Thursday, October 12, 2023

War In Northern Israel Has Begun?

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After being attacked by Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists in the south over the past five days, Hezbollah announced its incursion into Israel in the north from the Lebanon border. 

Mid-morning yesterday ---Pacific time---we learned, "Reports of multiple hostile aircraft infiltrating Israel from the north. Sirens throughout northern Israel. Residents were ordered into bomb shelters."

This caught the world's attention.

Then, we learned it was a false alarm. For now.

Here's why the northern border is so significant. Apparently, the terrorists understand its importance.

Be Informed, not misled.

Yesterday mid-morning, we were told that local reports said drones and paragliders with armed fighters aboard were crossing Israel's northern border. Sirens were active for hostile aircraft and missiles. 

Israeli authorities warned people near the northern border to switch off their lights and asked emergency civilian response teams to arm up.

Hezbollah, also backed by Iran, has more than 200,000 rockets and missiles pointed at Israel. Hamas continues to fire thousands of rockets from the south, stretching Israel's Iron Dome defense system.

Now, we were told they are coming at Israel from the north.

Hours later, we learned that was not true. False alarm.

However, as this war escalates, we should know how important Israel's northern border is to biblical prophecy.

RE Israel's northern border.

Richard Goldberg posted this on X:

Reminders if the northern front opens.

  • Hezbollah is a terrorist organization controlled by Iran.
  • Hezbollah like Hamas uses human shields. 
  • Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad sit together in Beirut in a joint cell coordinated by Iran.
  • Hezbollah's threat is much greater. Massive arsenal of precision-guided munitions provided by Iran for years. Requires David’s Sling, not just Iron Dome, and overwhelming military response. 
  • The US will need to provide additional ballistic missile defense coverage from the Mediterranean. Israel may strike Syria, not just Lebanon. 
  • We need to stop the fantasy that Iran is not directing traffic. The JCPOA is dead. Lock down all the money and snapback UN sanctions.
  • Every aspect of the Iranian terror infrastructure should be a target.    
  • Iran itself as a target should not be off the table.

By late morning yesterday, local news outlets were reporting that Hamas was claiming ( link 3 ) to have launched Long Range R-160 missiles at the northern city of Haifa. The city is over 90 miles from the Gaza Strip. 

This caught the world's attention, but it wasn't true.

Foundation for The Defense of Democracies wrote an article this past August regarding the vulnerability of Israel's northern border. In it, they said, "The dynamic nature of Israel’s northern border is being heavily influenced by the aggressive actions of Lebanese Hezbollah. Over the past thirteen months, a series of provocative acts and attacks have transpired, revealing the growing threat posed by Hezbollah."

They continued, "The recent attempted targeting of IDF troops by Hezbollah on July 6 signifies an alarming escalation, highlighting the need for heightened vigilance in response to the precarious security situation on Israel’s northern border."

And they said this: "The recent targeting of IDF soldiers by Hezbollah serves as a clear indication of the Iranian proxy’s preparedness for a potential confrontation with Israel. This strategic move is part of a larger, comprehensive effort to disrupt Israel’s northern border region."

FDD concludes, "Hezbollah’s actions along Israel’s northern border lack clear, tangible objectives. Still, it is plausible that a strategy is being employed to compel the Israeli military to exhaust its forces. At the same time, the IDF [ Israel] is already involved in operations within the West Bank, Syria, and sometimes in Gaza."

They note, "It’s clear by the pattern that has developed, Hezbollah has gained confidence in perpetrating aggressive acts. The question is “when will this boldness lead to a mistake, triggering a full-blown confrontation?”

Russia has consistently been moving troops and assets near Israel's northern border for the past several years---this is why the world was paying attention to the false alarm.

Biblical Christians were also paying attention.

Pastor Greg Laurie shared the following:

Now, the irony of all this is that the United States of America through the Biden administration just gave six billion dollars to Iran. What a bad move it is to give any money to a nation that sponsors terrorism around the world.

But here’s where students of Bible prophecy should pay attention. The Bible tells us in the end times that Israel would be scattered and regathered. This has happened, and this really was the sign that set the prophetic clock ticking.

On the heels of the Holocaust, who would have ever thought that these Jewish people who lost six million lives to the Nazis would somehow regather in their homeland, but it happened, against all odds. And on May 14, 1948, Israel became a nation. I’m proud to say the United States was the first nation to acknowledge that.

But after Israel was regathered, the Lord said she would come under attack. Specifically in Ezekiel 37 and 38, the Bible speaks of the regathering of Israel, and then it speaks of a large force from her north attacking her. That force is identified as Magog. Who is Magog? Listen, no one can say with absolute certainty.

But many Bible students and prophecy teachers believe it’s modern-day Russia. I think you can make a very good case for that. If you get out a map of the Middle East and look to the north of Israel, you will find Russia. Why would Russia ever want to invade Israel? Well, there’s another thing the Bible says about Magog, if she is indeed Russia, and that one of her allies that will march with her is Persia.

Persia is the ancient name for modern Iran. So the Bible predicted hundreds of years ago that this large force from the north of Israel would attack her after she was regathered, and one of the allies that would attack Israel with Russia or Magog, whoever it is, would be Iran or Persia.

Not once in the past 2,500 years has Russia formed a military alliance with Persia, Iran, but they have recently developed a special connection. Russia has signed billion-dollar deals to sell missiles to Iran, and the Iranians have helped the Russians, providing them with drones, weaponized drones to use in the Ukraine war.

Then Pastor Laurie says this:

How do you even stop something like this? Let’s just say, for the sake of a point, that Israel decided to strike out at Iran, specifically, because they’re funding all of this.

What would that produce? Well, it could produce a conflict we read about in Ezekiel 38. The Bible says that Magog will come against her will; the Bible describes hooks in her jaws, pulling her forward almost as though Magog is coming in reluctantly along with her ally, Persia (or Iran).

Am I saying with absolute certainty this is the scenario that will play out? No. But if you get up in the morning and read this headline, “Russia Attacks Israel,” fasten your seatbelt because you’re seeing Bible prophecy fulfilled in your lifetime before your very eyes.

What should Christians be doing in the light of all this?

Watch. Lift up your heads. Pray. 

Psalm 122:6 says, "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee."

Remember: "And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed" (Genesis 12:3). 

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful. Be Hopeful.