Tuesday, January 17, 2023

LGBTQAI+ New Faux Holidays Are A Trojan Horse

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A pro-transgender organization is encouraging schools to celebrate over 20 different faux holidays that encourage gender ideology. 

The Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN) is a pro-transgender organization that works to embed gender ideology in the American education system. The organization’s “2022-2023 School Year Calendar” lists over 20 made-up holidays that promote gender ideology and queer theory.

GLSEN, the organization, is already embedded in creating public school curricula that advance the LGBTQ agenda.

This will be an easy step for the activists---unless the public takes a strong stand against their "holiday horse."

Be informed, not misled.

Holidays have a long and storied history in human experience. Usually, the holiday has been a reprieve for the people, however, this newest attack on children and their families is anything but a reprieve.

It's an all-out effort to mislead the public and destroy the lives of the kids. It is a "Trojan Horse."

The activists are calendar ready.

The calendar urges schools to “start planning now” as “the school year is full of opportunities to “participate in GLSEN events” and “address LGBTQ+ and social justice issues.”

Among the faux, politically motivated holidays that GLSEN encourages schools to celebrate is “Bisexual Awareness Week” from September 16th to the 23rd. The 23rd itself is supposedly, “Celebrate Bisexuality Day.”

GLSEN wants schools to celebrate “LGBTQ History Month” in October, as well as “National Coming Out Day” on October 11th and “International Pronouns Day” on October 21st. There is also “Asexual Awareness Week” from the 23rd to the 30th and “Intersex Awareness Day” on the 26th.

Meanwhile, GLSEN says that November is “Trans Awareness Month” and that the 6th is “Trans Parent Day.” The 7th to the 11th is titled, “Solidarity Week,” and the 8th is “Intersex Day of Remembrance.” Meanwhile, the 13th through the 19th is labeled, “Transgender Awareness Week,” and the 20th is supposedly, “Transgender Day of Remembrance.” GLSEN also claims that December 8th is “Pansexual and Panromantic Pride Day.”

There is also “Aromantic awareness week,” which the calendar says takes place from February 19th to the 25th.

Another faux holiday is called “International Transgender Day of Visibility,” which is supposed to be celebrated on March 31st. It is followed by “Lesbian Visibility Day” which is supposed to take place on April 26th.

May is packed full of celebrations, with the “International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia” on May 17th. The month also features “Agender Pride Day” on May 19th and “Pansexual and Panromantic Awareness Day” on the 24th.

June has been labeled “Pride Month” while GLSEN encourages people to celebrate “Non-binary People’s Day” on July 14th and “International Drag Day” on July 16th.

Does GLSEN really believe they can pull this off?

GLSEN’s attempt to get schools to celebrate politically motivated faux holidays is just one of the many ways they advance gender ideology and queer theory in the education system. 

Breitbart News reported that the organization has also advocated for transgender “inclusive” math instruction that teaches gender ideology and endorses the idea that gender and sex are distinct. 

GLSEN also runs a “rainbow library” program, which supplies kindergarten and elementary school classrooms with books that seek to normalize transgender identification among youth. 

Megan Brock tweets "GLSEN is using their ‘Rainbow Library’ program to covertly groom children and influence educational policy. "

"They provide K-12 educators books that put a ‘major emphasis’ on ‘the voices of trans and non-binary people’ and are a ‘stepping stone’ towards inclusive policy."

Who is funding this Trojan Horse?

General Motors (GM) donates to GLSEN because it supplies kindergarten and elementary classrooms with pro-transgender children’s books. Check out GM's report.

It confirms that General Motors provided a grant to the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) to fund the organization’s “Rainbow Library” Program, according to the corporation’s 2021 Social Impact Report. 

The report explains that the Rainbow Library “provides supportive curriculum materials and book sets that are LGBTQ+ centered, racially diverse, and multicultural to K-12 schools.” The report did not say how much money was awarded to the pro-transgender organization.

They are not the only corporation supporting this movement.

GLSEN has strong funding from homosexual activists, but clearly, corporations are also stepping up to help push this agenda forward.

Will school boards, teachers, and education administrators step up and support this?

GLSEN has described its Rainbow Library program as a “first step for getting in front of kids” and a “stepping stone for inclusive curriculum at the district or state level.”

Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute told American Family News she believes most teachers, even those on the Left, will object."

I sincerely and prayerfully hope she's right.

"That's not what public schools are about," she says. "I don't know when exactly public schools decided that they were going to become hotbeds of activism instead of [places] to learn a foreign language, to learn literature, to learn grammar, to learn mathematics, [or] to learn science."

Higgins, a former public school teacher, adds that GLSEN has no regard for conservative kids, whose beliefs are deemed "transphobic" and "homophobic."

"Their goal is to make them so uncomfortable and so ashamed of their own views and the views of their own parents that they will reject them and join the dark side," she asserts.

Is science turning on the Transgender movement and its facilitators?

The Daily Caller published an article this weekend that has top doctors claiming that science is indeed calling on those leading the kids and their families on this destructive path to stop the insanity.

They said this:

In a new paper published last week, American doctors picked apart the methodology and key conclusions of two Dutch studies which formed the basis for modern pediatric gender medicine by claiming to observe improved mental health for patients who underwent sex changes.

The Dutch studies only included the most successful cases of individuals undergoing cross-sex treatments and excluded the experiences of those who dropped out of the study over time, creating a bias towards participants who reported positive experiences, according to the new, critical study.

“The field has a penchant for exaggerating what is known about the benefits of the practice, while downplaying the serious health risks and uncertainties,” the critique reads. “As a result, a false narrative has taken root. It is that ‘gender-affirming’ medical and surgical interventions for youth are as benign as aspirin, as well-studied as penicillin and statins, and as essential to survival as insulin for childhood diabetes.”

The article concludes with this from the top doctors: “Two Dutch studies formed the foundation and the best available evidence for the practice of youth medical gender transition. We demonstrate that this work is methodologically flawed and should have never been used in medical settings as justification to scale this ‘innovative clinical practice.’"

Pray for our children.

Be Informed, Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.