Monday, January 16, 2023

Leftwing Media Deserts Biden

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You know things have gotten bad for a Democrat when even the left-wing media won’t engage in their cover-up. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. And when it does, it means there is a rough road ahead for the "progressive politician".

However, it will only last for a short time---a "season." That’s where we are right now with President Biden. 

Even the far-left biased press is refusing to cover for him.

What are they doing and why?

I'll be talking more about this and about MLK as our nation celebrates him--- today on our daily radio program.

Be informed, not misled.

When the press turns on a far-left Democrat politician, things have to be pretty bad.

The news that Biden illegally stole classified government documents while vice president, and moved them around without any apparent concern at all for their security while sharing an office with his son Hunter who has struggled with drug addiction while representing the Biden family's sketchy business interests all over the globe.

Normally this wouldn’t rate as news to the far-left Democrat press. They know the Biden family is corrupt, there’s no other way a person as impaired as Hunter could make millions of dollars outside of the entertainment industry, than by selling influence. 

But the sheer stupidity of the press's attempted defense coupled with the obvious lies the Bidens are telling the left-wing media outlets has forced the "news" guys to do something very foreign to them---do some honest reporting. 

After days of weak, passive defense of President Biden over news that classified documents were found at the Penn Biden Center and then a testy Wednesday White House briefing, the dam broke and the information flood began.

Thursday afternoon following Attorney General Merrick Garland’s appointment of Special Counsel, Robert Hur to investigate Biden's handling of the classified documents and at least two other discoveries of classified documents at Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware residence, the lights began to turn on.

ABC, CBS, and NBC all broke into regular programming for Garland’s announcement, and with few exceptions, they savaged the president and his administration for misleading the public and withholding information about these discoveries until well after the midterm elections.

Rather than summarize the content of the conversation on ABC, CBS, and NBC the following links will take you to each network and the actual content they broadcast on this issue.  

It got so bad for Joe that all three broadcast networks reported, rather angrily, about the obstruction of the Biden administration on this story. All three whined about how Joe campaigned on “transparency.” 

A look behind the scenes.

The real issue wasn’t that the Biden administration had been hiding Joe’s theft of classified government property--which is exactly what this is since the VP had no authority to declassify anything. I mentioned this on the radio program last week.

Since before the midterms, the amazing bit of obstruction, and it is "obstruction," came when the White House admitted to the first batch of stolen documents and said nothing about the second and third batches, which they knew about since at least late December. They must’ve either figured “journalists” simply would never find out or they wouldn’t bother reporting it as a separate incident.

Clearly, there is nothing remotely transparent about that. 

Derek Hunter wrote in Townhall yesterday: "You can only activate this cavalierly if there are corrupt media on your side, or at least a corrupt one that has been on your side to that point. The Biden White House has lost the media…this week. Don’t worry, the corrupt left media will be back."

He continued:

How can I say that? I have a memory.

There were a few weeks in the late 90s when they were reporting honestly about what Bill Clinton did to Monica – the President of the United States and an intern, etc. After having been lied to by Clinton and his team, who I’ll never believe didn’t know the truth the whole time, DNA evidence made it impossible to continue to deny the truth – and liberals will always deny the truth until they run out of lies – then they switched to “It’s a personal issue and doesn’t matter.”

When that shift happened, previously interested reporters found their out and took it. That became the media narrative and Clinton, who’d committed multiple felonies while in office, escaped accountability. The same thing will happen to Biden.

Outrage today from the media is not over the facts of the story – that Joe Biden stole classified documents and treated them the way Hunter Biden treats laptops, crack pipes, and human-trafficked prostitutes – but that they were made to look bad professionally; that they were exposed as hacks. 

If journalists were worth their weight in “dog dirt” they’d have spent the first 2 years of the Biden administration doing what most people think journalists do (what they do in movies): cultivating sources to get the information those in power want to keep hidden. But that’s not what journalism is anymore. Now it’s reprinting press releases or “reporting” whatever someone you know wants out there against Republicans. 

This scandal is the first story not involving external, undeniable events (like the disgrace of the evacuation of Afghanistan) where the reporting makes Biden look bad. Enjoy it while you can, it will not last. 

Derek Hunter then makes this prediction: 

"Joe Biden will face no consequences for what would land him in prison any more than you could land any of the kinds of no-show jobs that made him and his family filthy rich. It’s different when a Democrat politician does it, normal people don’t have anything to sell that the enemies of this country want to buy. There was a time such a reality would be of interest to journalists, that reporting and breaking a story on it would bring about awards, fame, and riches to whoever did... they’d even make a movie about you. But that time is gone…at least until another Republican is occupying the White House." 

Pray for our country.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.