Monday, February 23, 2009

Are We Slouching Toward Gomorrah?

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You may have heard about the Harris Poll released this past Friday. I have linked it. When Americans were asked who they most admired---who was their hero----Barack Obama was #1, Jesus Christ was #2, Martin Luther King #3, Ronald Reagan #4, George W. Bush #5 and Lincoln #6. "God" was #11, Hillary Clinton #12 and Sarah Palin #21.

Are We Slouching Toward Gomorrah?

In William Butler Yeats' "The Second Coming," he wrote in 1919, "And what rough beast, it's hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?"

The rough beast that Yeats saw is now a monster of decadence, a plague several generations in the making and we now seem to be sloughing not toward Bethlehem, but towards Gomorrah, the biblical city destroyed because of it's wickedness.

Thirteen years ago Judge Robert Bork defined the root of decline.

We are witnessing the sprouting of that root in Washington State and across our nation.

Can we turn the tide?


We have a choice. Here's how.

In his book, "Slouching Towards Gomorrah," published in 1996, Yale Law Professor and Judge Robert Bork said, "The root of our decline is the rise of modern liberalism."

He said, "From the collapse of popular culture to the weakening of the intellect; From the assault of radical feminism on American institutions and freedoms, to the "killing for convenience" of abortion and euthanasia, we are headed in the wrong direction."

Bork said we have a choice.

"We can accept our fate and try to insulate ourselves and our loved ones from the devastating effects of a degenerating culture or we can choose to halt the beast, to oppose modern liberalism in every arena. An understanding of our problem and the will to resist, may be our only hope."

Robert H. Bork taught Constitutional Law at Yale Law School, served as Solicitor General and as Acting Attorney of the United States and as a United States Court of Appeals judge.

When President Ronald Reagan nominated him for the Supreme Court, Senator Joe Biden chaired, led and carried out the most vicious attack ever witnessed in American politics toward a Supreme Court nominee.


Because of his conservative views.

Now we are seeing the results of a culture, as he predicted, that continues to slouch towards Gomorrah.

We are now seeing the extreme ideas that were tossed around in far left, extreme classrooms of the 60's and early 70's become reality and public policy in every aspect of our culture. Nothing seems to be exempt; from welfare, abortion and euthanasia, to sexuality, gender confusion and the normalization of homosexuality under the guise of fairness and equality.

We are seeing a collapse of moral clarity in favor of an artificially inseminated political correctness, born from relativism. And we slouch toward Gomorrah. With the elected shock troops of the homosexual agenda in Washington State politics---you know their names--- we are seeing our culture redefined and destroyed. All with a smile and a swagger.

What will we do? What can we do?

Will we accept our fate and try to insulate ourselves and our loved ones from the devastating effects of this degenerating culture or will we halt the beast?

I suggest we halt the beast.

I agree with Bork. Understanding the problem, and I believe you do, and having the will to resist is our hope.

We understand their agenda. We also understand the reality of the numbers of liberal and conservative lawmakers in the Legislature.

Do we have the will to resist?

I do. Those of you who are people of faith have seen and read of the super natural works of God. You must decide if you will stand and resist or insulate yourself and your loved ones and accept the fate.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, we will, in every way possible, resist the effort to destroy and redefine marriage and the family and we will believe that God will act according to His principles and laws.

With God's help and your support, this battle can be won.

Thank you for standing with us.


Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Thank God that Biden was there and that Bork didn't make it on the Supreme Court.

  2. I wonder how many people will need to sound the alarm before people wake up and resist? Thank you gary for being faithful in this attack on righteousness. You and your work are much needed. We support you.

  3. I hope the Republicans resist Obama's nominations like Biden did Bork and Thomas. Who will he nominate? Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, Oprah, maybe Rezco when he gets out of jail. Or his guy who said the other day that all Americans are cowards. He would be great on the Supreme Court. That would be change wouldn't it?

  4. " under the guise of fairness and equality."

    Fairness and equality are not a guise they are the motivation. How sad that one would view fairness as a ruse.

    "With the elected shock troops of the homosexual agenda in Washington State politics---you know their names--- we are seeing our culture redefined and destroyed. All with a smile and a swagger."

    Key word here ELECTED! These people, who Gary so cavalierly demonizes and dismisses are elected by the citizens of this state to represent their views, which is EXACTLY what they are doing!

    As for Gary hysterical claims that they are "destroying" anything, there has been no evidence what so ever to support this mis characterization. If same-sex marriage were legal in this state not a single opposite-sex couple, nor their family, nor their marriage would be affected in the least, let alone destroyed.

    And when it comes to acting with a "smile and a swagger" no one can hold a candle to Gary Randall, as a review of past blog entries will show.

  5. Fairness is subjective. What is fair? Who decides? Is it fair to rob a child of having a mother and a father so two mommies or two daddys can play house?
    You don't think homosexuality undermines a culture. Read history. Start with Rome.
    I don't see Gary with a smile or a swagger, I see someone who cares about the next generation and understands the Bible. If we don't agree with and affirm homosexuality, we are bigoted,intolerant and filled with hate.
    The Seattle boys are elected by their own in the homosexual community. They do not represent the entire state.

  6. These people are not elected by the people of this state. They are elected by people in their district and do not represent the view of the majority of people in our state. That's why they are trying to go around the people and get gay marriage by sueing.

  7. 11:11 AM,

    HB 1727 is co-sponsored by 57 of the 100 representatives, so it is hardly the work of what you offensively refer to as "the Seattle boys". But thanks for showing us the ugly side of anti-gay bigotry.

  8. It is the 'SEattle boys' led by Senator Ed Murray. Also, having 'gay rights' become 'legal' is offensive to those who have children in school, and who are taught the opposite of what their parents believe in. This taks away OUR rights! Stay in the closet, please!!

  9. "You don't think homosexuality undermines a culture. Read history. Start with Rome"

    Ha ha! Rome was erecting statues to same sex lovers around 100 BC - what happened at the fall of Rome was the rise of religious fundamentalism and the complaining about homosexuality. Persecution is the sign of a failing civilization - you are the ones who are making this country like Gomorrah who's sins were hostility towards strangers, self-righteousness, and neglect of the poor.

  10. These end-of-civilization and end-of-the-family arguments have been made before...

    - When women demanded to be equals in marriage

    - When women demanded the right to vote

    - When blacks demanded equality

    - When interracial couples demanded marriage

    Each time, conservatives predicted the end of the world, and each time we ended up in a better place instead.

    Are there problems with our culture? Sure. But fairness does not destroy a nation; it makes it stronger.

    Tony in Seattle

  11. RE: Is it fair to rob a child of having a mother and a father so two mommies or two daddys can play house?

    First, "play house" shows how little regard you have for gays and lesbians as people. How can you ever attempt to keep a clear head about this issue if you insist that gay families are simply "playing"?

    Secondly, when has having two opposite sex parents ever become more important than being able to provide the means to take care of the child, love, health, schooling, etc. A mommy and daddy don't guarantee a happy childhood any more than a mommy and mommy do, or a daddy and daddy, or even a single mommy or a single daddy.

  12. "12:36 PM"

    Again, 57 of 100 State representatives are NOT all from Seattle. Let me guess, I bet you're one of those freeloaders from east of the mountains, whose state services are funded by taxes from Seattle, but who just love to demonize the city. The only thing more obnoxious than a freeloader, who resents the people he's freeloading off.

    If you think that equality is offensive, you are in the minority. The anti-gay bigotry crowd already tried to overturn both the non-discrimination law and the domestic partnership law, they could not even get enough signatures to get on the ballot! If you want everything your children are taught in school to agree with your backwards values, I suggest you seek out a private school. You have a right to teach your kids whatever crazy stuff you want, you don't have a right to my tax dollars to do it with. You want a free education, you get what the people of state agree on! Or you could homeschool, but I suspect that would be rather like the blind leading the blind.

    As for whether I am in the closet or not, much like the rest of my life it is none of your business!

  13. No, I am south of ultra-liberal yuppies in Seattle! As for school children, I am concerned for the grandchildren. I remember being 'taught' that homosexuality is a deviant behaviour, and counseling is needed. This has NOT changed. Yes, some just chose at that time to stay within this distorted thinking, and thus 'stayed in their' closet and 'respected' the one man/one women rule for authentic marriages! Nothing has changed, except for you and others becoming 'obssesed' and yes flunting your 'life style' that goes against society, and more importantly, against God's basic principles! You are being prayed for,that you don't care to have, I know, and I know you don't agree right now, but, someday you will know 'the truth!" It's the life style that we are concerned about, not the person, and so I just wish the best for you in all other ways!!

  14. Last time I checked the WA State Constitution gives honor and recognition to "The" Supreme Ruler (i.e. He is ONE...) of the Universe (i.e. ALL CREATION...)...!!!

    Our Nation (a Constitutional Republic...!) was founded on "The Laws of Nature and of Natures GOD", not the state...!!!

    God resists (and Hates...) Pride...

    "Parading" pride is what those in Sodom and Gomorrah were doing before their destruction...

    We were slouching 40 years ago...
    Today we are all but there...


    And, to be clear, those in Adultery (i.e. "marrying another while one's spouse still lives...) are no safer than the homosexual...

    Be Not Deceived, Adulterers WILL NOT inherent the Kingdom of God...!!!

  15. The best way for evil to triumph, is for good men and women to do nothing! God is always no. 1... I have made up my mind. If I am going to complain about obama and the rest of them. Then I also better be praying for them as well. And not just a little prayer but alot of prayer. Pray People Pray! Pray like you have never done before. God is waiting for us to Lament-" Ask and you shall recieve". The world will not have peace unless we pray and ask for His mercy on us and on the whole world. "The wave is coming from across the sea"- liberalism( socialism in disguise),the brother of communism. The Beast is real! The harlot is in control of the "House" We are in the end times! Why wait for it to get worse. For every one of our prayers said, God multiplies it by his reaction. Do not despair! Our Lady with her spouse the Holy Spirit and Her Son Our Lord Jesus Christ with His legions upon legions of the heavenly Angels will come! I pray that anyone reading this now! Will recieve the graces through the Holy Spirit to persevere and understand. God Bless America!

  16. Rome destroyed itself from within!
    Sodom and Gomora's citzens paid the price by being ungodly and self centered. You don't believe in God's laws than what are you worried about? " Vengence is mine says the Lord" Are you ready for it? I AM !


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