Monday, October 24, 2022

NBC News and Far Left Team Up to Take Control of School Boards

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NBC News said yesterday in a featured story, "Liberal parents are joining the school culture wars — but conservatives are way ahead."

"Multiple progressive groups are campaigning for school board candidates and training parents to become activists, but conservatives have a head start," they say.

With considerable concern, NBC warns the nation that the conservatives are taking over and how so-called "progressives" need to get in the game.

This call to action was, of course, given under the guise of "news."

Be informed, not misled.

NBC News had this to say: 

Liberal parents concerned about the right’s increased focus on school board elections are ready to fight back — but they face obstacles in fundraising and organizing, with little national support.

Over the past year, dozens of progressive activist organizations and political action committees have launched or reoriented themselves to counter conservatives who have brought the fight over culture war issues to school board races.

These liberal groups — including Red, Wine & Blue, a national effort; the Florida Freedom to Read Project, which two Florida mothers formed to combat book bans; and Defense of Democracy, started by two mothers in Fishkill, New York, who were unsettled by what they saw as Christian nationalists targeting school boards — have begun endorsing candidates, distributing campaign signs and training parents to speak out in support of diversity programs, transgender accommodations, and books about racial conflicts and LGBTQ issues.

The truth is, parents have become deeply concerned about public education and their unions that have stolen the minds of America's youth by indoctrinating them with far-left social and moral issues.

What are Christian nationalists?

This article is not NBC's first outing to save the far-left agenda in government-run schools.

Back on July 12, 2021, the "news" organization quoted Jonathan Friedman, director of free expression and education at PEN America, a free speech advocacy group: "It’s 'highly alarming' that educators are resigning, facing dismissal and fearing for their lives due to conversations about racism and diversity."

He continued: “There is great risk that a creeping censoriousness will overtake our public schools, purging them of a diversity of teachers and talent and winnowing the critical lenses through which young people should be encouraged to view history and society."

Translated, he means he is panicked that fed-up parents and conservative school board members will control and stop the deeply rooted indoctrination of captive children in public classrooms.

The takeaway of the July 12, 2021, NBC story was---in their mind, "Critical Race Theory battles are driving frustrated, exhausted educators out of their jobs."

To the indoctrinators, anyone who disagrees with their far-left agenda must be labeled as something or someone to be feared and canceled.

Whether it’s being called a fundamentalist because you agree with the fundamentals of the faith, a bigot because you challenge false narratives, or a homophobe because you denounce sexual sin, the goal of name-calling is always the same: to silence those with opposing views.

This is exactly what’s happening with the words “Christian Nationalism.” They label Conservatives in hopes that their message will be discredited. 

The real debate is over obeying God and His principles: Many want the freedom to do what they want, when they want, how they want, and to whom they want without any moral restraint — “The wicked freely parade and prance about while evil is praised throughout the land” (Ps. 12:8).

If you love America, God, and your family, and if you dare to bring your moral convictions into the public square, you are a Christian Nationalist. 

Here is a quote from a website with an ax to grind. The religious Left says, “Christian nationalism poses a grave threat to democracy, the church, and the common good — and grassroots Christians are sick of seeing false prophets distort the Gospel for their agenda of hatred, power, and division.”

The “false prophets” this website is referring to are respected Christian leaders such as Franklin Graham and Tony Perkins. Sadly, many caught in the middle are led astray by these lies from the Left.

The Left always declares themselves to be the "victims."

NBC says, "But in contrast to the conservative parent groups that quickly attracted support from prominent Republican politicians, think tanks, and TV commentators, these left-leaning parents have received little national political backing. High-profile Democrats and many progressive organizations have largely avoided wading into the increasingly heated debates over policies and lessons on race and gender in schools."

The peacock continues: "That’s left the work of organizing to liberal parents who are still learning how to be activists — and in many cases, they’re struggling to catch up with their better-organized opponents, according to policy analysts and political consultants."

To be sure the reader understands---- NBC says, "It is like drops in a bucket compared to what the Republicans are running,” said Amanda Litman, a Democratic campaign strategist and co-founder of Run for Something, which supports first-time progressive candidates, one of the few national organizations providing strategic guidance and training to people running for school board seats. 

“It’s not even apples to apples,” Litman added. “It’s like apples to apple seeds.” 

I hope Amanda is right, and the seeds are never planted.

About a failing public education system.

One of the several far Left activists NBC quotes says, "There’s going to be more book bans, there’s going to be a broader pushback and they’re going to demonize LGBTQ-+ kids more than they already have.  It’s an absolute right-wing radicalization of public education, and their mission is to make public education fail.”

That is a complete lie. It's already failing.

Conservatives and Christians are not trying to "make public education fail. We are trying to rescue our children from the demonic stronghold of the abortion industry and the destructive siren of the LGBTQ+ movement.

In December 2019 Heartland Institute published an article expressing concern over America's failing public schools.

The Institute quoted Education Secretary Betsy DeVos saying the federally mandated National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) exam was "devastating."

There is a consensus that public education is failing in America.

Heartland said two years ago, "Common Core’s failure has been so epic that even Diane Ravitch, notorious government school champion and school choice opponent, declared in The New York Times that “The Common Core Costs Billions and Hurts Students.” The Gates Foundation, too, which served as an initial financial backer of the standards, admitted the implementation of CCSS did not go as planned."

Betsy DeVos said, "This country is in a student achievement crisis, and over the past decade it has continued to worsen, especially for our most vulnerable students. Two out of three of our nation’s children aren’t proficient readers. In fact, fourth-grade reading declined in 17 states, and eighth-grade reading declined in 31.”

Heartland Institute summarized that the "silver lining in all this is that parents want their child to learn, be safe, happy, and successful, noting that parents are becoming more informed, more concerned, and more motivated to get to the root of the problems that plague the failing government-run "education."

Concerned parents who speak up are now being labeled as "domestic terrorists," Christian nationalists, and a list of other labels meant to be derogatory. 

NBC News quotes leftists saying that this battle for the mind of the child through public education is a David and Goliath battle---with the Christians and conservatives being Goliath.

“We know we are at a disadvantage being on the defense, but we have to do this for our kids and educators.”

"This" is electing more far-left school board members across the nation, which will facilitate pushing more Critical Race Theory, more revised history, and much more LGBTQ+ agenda, with an emphasis on transgenderism.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Engaged. Be Bold. Be Prayerful.