Thursday, August 24, 2023

Biden Administration Welds Border Gates Open

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While President Biden's people are trying to lock up former President Trump, his people at our southern border have welded the gates in Trump's wall open.

Thousands of illegals are pouring across the Arizona border.  

Welcome to the Left's utopia.

Be informed, not misled.

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Have you heard about the latest fiasco at the border?

A media report reveals that the Biden administration officials welded border wall gates open---that's right, "welded" them open near Lukeville, Arizona. The open gates allow migrants to freely walk through the border wall and into the Arizona desert.

Border Patrol officials admitted responsibility for a decision to weld open floodgates in sections of the border wall near Lukeville. The admission reportedly came after the agency attempted to blame other federal agencies for the action that allows thousands of migrants to freely cross into what is now the nation’s busiest border sector.

The New York Post reports, "About 1,400 migrants a day are entering the US through Arizona, making the Tucson region of the Border Patrol the busiest in the nation."

The Biden administration has tried to explain the issue away: "CBP later provided background, explaining the storm gates are normally kept shut, but are opened during the annual monsoon season, which Arizona is currently experiencing, to prevent the border wall from being damaged."

“High water flow combined with excessive sediment and debris buildup can stress or comprise the design integrity of the barrier,” the department said.

They also noted, "If the doors are open, they allow a certain variety of antelope to wander between the US and Mexico freely as part of their natural habitat."

Aside from the certain variety of antelope, about 1,400 migrants a day from as far away as China and Egypt as well as Central and South American countries, are walking through the open gates, then looking for a Border Patrol agent to surrender to and claim asylum.

Brandon Judd, the National Border Patrol union president, fumed, "Those gates should never be open.”

He says, “In my opinion and in the Border Patrol agent’s opinion, those gates should never come open.”

Judd believes the agency higher-ups who made the decision should be “hammered” for not only allowing illegal immigrants in but endangering agents’ lives.

The Tucson Sector led the nation in migrant apprehensions in July. The apprehension of nearly 40,000 migrants represents an increase of nearly 136 percent over July 2022. The sector is in second place in year-to-date apprehensions following the arrest of nearly 274,000 migrants — an increase of 59 percent over the same period last year, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports.

“We thought the agents were going to say something to us,” an Ecuadorian migrant says. “But we just got in.”

A Cuban migrant added, “It was so easy to get into the United States. Nothing like our trip through Mexico. That part was difficult. I thought there was going to be more security.”

America is the most compassionate, charitable nation on Earth. However...

When there is famine, flood, drought, or war, the first to provide help is the people of the United States. Charity is part of our country's heritage. Christian heritage. And belief system.

Charity is defined by the heart---compassion by the motives. It is not the act of someone forcing someone else to give away what they have to a designated recipient, nor an act intended to appear compassionate but a guise for something else. Like enhancing political power. Or personal enrichment.

Our government is acting more like Robin Hood than Christ.

It's well known that the Left looks at every act from the point of view of how it will help or hurt their political and social agenda. 

Biden's open borders are the stuff George Soros is spending his fortune to facilitate. The goal is globalism.

It's also creating an ever-growing block of Leftist voters, at least in the minds of the elite who are now in power.

For the most part, Biden's "charity" and "compassion" is an inch deep and a mile wide.

It's fake.

And he's taking our mandatory tax payments to the government and forcing us to pay for his schemes.

American citizens are beginning to push back.

Recently the president announced that all the residents of Maui will receive a $700 check, yet illegals who cross our border get $900 each and several thousands of dollars in other benefits.  And ongoing welfare benefits.

The Christian Science Monitor reported on a survey this week. And said this: "As the debate around immigration, a wall along the Mexican border, and migrant amnesty spills into the general election, a study released Monday by a think tank that aims to reduce immigration estimates that immigrant households receive 41 percent more federal welfare than households headed by native-born citizens."

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) analysis builds on an earlier study published in September. 

The study showed welfare cost of a household headed by a legal or illegal immigrant was $6,234 in 2012 and $5,692 for households headed only by illegal immigrants. By comparison, the average welfare cost of a household headed by a natural-born citizen is $4,431.

People are asking why citizens of our country keep getting the short end of the stick?

And why President Biden should be the conscience of American citizens?

Citizens in Hawaii are extremely unhappy with how our government has treated them in Maui.

So are those in New York City.

Here are some of the comments:

  • How can Gov. Hochul and her cronies justify taking $20 million per month (not per year) out of taxpayers’ pockets for the “complex” on Randall’s Island (“Kick off,” Aug. 21)?
  • Where are the checks and balances during this fiasco? When will this mugging of taxpayers end?
  • The “migrant” crisis in New York City and the tragic wildfires on Maui have a few things in common: They’re in deep-blue states, their awful circumstances have no political upside for Democrats, and, at the highest government levels, they are being ignored by Dem politicians.
  • "Where have New York Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand been while more than 100,000 mostly unvetted border-crossers have flooded the Big Apple?"
  • "Finally, we have the party’s “leader,” hardhearted President Biden, mumbling uncaring comments between vacations."
  • "To turn the city’s soccer fields and baseball diamonds into tent cities is morally wrong. Our kids deserve a mayor who would fight for them."

The Bible instructs us to help the poor. 

Luke 12:33-34 

“Sell your possessions and give to the poor. Provide purses for yourselves that will not wear out, a treasure in heaven that will never fail, where no thief comes near and no moth destroys. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

This is a call for God's people to give out of a heart of compassion, not a mandate to the state to redistribute wealth.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Obedient.