Friday, February 23, 2024

AI Chatbox Gemini Rewriting American History

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Google’s latest AI chatbot, Gemini, is facing backlash for generating politically correct but historically inaccurate images in response to user prompts. As users probe how woke the Masters of the Universe have gone with their new tool, Google has been forced to apologize for “offering inaccuracies in  historical image generation depictions.”

Artificial Intelligence is meeting the lowest expectations. Google is apologizing while it continues to create "artificial" reality.

Be informed, not misled.

In AI's New World, George Washington is black.

A request for depictions of the Founding Fathers signing the Constitution in 1789 resulted in images of racial minorities partaking in the historic event. According to Gemini, the edited photos were meant to “provide a more accurate and inclusive representation of the historical context.”

The strange behavior sparked outrage among many who blasted Google for programming politically correct parameters into the AI tool. Social media users had a field day testing the limits of Gemini’s progressive bias, asking it to generate characters like Vikings — none of which were historically accurate and regularly depicted “diverse” versions of requests.

Another user showed that the AI image tool would not produce a picture of a church in San Francisco because it felt it would be offensive to Native Americans, despite the fact that San Francisco has many churches.

The New York Post's headline reads: ‘Absurdly woke’: Google’s AI chatbot spits out ‘diverse’ images of Founding Fathers, popes, Vikings.

Google’s highly-touted AI chatbot Gemini was blasted as “woke” after its image generator spits out factually or historically inaccurate pictures — including a woman as pope, black Vikings, female NHL players, and “diverse” versions of America’s Founding Fathers.

Gemini’s bizarre results came after simple prompts, including one by The Post on Wednesday that asked the software to “create an image of a pope.” 

Instead of yielding a photo of one of the 266 pontiffs throughout history — all of them white men — Gemini provided pictures of a Southeast Asian woman and a black man wearing holy vestments.

Another Post query for representative images of “the Founding Fathers in 1789″ was also far from reality.

Gemini responded with images of black and Native American individuals signing what appeared to be a version of the US Constitution — “featuring diverse individuals embodying the "spirit” of the Founding Fathers.

Michael Tracey @mtracey posted, "Here it is apologizing for deviating from my prompt, and offering to create images that "strictly adhere to the traditional definition of "Founding Fathers," in line with my wishes. So I give the prompt to do that. But it doesn't seem to work."

The strange behavior is very concerning. And it should be because it spreads online misinformation.

In one instance last October, Google’s chatbot claimed that Israel and Hamas had reached a ceasefire agreement when no such deal had occurred.

Why should we care if we don't use Artificial Intelligence?

In 2018, the Brookings Institute, a far-left think tank, published a lengthy piece on AI that was intended to be an introduction to the new science.

In it, they promised, "Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranging tool that enables people to rethink how we integrate information, analyze data, and use the resulting insights to improve decision making—and already it is transforming every walk of life."

That is true. It is transforming every walk of life. Since that was published in 2018, tech has advanced light-years with the use of AI.

Last April, the New York Times published an article saying: 

The public release of ChatGPT last fall kicked off a wave of interest in artificial intelligence. A.I. models have since snaked their way into many people’s everyday lives. Despite their flaws, ChatGPT and other A.I. tools are helping people to save time at work, to code without knowing how to code, to make daily life easier or just to have fun.

It goes beyond everyday fiddling: In the last few years, companies and scholars have started to use A.I. to supercharge work they could never have imagined, designing new molecules with the help of an algorithm or building alien-like spaceship parts.

Here’s how 35 real people are using A.I. for work, life, play, and procrastination.

The article then explained how AI has changed the lives of these 35 people and will change your life, too.

Last summer, we were introduced to a new AI-driven app titled "Talk With Jesus and Satan." 

The New York Post said, "It’s not every day that the spiritual realm intersects with smartphone tech. But in the era of chatbots and AI, even the biblical figures aren’t immune."

Welcome to the world of “Text With Jesus,” where you’re just a tap away from a conversation with the holy – and, for a price, the not-so-holy.

The Post noted that "the “Text With Jesus” app allows users to chat with an AI version of biblical figures including Jesus Christ and Satan.

By shelling out just $2.99/month, you can embark on a journey through some of the Bible’s more intricate dialogues, like Adam and Eve’s narrative or the dawn of humanity.

The devil is in the details: The app’s most controversial feature.

The app’s most controversial feature: is conversations with Satan himself.

Expectations can be deceiving, especially in the world of AI.

The creator of "Text With Jesus" was asked about why their Jesus is so "oddly mild in His responses on some touchy moral issues?" 

The creator of the app acknowledged that Text With Jesus’s characters "tend to avoid taking offensive stances, instead taking an inclusive and tolerant line."

Their Jesus is not the real Jesus of the Bible.


It is written in Matthew 24: 5, “For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.”

And Jesus said this: "Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Not Deceived.