Friday, September 30, 2022

Biden Commits Himself To Saving "Democracy"

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When Italy elected Giorgia Meloni, I talked about it on our daily radio program---suggesting it was refreshing that Italy had elected someone who had campaigned on God, pride in country, and defense of traditional family values. 

I also noted that our own president, who has recently committed himself to "saving democracy" would probably not be all that supportive of her---because she doesn't embrace the right kind of democracy.

That was an understatement.

In a speech to the Democrat Governors Association this week, he compared Meloni to Chinese dictator Xi Jinping.

And he promised he "was sincere in doing so."

Be informed, not misled.

A man without a vision.

Speaking during a Democratic Governors Association reception and fundraiser in Washington D.C. Wednesday night, President Joe Biden compared Italy's new and conservative prime minister Giorgia Meloni to Chinese dictator Xi Jinping. 

"Well, folks, you know -- and I mean this sincerely; you’re going to think this is a little out of whack what I’m going to talk about, but, you know, democracy is at stake.  Literally, there's a...there's a case being made around the world, not just here, because of democracy and autocracy.  And there's an awful lot of folks who believe that democracies can't be sustained in the 21st century because there's, problems are so, so much is changing in science and technology, the environment, a whole range of things, that it’s awful hard to reach a consensus in the short amount of time you have to reach," Biden said. "And so that's why I have these constant arguments.  So I've had, I’ve met with Xi Jinping for over 78 hours, 68 of which are in person, over the last 10 years.  And he makes the case straight up that democracies can't be sustained in the 21st century." 

"You just saw what's happened in Italy in that election. You're seeing what's happening around the world.  And the reason I bother to say that is we can't be sanguine about what's happening here either," he continued.

Is he predicting that if he and the Left are not careful, America could possibly do what Italy did and elect someone who campaigns on God, patriotism, and traditional family values?

Our president still seems to be in search of a winning slogan, while his approval rating continues to fall---5 points again this week.

Clearly, he's in search of a cause rather than having a vision for America. 

It is written that "people without a vision perish."

No one is buying what President Biden is saying. This woman was elected by the people. That's how democracy works. Isn't it?

Matteo Renzi, a former Italian Prime Minister who holds very different political views than Meloni says these statements are way overblown, she is not a threat to democracy.

"Personally I was against Giorgia Meloni, I'm not her best friend, we are rivals but she is not a danger to democracy, the idea there is a risk of fascism in Italy is absolutely fake news."

Sen. Patty Murray: "I believe our democracy is at risk today."

You'll recall back on September 1, President Biden gave his prime-time speech standing in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia reminding us that "this is where  America made its 'Declaration of Independence,', where the Constitution was written and debated and where we set in motion our government with these simple words: 'We the People. We the People'." 

You probably also remember he was standing in front of the building with red spotlights reflecting off the building, with military personnel standing at attention.

It was not a sight Americans were used to seeing in a presidential speech. It was ominous.

After mentioning the success of our country, he said, "But as I stand here tonight, equality and democracy are under assault. We do ourselves no favor to think otherwise." 

There was a great deal of pushback from the public regarding the visual setting and the content of the speech.

In defense, Washington State's Democrat Senator Patty Murray came to his rescue.

She told The Hill:

“I believe that our democracy is at risk today. I was in the nation’s Capitol on January 6. I wasn’t able to escape. I was barricaded in an office. And I heard the pounding at the door, and I heard those who were outside of it willing to use brute force incited by President Trump to take over our country, to take over our democracy, to stop the transaction to a new presidency in a peaceful way, which is what a democracy is,” Murray said.

“[W]e have to get back to a point where we all say that brute force and incitement of that brute force, and the questions that the president and his followers continue to put out there about whether or not that election was legitimate incites that,” she said.

“And we still have people today saying there will be violence on the streets. That is not what a democracy is. And we all have to point that out and work to make sure we move towards a democracy and keep that democracy,” she added.

Actually, we are a Republic, not a "democracy." But we know what she means. Don't we?

About "violence on the streets."

For nearly two years, hundreds, probably thousands of Antifa and Antifa-inspired people ran the streets of our cities burning, looting, defacing, breaking, and spray painting buildings and cars that were the personal property of other people. 

During President Trump's Inauguration ceremony violent vandals ran the streets of Washington DC burning and breaking cars and buildings just blocks from his swearing-in as President.

And the violence happened all across the nation, inspired by those who didn't like him. They preferred Hillary.

Memo to Patty: Please don't lecture us about "violence on the streets" after all this, and Capitol Hill's  "CHOP/CHAZ" episode that your friend and Democrat Mayor Jenny Durkan called a "summer of love" even though people were shot and killed in the "zone."

About "brute force."

While the Left denounces "brute force," many ordinary citizens are asking why the Biden administration needed to send dozens of armed police and SWAT team members to Trump's house to seize papers that his team was working with administration personnel to return to DC?

And why were Mark Houck, his wife, and their seven children awakened recently by 10-15 officers who stormed their home announcing they were arresting the pro-life father for pushing a man in front of a Philadelphia abortion clinic who would not stop telling the 12-year-old son his father was a fag---and other making other statements that I  wouldn't even quote here?


And why, if this country is so important to the Left and the Biden administration, are they so intent on maintaining open borders? They know---everybody knows, without borders a country doesn't exist.

To quote Trump, "A country without borders is not a country."

And to quote soon-to-be Italian PM Meloni: 

In a speech against the Migration Compact pushed by the United Nations, a plan to expand global migration, Meloni said, “[I]t’s not in our national interest to sign our border protection policy over to the U.N.’" She continued, "The Migration Compact is exactly what is needed by those who have used illegal immigration in recent decades to complete the grand plan of financial speculation to deprive nations and people of their identity.”

“Because without roots you’re a slave, and when you’re a slave you serve the interests of Soros,” said Meloni.

I agree. Democracy is indeed under attack.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.