Friday, October 28, 2022

Living in a State of Denial

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Newsweek published a wildly misleading "fact check" in response to what Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently said during his appearance on "The View."

Cruz noted how the far-left started multiple riots during 2020 and it included the Antifa movement often leading the charge in some areas of the country, such as Portland, Oregon. Host Whoopi Goldberg acted like she did not know what the Antifa riots were.

By any objective metric, Pennsylvania Democratic senate candidate John Fetterman bombed his one and only debate this week against GOP opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz. However, the Democrats are calling it a terrific performance.

Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs suggested that Republican “Kari Lake and her allies” had something to do with a recent break-in at Hobbs’ campaign headquarters.

Now Hobbs is backpedaling.

The Left is living in a state of denial. Here are a few examples from this past week.

Be informed, not misled.

About Sen. Ted Cruz.

Newsweek began with, "Texas Senator Ted Cruz has frequently described left-leaning activists and protestors as violent and dangerous, claiming that his Democratic opponents have embraced this "mob violence". A frequent critic of anti-fascist Antifa activists, the senator spoke out on The View this week, deflecting arguments about January 6 violence to claim that it was actually the Left that carried out a year of fiery, destructive protests across the U.S.

However, Newsweek's fact-check article was wildly misleading in regard to what Sen. Cruz actually said on "The View."

Cruz noted how the far-left started multiple riots during 2020 and it included the Antifa movement often leading the charge in some areas of the country, such as Portland, Oregon, Seattle, and others. 

Host Whoopi Goldberg acted like she did not know what the Antifa riots were.

Media Research Center tweeted "@tedcruz rips "The View" for supporting Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams' election denialism.

Whoopi: We may not like when Republicans win, but we don't storm...

Cruz: Did I miss an entire year of Antifa riots where cities across this country were burning?

In Newsweek's "fact check," they concede riots did take place but it wasn't all cities across the whole country and Antifa does not exist so they rated Cruz's comments as false. 

After being told how wrong they were to claim Antifa did not exist, Newsweek updated the story but still maintained Cruz was wrong.

The fact Newsweek claimed Antifa is not a real thing was no accident. There is countless evidence to show the Antifa movement is real and most often violent. While loosely organized, it is a very real threat to certain areas of the country should they be motivated enough to mobilize. Some Antifa groups do not explicitly call themselves Antifa, but their stated goals of abolishing the police and even the United States are not in doubt.

Newsweek is living in denial.

About Dr. Oz.

By any objective metric, Pennsylvania Democratic senate candidate John Fetterman bombed his one and only debate this week against GOP opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz. Despite assurances he only has some auditory processing issues following a stroke in the spring, it was evident the challenges he faces during recovery are much greater than he or his campaign have claimed.

The "Fetterman is not well" chorus has grown so loud that his campaign had to come up with some sort of excuse, so they settled on blaming technology. 

"We are thrilled with John's performance. He did remarkably well tonight — especially when you consider that he's still recovering from a stroke and was working off of delayed captions filled with errors. John won countless exchanges, counter-punched aggressively, and pushed back on Oz's cruelty and attacks."

CNN had its own take on the matter. 

CNN's medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner said the fault also lies with Oz…for speaking "intentionally" and even "cruelly" faster than normal. 

Reiner said, "I take care of people like Mr. Fetterman, who have had atrial fibrillation, which is where we think his stroke came from, how it originated, and I admire his courage to go on that debate last night," he said sympathetically. "He had to know that he was facing a fast-talking TV doctor that at times seemed to be talking even intentionally faster in the face of Mr. Fetterman's difficulty speaking. Sometimes it appeared almost cruelly faster. He had to know that he would get the kind of reception that he got from that. And being the son of a man who had atrial fibrillation and had a stroke, I know how much work it takes to recover and I admire Mr. Fetterman's determination to do that."

About Kari Lake.

The Washington Examiner reported yesterday: "Kari Lake, the Republican nominee for governor of Arizona, called reporters 'despicable' for asking her to respond to allegations from the Arizona Democratic Party that she was directly responsible for a break-in at Democratic nominee Katie Hobbs’s office earlier this week."

Lake said, “That is absolutely absurd. It sounds like a Jussie Smollett part two. You’re going to drag the people through something like this,” Lake said in response to a question from a CNN reporter.  Wednesday.

“You’re letting a woman who has been running a terrible campaign direct you to a story like this? You know she is running a bad campaign," Lake added.

The Phoenix Police Department said it is investigating a burglary at Hobbs’s campaign headquarters and determined items had been taken from the office Monday evening, although it did not clarify what was taken.

The Arizona Democratic Party was quick to try to connect Lake to the break-in. “This is a direct result of Kari Lake and fringe Republicans spreading lies and hate and inciting violence — and it is despicable,” it wrote in a statement posted on Twitter.

Lake, herself a journalist and TV news anchor for 30 years, said, “I can’t believe she would blame my amazing people, blame me for something like that. I don’t even know where her campaign office is. I’m assuming it’s in a basement somewhere because that’s where she’s been campaigning. You guys are despicable for falling into that trap."

About Isaiah

More than 2500 years ago Isaiah the prophet spoke to the deception and dishonesty in his times when he wrote, "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for  bitter" (Is. 5:20). 

It's one thing to do evil and recognize it as evil. It's quite another thing to do evil and call it good.

Michael Brown explains: "Going back two decades, consider Dr. George Tiller, infamous for his late-term abortion practice but hailed as a hero by the pro-abortion movement. In their eyes, he was performing a compassionate service for hurting families, relieving them of the pain of bringing an unwanted child into the world."

He continues:

There are articles about Tiller with titles like, “A Gentle, Compassionate Man: Remembering Dr. George Tiller,” and, “The Compassion of Dr. Tiller.” The latter article states that “George Tiller is frequently described as ‘controversial.’ But in the tight-knit world of abortion providers and among the women under his care, he was often called a saint.”

This puts quite a spin on the word saint!

The fact that Tiller was inexcusably murdered in 2009 by a “pro-life” extremist cannot detract from his evil deeds, which included offering his clients package deals for late-term abortion plus fingerprinting, baptism, and burial or cremation. 

Yes, Tiller had baptismal ceremonies performed for the babies whose lives he just ended. (This was not only widely known, but I also saw pictures of these baptisms and burials.) Tragically, as reported on Live Action, “A former staff member of a late-term abortion facility [meaning, Dr. Tiller’s] has admitted there was nothing wrong with over 98 percent of the babies aborted at her facility.”

In the words of a passionate pro-life leader, “Although he specialized in killing handicapped children, most of his tiny victims were late-term, fully-formed, healthy, and viable outside the womb. He performed an average of roughly seven post-viable abortions per week and has admitted on tape to aborting babies a day before the mother’s due date.”

This is the man hailed by some as a saint. 

Talk about misguided compassion.


Recently I have talked about how the FBI is making arrests of pro-life advocates ---raiding their homes, making arrests with 15-20 officers, with guns drawn, arresting a parent in front of their children---claiming the parent is evil for blocking the walkway into an abortion shop.

Medical workers who speak out against the barbaric practice of "transitioning" children which includes chemical castration and/or genital mutilation of minors are branded "evil", while the practitioners are called "good."

We are now beginning to prosecute those who object. Including parents, while celebrating the practitioners as heroes.

There are now lawmakers who want to have parents criminally prosecuted if they fail to affirm the perceived gender identity of their child.

So the caring parents, who want what is best for their child and recognize that medical intervention is not the best course of action for their confused and hurting minors, are the evil ones, to be prosecuted and even jailed by the government.

Now, let's all read Isaiah 5:20 in unison.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Bold. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.