Wednesday, October 19, 2022

About Arizona's Kari Lake

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Arizona’s Kari Lake, a former Fox 10 Phoenix anchor running for governor as a Republican, has exited the world of journalism and is now running for governor of Arizona.

Lake, a conservative Republican endorsed by Trump, is taking the Left by storm.

She details why she left journalism and what sets her skyrocketing grassroots campaign apart from other candidates. 

Be informed, not misled.

Why did she leave a successful broadcasting career to run for governor?

Lake, who Democrat strategists see as a “major MAGA star” in the making, spoke with Breitbart News last Wednesday evening in Phoenix. After 22 years at Fox 10 and nearly three decades as a news anchor, Lake said she decided to leave the world of journalism because leftist bias made its way to the forefront of news coverage. 

"We’re so on to the legacy media, the mainstream media, it’s so obvious what they’re up to,” said Lake, who is endorsed by former President Donald Trump. “The way they cover things when they go, ‘Oh, you can’t ask that, you’re an election denier, you’re this,’ they call people names, and you just go ‘Wait a minute, journalists shouldn’t call names like that, they shouldn’t label people."

“I think people are awake to the fake news and thank God for President Trump for opening our eyes,” she went on to say. “I just got fed up; I knew it was heading toward the left. I knew that the majority of people in the news were liberal, some of them hardcore leftists, and it was a smaller and smaller and smaller group of people who were conservative.”

“Listen, we’re gonna get all kinds of people in this world. Not everyone’s gonna be completely neutral in the middle; it’s really hard not to have any opinions, but you got to check your opinions at the door,” she added. “I was trained to do that. People come up to me and go, ‘I had no idea that you were conservative. I didn’t even know.’ And I go, ‘That’s because I was a good journalist.’ I didn’t show that on the air.” 

The news media is trying to circumvent and marginalize Lake and her campaign.

Here's an example:

Arizona Republican Kari Lake will take the stage for what would have been the state’s lone gubernatorial debate Wednesday, but her Democrat opponent, Katie Hobbs, refuses to participate. 

Arizona’s Clean Elections Commission (CEC) worked with both campaigns to set up a debate that satisfied the candidates. Despite the effort, Hobbs refuses to share the stage with Lake. The CEC granted Lake a one-on-one interview with Arizona PBS but denied one for Hobbs because she refused to debate. 

On Wednesday, Phoenix-based journalist Hank Stephenson reported that PBS circumvented the CEC’s decision and granted Hobbs a one-on-one interview next week.

Kari Lake responded with this tweet:

We just learned hours before airtime of tonight’s Clean Elections Commission debate that PBS has unilaterally caved to Katie Hobbs’ demands and bailed her out from the consequences of her cowardly decision to avoid debating me on stage. As the CEC’s broadcast partner, PBS’ actions are a slap in the face to the commissioners of the CEC and a betrayal of their efforts to put on an actual debate. Remember, the CEC specifically voted against Katie Hobbs’ demand for her own one-on-one interview, but PBS went behind the CEC’s backs and agreed to give her one anyway. That’s because PBS, a supposedly-objective taxpayer-funded entity, is working overtime to help elect Katie Hobbs, who needs all the help she can get. PBS has now become complicit in Katie Hobbs’ attempt to destroy twenty years of gubernatorial debate tradition. We are actively working with the Clean Elections Commission and we continue to push for an opportunity for a real debate with both candidates on stage.

I found it interesting that Lake's opponent in the gubernatorial race, Katie Hobbs, went directly to MSNBC's "Andrea Mitchell Reports" where she explained that she would not debate because Lake would make a "spectacle" and confirmed that PBS did indeed make special arrangements for her.

Hobbs said, "It doesn't do service to the voters in terms of deciding, looking at the contrast between us and how we're going to govern if all she's going to do is shout over me and interrupt me and spew lies."

There's more but you get the picture.

How would Lake govern?

She told Breitbart News during an exclusive interview that if elected, she will be committed to protecting children from Critical Race Theory (CRT) and cross-gender curriculum.

Lake sat down with Breitbart News on Wednesday at the Arizona Biltmore Resort shortly after holding a press conference outside Arizona PBS at the Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication where she addressed the debate issue.

She said, “It’s really sad that we would have to write legislation to make sure our schools don’t teach our kids to be racist and don’t try to turn our boys into girls and our girls into boys… but we will if we have to.  I want to make sure that our children, we’re sending them off to school, and they’re not having their brains filled with psychological abuse, and that’s what it is, to be honest."

And she said this:

“Our kids are colorblind. I raised my children; they didn’t see skin color. My little boy knew he was a boy, and my little girl knew she was a girl. Our school never went and tried to confuse them on that,” 

She continued, pointing out just how innocent, impressionable, and vulnerable children are to such ideologies.

“Our kids’ brains are so malleable that you can convince them that Santa Claus flies around the globe, and you know, and that’s a beautiful thing, but it shows what our kids — they’ll believe anything,” she continued. “And our schools are using that innocence of our children to twist their minds into this disturbing thought process, to where they actually want to have surgeries to change who they are is sick. It should be criminal.”

“And I will work tirelessly with the legislature to protect our children on all of that stuff. We want our kids to go to school; we want them to get smarter, not dumber. We don’t want them to go in with common sense and leave confused. And we demand that our schools educate our kids.” 

She says there are ways to make change happen within government-run schools. 

One tool to protect children is school choice and Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESA), which came to fruition through legislation that outgoing Gov. Doug Ducey (R-AZ) signed in July.

“We already have a really great policy with ESA for all,” Lake said. “So if you find out the school is doing that, you can just say, ‘We’re not sending our kids to the school; we’re going to go over here.’ And that school is going to either go under, or they’re going to change course.”

She is putting real pressure on the Left by telling the truth and exposing the consequences of the Leftist leadership in education.

An interesting response from Obama's former chief of staff.

AXIOS, a Left, liberal news organization said this last weekend:

Democratic Party strategists are watching Arizona's Kari Lake with growing alarm.

Why it matters: As some see it, Lake — a 2020 election denier — could easily win the state's gubernatorial race and threaten its 2024 election processes. And with the talent she's already displayed even as a political novice, they see her potential to soar to a vice presidential spot or a post-Trump presidential candidacy.

Zoom in: Of this year's midterm elections slate of "ultra MAGA" candidates, Lake has perhaps the best chance of winning.

The polls are neck-and-neck. Some Democrats are venting frustration that Katie Hobbs is not presenting a stronger challenge to Lake. Hobbs has refused to debate Lake, which some say signals fear and amounts to "political malpractice."

David Axelrod, a top aid to former President Barack Obama, told AXIOS, “If you get a candidate who has the performance skills of a major market local TV anchor and the philosophy and thinking of Steve Bannon, that’s a potent and dangerous combination… Look at Italy."


A lot of people are looking at Italy, where the people recently elected very conservative leadership.

There are also a lot of people looking at Arizona and are encouraged to see people like Lake with the courage to step up, heed the call, and take the risks.

And it appears there are many in Arizona who see Karie Lake as a God-send, not an "Italian-type" problem.

Earlier this year she tweeted this: “We’ve pushed God out, and we’re seeing the consequences of that and it’s not pretty. I think we’ve got to bring God back into our hearts and our homes.”


Charisma News reports this quote from Lake

"God has given us all an ability, a talent, and this is the moment to use it. We're in the eleventh hour to save this country. We need to wake up and get moving and save it right away. We're dangerous because we're telling the truth, and [the corrupt politicians in power] have to have lies to keep their tyranny going, and we're not going to allow it anymore."

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful. Vote.