Friday, April 12, 2024

"Not Happy" Is An Understatement

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A recent survey found that most Americans are "not happy" with the current border crisis in the United States.

Ira Mehlman, media director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), says a poll conducted by The Wall Street Journal affirms that the illegal alien crisis is the top issue on voters' minds as November nears.

Be informed, not misled.

The border deception.

The Wall Street Journal says "The economy has always been the top issue at the ballot box for 65-year-old Garfield Cousins. But this year Cousins, an independent voter in an Atlanta suburb, said the sustained surge of migrants at the southern border will for the first time drive his decision in a presidential election."

While illegal border crossings have repeatedly set records over the past few years, polls show a more recent sharp increase in the number of voters, like Cousins, who rank immigration as their top concern—even above the economy and inflation. Voters say they worry the migrant influx is affecting other aspects of life—from crime and fentanyl to national security and government spending—as Washington has been unable to resolve the problem. 

“Although the economy is important, I see this also has an impact on the economy,” Cousins said, adding that taxpayers’ financial outlook is affected when cities make budget cuts to deal with the housing, food, and healthcare costs associated with the influx of migrants. 

This is while the leftist media has taken to using the word "unhappy" to describe "outrage."

A Wall Street Journal national poll conducted in late February found that 20% of voters now rank immigration as their top issue, up from 13% in December. In the same poll, 65% of voters said they disapproved of President Biden’s handling of border security, and 71% said developments in immigration and border security are headed in the wrong direction. 

Another Journal survey conducted March 17-24 of registered voters in seven swing states—Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin—found immigration to be among the top two issues in every state, with at least 72% of respondents in each of the states saying the country’s immigration policy and border security were headed in the wrong direction.

No wonder Biden wants to focus on abortion---Anything but the border.

Ira Mehlman, media director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), says the poll affirms that the illegal alien crisis is the top issue on voters' minds.

Nationally, 20% of voters rank it as their biggest concern, outpacing even bread-and-butter issues like the state of the economy or inflation. Mehlman says this is bad news for President Joe Biden, as 65% of voters disapprove of his handling of the issue, and 71% believe the situation at the border is "heading in the wrong direction."

"The American public is not happy with the way it is being handled by this administration," Mehlman summarizes. "They see record numbers of people coming across the border illegally, they see the havoc that it is wreaking on communities all across the country, and they are also seeing the refusal of anybody in Washington who has the authority to do so to stop this madness."

"Understandably, 'not happy' would be an understatement about the way the situation is being handled here," he adds.

Biden Isn’t "Examining" A Border Shutdown. He’s Buying Time Before November.

Things are so bad on our border that President Biden is now telling the press he is "examining" the matter.

Eddie Scarry, writing for The Federalist, says, "Joe Biden claims he’s ‘examining’ his authority to control the border. It’s a lie, and he’s just trying to buy time until the election."

He's right. And once again, we see it was never about America with the leftists. It's about their gaining power and amassing personal wealth.

Scarry says:

Any news outlet supposedly taking it seriously that President Biden is “examining” his authority to protect U.S. territory from foreign invaders is immediately identifiable as a White House accomplice to buy Biden more time before the election. That’s all they’re doing for him, and it’s not up for debate.

Biden said in an interview this week that he’s “examining whether or not I have that power” to prevent migrants from illegally forcing themselves across the Southern border, a calamity he is directly responsible for and which he has done nothing of substance to mitigate.

He says, "The public has gone from concerned to outraged, with immigration surpassing even the economy as Americans’ top concern. Biden hasn’t felt the urgency. To date, his most notable action has been to ask that Congress legalize up to 5,000 illegal border crossers per day. Before that, he asked his ever-competent vice president Kamala Harris to investigate the “root causes” of migration from Central America. (Her staff and activist allies reacted by running to the media complaining the job was too hard.)"

He’s not serious about fixing the problem he created. He doesn’t care. And feigning that he’s only now taking a stern look at whether the law gives the president authority to do anything about it is only the latest indication of that maddening reality.


Scarry says, "If that’s not enough for Biden, the section of the INA his lawyers are reportedly looking at gives even broader authority, allowing for the restriction of aliens the president deems 'detrimental to the interests of the United States.' He can ask any of the Democrat mayors in Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C., and elsewhere if the thousands of migrants bused to their cities, taking up shelter space, recreational centers, and hotel rooms (courtesy of the taxpayer) are a detriment."

The election is seven months away. Biden has looked on for three years as hundreds of thousands of migrants dump themselves into our care, at our expense. Are we supposed to believe now he’s “examining” his authority?

Be Informed. Be Discerning, Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful. Pray for our country.