Friday, November 11, 2022

Veterans Day--Honoring the Living and the Dead

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First known as "Armistice Day" it was celebrated on November 11th because that was the day agreed upon by the Allied nations and Germany to begin a total cessation of hostilities in World War I. In fact, the guns and artillery went silent on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, after some 20 million people from both sides had given their lives in the war effort. 

Today we honor those who have and are serving our country and defending our faith and our freedoms. 

From that first Armistice Day to today's Veteran's Day, the face of the enemy has changed. But the need to fight and defend has not.

Be informed, not misled.

To all our military: Thank you for your service. May God bless you.

A little history about today.

When Washington politicians decided to change the dates of holidays to give federal government employees predictable three-day weekends through the 1968 Uniform Monday Holiday Act—which moved the dates of celebration of Presidents Day (formerly Washington’s Birthday), Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Columbus Day—they met such opposition from Veterans about changing the date of their holiday, Veterans Day, that they gave up. Apparently, the politicians had forgotten that Veterans Day was first known as Armistice Day, and was celebrated on November 11th because that was the day agreed upon by the Allied nations and Germany.

Veterans Day would not be diminished as another commercially oriented “floating” holiday but remain a sacred and fixed day tied to history and to celebrate valor and sacrifice embodied in veterans of foreign wars. 

Concern about our veteran's future.

Scott Powell is a senior fellow at Discovery Institute. His latest book, "Rediscovering America", has been a #1 new release in the history category for eight straight weeks at Amazon.  

He is expressing deep concern on this Veteran's Day for our present-day military.

While Veterans remain one of the most patriotic groups in America, there is a great concern—even alarm—that the politicization of America’s armed forces that started in the Obama years, has now again accelerated, and metastasized into nothing short of a betrayal of the military by the powers behind the Biden administration. 

Powell writes:

President Joe Biden is directly responsible for the worst, most humiliating, and damaging defeat in the history of American warfare—the shocking and disgraceful U.S. departure from Afghanistan starting on August 15, 2021. The botched U.S. retreat resulted in the death of thirteen Marines, with more injured, and it left behind to enemy hands several hundred Americans and some $80 billion of military hardware (much of it state of the art) that included Black Hawk helicopters, thousands of Humvees and armored vehicles, and countless numbers of assault rifles—enough to arm dozens of terrorist groups all over the world, whose primary target is the U.S and its allies. Because these results were completely avoidable, many see Biden’s decisions that brought about this disaster as calculated and deliberate—as if to help our enemies. 

The immediate effect caused longstanding allies to distrust the United States and it emboldened our enemies. Indeed, within a few months of  America’s abandonment of Afghanistan Communist China completed its takeover of Hong Kong, while Vladimir Putin accelerated his military buildup for the invasion of Ukraine. 

There is also growing concern for the children of our military.

Educators and administrators running K-12 education on America’s military bases are indoctrinating the children of military personnel in radical gender ideology, critical race theory, and left-wing activism. In a new Claremont Institute investigative report, this is documented.

This development at military-run schools tracks broader trends in American education. In recent months, Chris Rufo has exposed the rampant woke indoctrination occurring in our nation’s K-12 schools, with striking examples from Los Angeles, Portland, and San Diego.

Concern for our Cadets.

In 2020, Rod Dreher wrote about the creeping woke rot at America’s oldest military academy.

Dreher had received an email from an alum of the United States Military Academy at West Point.

The email said in part, "As a West Point graduate (class of 2017) ...I thought I should bring this to your attention as yet another example of the madness that is afflicting our country's elite classes."

I recommend you read the entire article linked above.

This is a brief overview.

In the email, this military leader outlines how Cadets are not only being indoctrinated but are being trained to become leaders in social indoctrination. 

He shares some detail and background explanation, "The faculty at West Point is probably the most conservative of any public university in the country. I can attest to the academic openness and respect for free debate during my time at the school (2013-2017).

"The student body is (or was) generally conservative in an institutional sense. They are not right-wing fire breathers. Cadets were pretty evenly divided about Donald Trump's election. From what I could observe, so was the faculty," he says.

He describes what he is now seeing at the Academy. He says the "cream of the crop" among the Army's future leaders, "the guys and gals" who are "expected to lead America's sons and daughters in combat" are being groomed with a "Woke" philosophy.

In his words:

It is an effort by young leaders in the United States Army to force the Academy to bow to the Woke Cult and make Anti-Racism [CRT] the central feature of the Academy’s curriculum. This policy statement was apparently drafted by a group of recent Academy graduates (classes of 2018 and 2019).   These graduates all came from the top tier of the ranks of the Academy’s cadet leaders.  Two recent valedictorians and First Captains signed this manifesto.  (Other past First Captains include Douglas MacArthur, John J. Pershing, and William C. Westmoreland.)  The other cadets all held high-ranking positions within the Corps of Cadets.  They are the cream of the crop of the Army’s future leaders, the guys, and gals that will become generals one day and will be expected to lead America’s sons and daughters in combat.

Their actions are akin to those of the Red Guards in Maoist China.  They are agitating to tear the Academy apart from the ground up and reorient its mission around Anti-Racism.  The fact that our country’s future leaders believe in this nonsense is a sign that our military is in trouble, and cannot be relied upon either to defend our country or to safeguard the interests of all Americans in the performance of their duties.

He notes that the rot of "wokeness" that is decaying our culture has also infiltrated our military structure.

This former Cadet says, "We have not been tested against a real enemy in many generations. When we are, leaders [including the top brass who are pushing wokeness] like this will not be able to stand in the field of battle."

The former Cadet attached a 40-page formal proposal, which you can read in its entirety here. The submission has set off a “comprehensive review of all matters involving race” by the West Point’s Inspector General’s Office, according to Army Times. 


Through scores of generations of our military warriors, America has known the enemy. And how to identify it. The enemy has been from the outside. 

Our sons and daughters who join our fighting forces today not only face the threat of foreign enemies, but they now face the enemy within.

Remember those who gave their lives for our country---who preserved our freedoms. 

Also, remember in prayer those who fight for freedom and country today as they face the enemy within. An enemy our military fathers and grandfathers never faced on American soil.

Cultural Marxism. 

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.