Friday, May 06, 2022

Mothers: "Important Tasks Await Your Babies"

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This Sunday we honor mothers.

Happy Mother's Day.

Perhaps the greatest radio voice of all time once said, "Mothers, important tasks await your babies."

He also said, "So you're going to have a baby. A pair never beat a full house they say."

"Into such a world you are about to bring a baby. Next month, maybe. You are not human if you have not wondered through each long night if it is right," he said.

A Republican candidate for the Senate says her mother, who conceived her in rape, decided against abortion because important tasks await.

Be informed, and inspired.

A mother makes the right choice.

Just two weeks before the Pennsylvania primary election, GOP Senate candidate Kathy Barnette says she is alive today because her mother, who was only a pre-teen when she was raped, decided not to end the life in her womb.

“I am the byproduct of a rape,” the veteran revealed during the Republican primary debate on Wednesday. “My mother was 11 years old when I was conceived, and my father was 21. I was not just a ‘lump of cells.’ As you can see, I’m still not just a ‘lump of cells.’ My life has value.”

Barnet said that regardless of whether the premature release of the Supreme Court's draft decision was a leak or a "tactical operation" she is pro-life because she believes life in the womb is just as important as life outside it.

"My life is valuable, and so are the many lives that find themselves in the womb of their mother, whether in the womb or towards the end of that life," she told the audience.

She is running for the Senate against the well-known Dr. Oz, whom she believes is not truly pro-life based on a number of his public statements prior to his running for public office.

"Mothers, important tasks await your babies."

On May 25, 1993, the Centralia, Washington "Chronicle" published a commentary by Paul Harvey titled, "Mothers, important tasks await your babies."

I don't have the needed permission to publish it in this column, however, I can quote from it, and I can link the entire article here

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Harvey was undoubtedly one of the greatest voices ever on radio. He was also a committed Christian according to those who knew him.

In his commentary, he says mothers have worried about bringing a child into their world "since a long time before you switched to low heels. You'll have to endure the mornings and the waiting and the dieting, and the waiting and the wondering and the waiting...alone."

He goes through a list of well-known people who had to be born because important tasks awaited them. 

In conclusion, he says of birthing a baby, "For each woman, there is a personal Garden of Gethsemane. She goes there for strength. I have not tried to tell you it is easy. Only that it is important."

And he says this: 

"Since long before Mary, mothers have been anxious for their offspring. But have borne them in stables and hidden them in bulrushes. Have borne them unattended in the bouncing bed of a Conestoga wagon racing to outdistance savages, in unheated frontier cabins, or, just as alone, midst the antiseptic whiteness of great hospitals."

"Because it is important that they do. It has ever been so."

Have a happy Mother's Day this Sunday.

Mothers, we love you.

Be Blessed.