Friday, April 01, 2022

Biden vs The Bible

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Yesterday President Biden applauded transgenderism with the launch of a new universal "X" gender marker on official documents.

The new presidential push will, among other things, include a new "X" gender marker on all US Passport applications beginning April 11.

Associated Press says, "New Transportation Security Administration scanners that are gender-neutral are also planned as part of the administration-wide embrace of transgenderism and LGBTQI+ issues and people.

The so-called Christian Left has joined Biden in pushing this agenda.

Penny Nance, president of Concerned Women for America, is also pushing...pushing back against President Biden's behavior.

The Bible is also strongly pushing back, because this movement, as it is being presented and promoted by the President of the United States, is a celebration of what God has condemned.

Yesterday was proclaimed to be "Transgender Day of Visibility"-- so let's turn the light on so it will be more visible.

Be informed, not misled.

Biden's commitment.

Associated Press (AP) said yesterday, "President Joe Biden said Thursday that his administration is standing up for transgender Americans against 'hateful bills' being passed at the state level and that he is committed to advancing equality across society."

Continuing, AP quoted Biden: 

“The onslaught of anti-transgender state laws attacking you and your families is simply wrong,” Biden says in a video in a video. “This administration is standing up for you against all these hateful bills. And we’re committed to advancing transgender equality in the classroom, on the playing field, at work, in our military, and our housing and health care systems.”

The president's promise was: “Everywhere. Simply everywhere.” 

And he means "everywhere." He reflects the zeal of a missionary on an assignment from God. But he isn't. In fact, he is either knowingly or ignorantly standing in defiance of  Nature, and Nature's God who according to the Bible--- "in the beginning created male and female." And He created them in His image and His likeness. And God isn't confused, nor is the Bible in error.

The president told the trans community: "You're not alone." "You're so brave. You belong. And we have your back."

He promised yesterday to essentially overlay every part of American government and culture with "X" to celebrate transgenderism.

The president promised that HHS will be the "first agency to fly a trans pride flag."

The "Christian" Left shares Biden's theology---or lack thereof.

Adam Russell Taylor, president of "Sojourners" confessed yesterday that he had not been aware of the annual "Transgender Day of Visibility."

Sojourners, founded by Jim Wallis, has become the leading organization and mouthpiece of the so-called "religious Left" in our country.

Once Taylor became aware, he was all-in, expressing fear that other church leaders and pastors may also be unaware and we all must work to inform them so they can spread the word---take a stand---share the good news, celebrate transgender, etc.

Taylor said, "How we care for and protect transgender and gender non-conforming people poses an ongoing test of how we live out the bold inclusive love of Jesus."

And therein is the problem with the left---whether Catholic or Protestant.

Affirming what God condemns is not living out the inclusive love of Jesus.

Absolutely we are to love and care for everyone and do so in the love of Jesus.

But "caring" is not celebrating. Or affirming what God has condemned.

It is true that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so anyone and everyone who believes in Him can be saved from eternal judgment by accepting His gift of eternal life. And forgiveness of sin. And restoration from destructive behavior.

Biblical salvation also involves "restoration" and "deliverance" from the sin we have been "saved" from.

Taylor says the bills that are being passed to protect children K-3rd grade by withholding the transgender materials to be taught "contradict the Great Commandment."

He says, "Transgender, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming people, whether children or adults, are all equally created in God's image and are beloved by God.

That's true. God loves the world.

But God created "male and female." He did not create other variations of human sexuality. "Male" and "female." The transgender issue is a behavioral issue, not a Creation issue. They are not born that way. God would not condemn His own Creation.

Relativism disguised as Christianity.

The religious left regularly claims to be "devout" in their faith, yet when their beliefs collide with God's Word---the Bible, they discard biblical teaching in favor of progressive beliefs that conform to a secular culture.

The Bible is the infallible, inerrant Word of God, written by imperfect men and women under the inspiration of God.

Our Founding Fathers understood that and acted upon those principles in founding this country.

Our current leadership does not understand that, or simply ignores eternal absolute Truth.

The ancient prophet Jeremiah is one of those people. In chapter 36 of  Jeremiah, there is an account of Jeremiah's writing---the inspired Word of God---on a scroll, being read to King Jehoiakim. As pages are read to the King with which he disagrees, he cuts the page from the scroll and throws it into the fire. 

Eventually, the entire scroll is burned ... but not lost. Because of its inspiration, Jeremiah quotes the Scriptures to his scribe again and the Word of the Lord is preserved.

President Biden regularly tears and torches pages from the Bible, much like King Jehoiakim tore out the pages of Jeremiah's scroll. 

Our Vice President does the same thing. And so does the Speaker of the House. While all claim to be devout Christians.

When their behavior contradicts the Bible, they use words like "compassion, inclusion, fairness, love, tolerance, equity" and other virtuous words to signal their own virtue and self-righteousness ---much like the Pharisees in Jesus' time---while they create policies that are in direct conflict with biblical teaching.

The so-called religious Left practice a form of religious relativism.

Christianity is not a political prop. It's a set of deeply held beliefs drawn from the Bible that informs and directs our lifestyle and personal behavior.

It is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. One that He made possible through His death and Ressurection. It is having eternal life.

How religious relativism destroys.

Concerned Women for America (CWFA) have gone directly to the federal government to claim the University of Pennsylvania is violating its Title IX statute by allowing male athletes to compete against female athletes, including Lia Thomas, a man who "identifies" as a woman and recently won a 2022 NCAA Woman's Swimming Championship.

CWFA says a great injustice is being committed against women student-athletes at U-Penn, and beyond.

She said, "These violations are compounded in that colleges and universities are allowing a hostile environment to fester which threatens female athletes' entire college careers and even future earning opportunities if they dare speak out against these unfair policies."

The complaint says this: 

Thomas is anatomically and biologically a male with physical capacities that are different from anatomically and biologically female athletes, which extends an unfair advantage and strips female student-athletes of opportunities afforded to them by law. The complaint also cites reports that Thomas’ own teammates have complained about UPenn allowing a hostile environment to fester in its locker room which has put them in apprehension.

You may be interested to know that Thomas was previously ranked #462 when competing in the men's division.

This is a serious matter. Isaiah (5:20) addressed it in his time when he wrote: 

"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter."

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.