Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Biden: "Transgenders are the 'most bravest and inspiring people I've met'."

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A Washington DC firm, Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), has released a new study on gender.

The share of Americans who believe there are only two genders, as opposed to many gender identities, has increased to nearly two-thirds as issues related to LGBT ideology continue in the forefront of the news and the undying support for the notion of multiple genders from the President of the United States.

President Biden hosted the largest LGBTQ celebration in our nation's history this past weekend. He's doing all he can do to change hearts and minds.

Be informed, not misled.

The survey measured the share of Americans who believe that there are only two genders at 65% in 2023, an increase from 59% who said the same in 2021 and 62% in 2022. Roughly 34% of Americans believe there are "many gender identities," compared to 35% in 2022 and 40% in 2021. 

NBC News immediately reported, "Poll shows sharp divides over gender identity, pronoun use."

NBC continued, "Nearly two-thirds of Americans say they believe there are only two gender identities, versus 34% who disagree."

"A new national poll from PRRI finds Americans’ views on gender identity, pronoun use, and teaching about same-sex relationships in school deeply divided by party affiliation, age, and religion."

And they admit, "Overall, 65% of all Americans believe there are only two gender identities, while 34% disagree and say there are many gender identities."

Then the "news" organization pivots with "but."

"But inside those numbers are sharp differences." 

There are some sharp differences, but the nation appears to be awakening to reality as they become more informed.

A closer look at the differences.

The survey measured the share of Americans who believe that there are only two genders at 65% in 2023, an increase from 59% who said the same in 2021 and 62% in 2022. Roughly 34% of Americans believe there are "many gender identities," compared to 35% in 2022 and 40% in 2021. 

The more informed people become, the more they embrace the truth.

The percentage of Americans who think that there are only two genders increased among all demographic groups except for Latter-Day Saints, where 81% believe in a gender binary as opposed to 82% two years ago, as well as black Protestants, where the share of those who believe there are only two genders decreased from 73% to 71%.

PRRI CEO Melissa Deckman reacted a bit to the research findings in a statement. She explained to The Christian Post that the "concept that there are more than two genders is one that is still fairly new to most Americans."

She noted that not all "people of faith" are "strongly committed to the notion of a gender binary. But the salience of the gender binary clearly matters more to Republicans, older Americans, and those who watch more conservative outlets."

"In the past few years," she said, "there has been more attention drawn to the issue, especially by some conservative and religious leaders, particularly in red states. The shift may be a reflection of this larger debate as more Americans begin to sort through the issue."

Speaking of more attention being given to the issue...

Biden: "Transgenders are the most 'bravest and inspiring' people I've ever met."

President Joe Biden hosted the largest Pride event in White House history, claiming the LGBTQ community has the most "bravest and inspiring" people he has ever known— not police officers or military members who put their lives on the line every day to fight for the country. 

On Saturday, Biden and First Lady Jill Biden kicked off June's month-long Pride "celebration" on the White House lawn, decorated in a rainbow theme with the "Progress Pride flag" waving in the sky. 

The president used the opportunity to blast Republicans who aim to protect children and females from the radical Left's progressive propaganda, calling for the need to push back against "dangerous ant-LGTBQ laws."

With "Flag Day" coming up this week (Tomorrow, June 14), it stung millions of Americans to see the president place the transgender flag above "Old Glory's" place at the White House.

Tom Fitton with Judicial Watch tweeted, "To advance revolutionary transgender agenda targeting children, Biden violates the basic tenet of US Flag Code and disrespects every American service member buried under its colors." 

"U.S. Flag Code §7. (e) The flag of the United States of America should be at the center and at the highest point of the group when a number of flags of States or localities or pennants of societies are grouped and displayed from staffs."

This is a link to the "US Flag code Biden violated. 

It's deeply disappointing that President Biden would put the left’s “Progress Pride” flag — which is topped by the pink-and-blue colors of transgender advocacy — at the center of the White House for his “Pride” celebration.

The pro-transgender political display prompted many complaints that he disrespected the nation’s flag, which is the primary symbol of the nation’s solidarity with its ordinary citizens.

Biden’s decision to center the controversial pink-and-blue-edged “Progress Pride” flag reflects the Democrats’ need to goad their young progressive voters into the voting booth in 2024 amid his economy of declining wages, rising rents, and expanding civic chaos.


Someone tweeted side-by-side views of the White House portico titled "Veteran's Day v. Pride Month." The picture from Veteran's Day had no flags on the portico. The Pride Month picture had two LGBTQ flags on either side of the US Flag---with the US Flag presented at the same level as the two LGBTQ flags.

Many polls, including the one I referenced earlier, show that the transgender cause is getting even more unpopular. The decline in support comes as the public learns about the healthcare and civic damage caused by the transgender ideology’s demand that government suppresses the public recognition that men and women are different and complementary.

Proverbs 29:2 comes to mind: "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn."

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.