Friday, September 29, 2023

The Pharisees and Open Borders

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The Pharisees of the New Testament were known as those who wrapped their righteous robes around themselves while publicly professing their devotion to God and personal virtue.

They were hypocrites.

Jesus noticed their hypocrisy and often addressed it harshly.

The next time a person on the so-called "Christian left"---a Sojourner--- begins explaining to you how open borders is an act of righteous biblical compassion, share the following story with them.

Including what the Bible says about illegal immigration.

Be informed, not misled.

The horror of Biden's lie about his so-called battle for the "Soul of the Nation."

Senate Republicans held a press conference Tuesday to detail the horrors of President Joe Biden's open border policies, which the White House continues to claim are "orderly and humane."

Alabama's Freshman Senator Katie Britt didn't hold back and talked about the women she met during a recent visit to the U.S. southern border. 

Senator Marsha Blackburn and others took her to the border. 

She was deeply moved. I hope you are as well as you watch and listen.

Senator Britt said, "That's not the American dream. That's an American NIGHTMARE!"

And it blows up the hypocritical notion that Biden's open border policy is somehow "Christian" and "compassionate."

Republicans are in a spending fight with Democrats as a government shutdown looms. With no end in sight for the flow of illegal immigrants into the country, House and Senate members are vowing to find a way to secure the border. 

Pray that they will.

It was a feature story in, of all publications, The New York Times that caught my attention.

"The kids on the night shift"

The New York Times is exposing an underground labor market made up of illegal immigrant minors in American factories. They work night shifts in dangerous conditions to pay their human smuggling debts to Mexican drug cartels. 

This is the story of one kid, but it mirrors that of thousands of kids:

Late on a Thursday night  Marcos, who had just turned 14, bundled up in green rubberized overalls and a matching jacket that was too big for his slight shoulders. He packed a pair of steel-toed rubber boots and two layers of gloves because even a small tear could lead to a chemical burn. As others in the house slept, a cousin drove him to his cleaning shift at the chicken slaughterhouse, a half-mile-long industrial complex on a stretch of bare highway in rural Virginia, set behind hedges and a tall metal fence.

When Marcos and the rest of the cleaning crew got there after midnight, the plant had a putrid smell workers sometimes felt they could taste. They sloshed through water, grease and blood, which drained into a channel that snakes around the plant under grates. Marcos gathered up chicken pieces left by the day shifts, working quickly because the whole facility had to be sanitized by 5 a.m. He took the covers off the channel and began using a pressurized hose to spray the machines down with 130-degree water.

He came from a village in Guatemala to this small town on the Eastern Shore of Virginia several months earlier. 

The belt caught the sleeve of Marcos’s baggy jacket and pulled him across the floor. Hard plastic teeth ripped through his muscles, tearing open his forearm down to the bone. By the time someone heard his screams and shut off the power, his arm was limp, a deep triangular gash running down the length of it. A rope of white tendons hung from his elbow to his wrist, horrifying the workers who gathered around him. He understood from their faces that something was badly wrong but didn’t feel any pain as the wound began gushing blood and he started to lose consciousness.

The morning after Marcos’s injury, workers in Dreamland began talking about a child whose arm had been nearly torn off at the plant. Word soon spread through town. There were reasons that supervisors, teachers, federal inspectors, and even police officers had said nothing for years about children working at the slaughterhouses. Everyone understood that the children were under extraordinary pressure to earn money to pay off their travel debts and help their families back home.

Marcos woke up alone in a hospital room in a tangle of intravenous tubing and beeping machines. He knew that children were not supposed to work at the plant, and now he understood why. But he worried about what his parents would do if he didn’t recover — they still owed more than $6,000 for his journey north. He believed he had to get better and persuade the bosses to hire him back.

RE the big lie.

On February 15, 2021, Steven Cohen wrote in the "State of the Planet," "It is difficult to imagine two people as different as Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Trump, born to wealth, taught to repress feelings; Biden, a man of the working class, deeply shaped by misfortune and faith but with the great gift of connecting over shared emotions. We’ve gone from the least empathetic leader in my lifetime to perhaps the most empathetic."

He continued: "In a presidency that is less than one month old, President Biden has reassured the Dreamers that they would not be abandoned, began the difficult process of welcoming refugees, started to reunite immigrant parents separated from their children, and most importantly, refocused America on the issue of impoverished children."

This is the Left's view of the border crises.

A biblical view of illegal immigration.

Ralph Dollinger is head of Capitol Ministries, a ministry to our elected officials in Washington, DC.

He has written an in-depth study of "What the Bible Says About Our Illegal Immigration Problem."

I would encourage you to read the study. It's excellent.

Based on biblical teaching, he says this:  

What follows from these exposited biblical principles are at least six applications relative to immigration. These need to be manifest in comprehensive immigration reform in order to create laws that are in line with, and pleasing to God. They are: 

A: Foreigners should not be allowed unregulated entry into a country. Borders and oceans should be impenetrable so as to discourage illegal entrance. 

B: Foreigners should not be able to partake of any governmental entitlements. (Governments should not be in that business to begin with.) Nor should they be allowed to have any licenses, legal identification, or enrollment in any institutions. 

C: Foreigners who can help advance (not detract) should be afforded sojourner/ immigration consideration. It follows then that foreigners who are already in the country seeking citizenship should have citizen sponsors who can testify to their past value, productivity, present character, and loyalty. 

D: Foreigners should be required to pay taxes similar to those paid by citizens, both present and past due. 

E: Illegal entrants, whether headed toward citizenship or expulsion, should be justly punished. 

F: Not all of the responsibility of illegal immigration should be placed on the shoulders of each illegal immigrant because of the simple fact that the institution itself, the Government of the United States, has continually violated the biblical principles associated with immigration. The repeated, long-term violations of the institution itself in specific regard to having fostered and prolonged illegal immigration need to be taken into consideration in working out the problem. 

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Bold. Be Prayerful.