Monday, June 12, 2023

RE: Trump--Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud

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In July 2019, President Donald Trump had a phone call with Ukrainian President  Zelenskyy. During their conversation, Trump encouraged Zelenskyy to look into corruption from the Biden family, led by Hunter on behalf of his father, Joe Biden, inside the country. The corruption was real, and given Joe Biden was Hunter's business partner, who set up nearly two dozen shell companies to funnel millions of dirty dollars to his family, the question was relevant to U.S. national security and interests. 

When the Leftist Democrats on Capitol Hill got news of the phone call, they started impeachment proceedings against Trump. They argued he was improperly using the government to go after his top political opponent, Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee for president at the time. 

More than three years later, that standard doesn't apply when Democrats are in power. 

Be informed, not misled.

Donald Trump has been indicted in the classified document investigation. The images of FBI agents ransacking Mar-a-Lago last August have been burned into the memories of America.

There are over 38 counts in the indictment, constituting seven federal charges against the former president. If convicted on all counts, Trump faces 75 years behind bars. Counts 1-31, the bulk of the indictment, falls under the Willful Retention of National Defense Information, a charge with a maximum prison sentence of 10 years. 

Yet, the term of imprisonment isn’t the only issue here. The trial and the legal pressure the Biden Department of Justice is forcing Trump to shoulder is designed to break Trump personally... his will and even his fortune. 

Our Justice Department seemingly could care less about justice.

Hillary, Joe Biden, Mike Pence, and only the Lord knows who else have classified documents in the home, offices, and other places. Maybe the trunk of their car. Biden's DOJ simply doesn't care because justice isn't the motivator.

The Biden people are not seeking justice--- they want Trump to quit.

Trump being a billionaire is the only reason he can soak up these legal actions. The costs will be astronomical; most families would have been bankrupt by now. The Justice Department’s witch hunts have bankrupted many former Trump aides. Trump now faces two trials, this one for classified materials at Mar-a-Lago and the Stormy Daniels indictment from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Both are opening acts of this anti-Trump political theater, though the classified document indictment is more serious. Trump allegedly showed maps of classified military operations to persons without proper clearance, with some files kept in the bathroom. If you wanted to indict Trump on this stuff, the recordings of him talking about taking the files and the FBI subpoena made it easier for federal prosecutors. 

Most honest common people are screaming about the political bias in both of these investigations, but that doesn’t make the indictments disappear---"Scream your lungs out, little people"---seems to be the Left's response.

The way it sets up now---Trump will be hauled into court for both trials, impacting the Republican Party across the board in 2024 should he win the nomination.

The real motivator.

They want Trump to quit. Go away

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow---a leftist--- had another take on the indictment, one that falls into the "saying the quiet part out loud" category. She suggested that the DOJ could make a deal with Trump: "Drop out of the presidential race, and we’ll nix the charges."

Others are suggesting the same thing.

A profile of corruption. 

Derrick Hunter writes, "Having no discernible skills pays well, as does offering no goods or services to your customers. If that sounds odd, let me add a caveat: If you’re a Biden."

"The family of President Joe Biden has managed to rake in millions upon millions of dollars, a lot of which comes from foreign companies and governments, without registering as a foreign agent or seemingly providing literally anything in return. That’s a pretty sweet deal."

The Biden family business model appears to be about as complex as winning the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, only more lucrative.

Normally, when a politician who brags about being “the poorest Member of Congress” buys an estate built by the du Pont family, it raises some questions – especially when the salary of that politician was all he had as income, and a career in politics is not guaranteed to last – it raises some questions. But Joe did that and more. He now owns several mansions in Delaware, including a more than 6,500 square foot estate in wealthy Greenville and a $2.7 million oceanfront mansion in Rehoboth Beach. This is not to mention the estimated $20,000 per month Joe paid to rent a 12,000 square foot mansion in McLean, Virginia, after leaving the vice-presidency. 

He sure had access to a lot of money for a “poor public servant,” didn’t he? 

That should raise a few questions, just as how his degenerate kids and brother, who couldn’t hold real jobs, managed to parlay a complete lack of skills, ability and knowledge into more money than the typical American family will see over generations from any number of disconnected overseas industries.

Attached to the Biden name, however, those questions are not asked.

Am I saying the Biden family is the most corrupt in all of politics? It sure seems that way. But they aren’t the most corrupt entity in politics – that title is reserved for the media willingly ignoring even the prospect of Biden’s corruption. 

A corrupt press.

It’s one thing to suspect corruption; it’s another entirely to ignore even the possibility. That is what journalists are engaged in right now. 

They’ll insist there is no evidence of corruption, pay-for-play or any type of influence peddling. It’s amazing what you can’t find when you don’t look for it, isn’t it? And that’s exactly what they’re doing – refusing to look.

The three broadcast networks – ABC, CBS, and NBC – did not bother to mention the allegation the president received $5 million from Burisma, the corrupt Ukrainian oil company that paid his son a fortune. Sure, it’s just an allegation, but there was not an allegation against Donald Trump that didn’t warrant stopping all the presses and breathlessly repeating, at least until it was proven false, at which point it would be ignored. The more anonymous the sources the better!

These people, with “speak truth to power” tramp stamp tattoos and walls full of “awards” that make participation ribbons seem genuine and important, have deemed even the possibility of Biden corruption to be unworthy of inquiry. 

Derrick Hunter says, "They’ve chosen to pretend the allegations don’t exist..." and that should "serve as a testament to the fact that they not only smell the smoke, but at least feel the heat from the fire."

"They are afraid of what they might uncover if they looked, even casually, into this web of lies. That tells you something, doesn’t it?"

He says, "With the exception of the granddaughter Joe and the gang refuse to acknowledge (quite the family man, isn’t he?), they’re swimming in money from no good or service provided. The only thing more corrupt than that is the lack of interest in it from the people whose job it’s supposed to be to hold public officials accountable." 

Next time a “journalist” frets about the lack of trust in the media, remind them that it is a self-inflicted and well-deserved wound. 

Katie Pavilage says, "For all the talk that Trump can't beat Biden in a 2024 presidential matchup, Biden, the DOJ, the White House, and the Democratic power complex are sure acting scared. The pain is the point, and they're trying to get Trump to quit, proving they've learned nothing about how he operates. He isn't quitting. Instead, he's been fueled to fight on and win back the White House."

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.