v Wade?

The "progressive" Left hope it is not, while biblical Christians pray it will be.

Be informed, not misled.

While the press will likely tell America "hundreds protested Roe v Wade" today in the nation's Capitol, the truth is, while the crowd could be smaller due to COVID, it's expected to be tens of thousands---not "hundreds."

The Washington Post is wondering out loud if this will be the last March for Life under Roe?

Millions are praying and marching, believing this could be the year that Roe will be overturned.

In the beginning.

The annual march is always peaceful. The first March For Life unfolded in 1974, in the wake of the Roe v Wade decision, but the annual event has grown and intensified over the years.

The late Nellie Gray founded the event. She was an attorney who worked for the government. She was in her late 40s when she founded the March. A few months before the first march ---about a dozen people gathered in her townhouse on Capitol Hill and discussed the anniversary of "Roe" coming up.

The group discussed how to counter the day and brainstormed ways to push back on the new assault on life.

They decided to do a March.

The resulting event, held Jan. 22, 1974, attracted thousands of concerned pro-life citizens who rallied, marched around the US Capitol, and lobbied Congress.

Ironically, the group and the leadership initially assumed the March could happen for another year or two, but would not become an annual event, so they planned for a maximum two-time event.

As we all know, it has intensified and grown over the years.

Today is the 49th annual March For Life.

The March began in Nellie's townhome, but the purpose of the march--- the sanctity of life--- began "in the beginning" when "God created..."

A confused culture.

Several generations of our kids have been indoctrinated in government-run schools on the most important facts of life---i.e., human sexuality, marriage, and the value of life itself.

Nowhere is ignorance and confusion more visible than in the entertainment media.

A conversation on ABC'S "The View" turns the light on the dark ignorance of celebrities who have no sense of the value of life.

The fact that the women on "The View" would even mention the March for Life is surprising in that ABC, NBC, and CBS generally prefer to ignore it. 

But here's part of their conversation a couple of years ago.

Whoopi Goldberg took issue with the March's term "pro-life." The whole panel then made contradictory and confusing arguments about how one could be both pro-choice and pro-life.

It began with Whoopie announcing that the March for Life was happening "this Friday."

Then she asked the audience, "We have children. Is anybody out there not for life? Then she began to tear into the term "pro-life."

Joy Behar responded, "We're all for life."

Then Whoopie said, "So maybe we should stop talking about being pro-life, or anti-life because nobody is not for life."

Sara Haines jumped in: "Or pro-abortion. Because nobody is pro-abortion."

Whoopie's response: "We are pro-choice. That's a difference."

Behar to Sunny Hostin: "Are you pro-choice? Because you can be pro-life and pro-choice."

Hostin answered that she identifies as "pro-life" and doesn't feel that contradicts being "pro-choice."

There's a lot of parsing of words---you can watch on the link above---but it was a display of ignorance, doublespeak, and hypocrisy ending with all agreeing that government should not tell women what to do with their bodies.  

I suspect that would not apply to Biden's mandate on vaccinations. 

To the degree we have removed God from the public square of America, we have removed an understanding of life itself.

Sustaining the March

No question great planning has helped sustain the March over these years, but there's more to it than planning. 

Peter Range, executive director of Ohio Right To Life, told the Washington Post, "It's a joyful event. There's a special Holy Spirit that is present that charges people up to come home and fight locally for the right to life."

The Post notes that it's been that spirit that has brought about considerable change in laws regarding abortion---driven by these "antiabortion activists" like Range.

And Bezos' paper says:

"According to Guttmacher Institute [which has been associated with Planned Parenthood over the years]  local legislatures have enacted more than 480 abortion restrictions since 2011. Texas so far has succeeded in banning abortions after six weeks, and all but one abortion clinic in Mississippi closed."

Range noted that Ohio has passed more than two dozen restrictions over the past decade.

He also told WAPO that he is "depending on the March to renew enthusiasm in Ohio where his group works to pass Senate Bill 123, a trigger law that would ban all abortions in Ohio if the US Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade."

McKenzie McCoy is the executive director of North Dakota Right To Life. She is forgoing the March in DC this year to focus on her own state's March, which happened to fall on the same date.

She says the state marches are also important because we're the ones with the boots on the ground."

She continued, "We get tired. We get beat down. Sometimes we feel we are running on a treadmill; alone, and it's good to go to events like this where you can fill that tank back up. Your fire gets rekindled. You get reminded of why you got into this movement."

Could Roe fall this year?

This 2022 March for Life is especially notable in that it comes as Supreme Court Justices are preparing for a monumental abortion ruling in the "Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization" case, which could derail portions --- if not all---of Roe v Wade.

Keep the faith. Do not grow weary in well-doing. And remember how God feels about "life."

"Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one's youth" (Psalm 127: 3-4).

Be Informed. Be Encouraged. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Engaged.