Friday, February 06, 2009

Marriage - The Battlefield in the Hearing Room

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Yesterday, I, along with others from the faith community, testified against Washington State HB 1727 and SB 5688, both of which are designed to circumvent the "Defense of Marriage Act" (DOMA) and the State Supreme Court ruling that up held it.

Thank you to all who attended the hearings. The news media estimated 150 to 200 were present.

It was obvious the House Committee in the 10:00 a.m. hearing was not prepared, emotionally or physically for that kind of crowd.

By the time the Senate hearing took place at 3:30 p.m. yesterday, the gay leaders were a little better prepared to take control of the crowd and the testimonies.

Candidly, here's what I took away from yesterday's hearing.

The significant number of people in attendance to support marriage, shocked the house committee. In fact, Mr. Pederson, the openly gay chairman of the house committee, continually lectured the crowd through out the hearing and was often a little off balance in his comments.

By 3:30 p.m. the Senate hearing was more prepared for the crowd. The hearing room was small and many who came were put in other adjacent rooms - not in the main hearing room. I understand that because the room had been designated in advance of their knowing how many of us would attend, but the people of faith were treated with little to no respect by the chairpersons of both committees. The Senate vice-chair Eric Oemig, openly sneered and smirked through most testimony given by the faith community.

There was a sense in both the House and the Senate that the homosexuals believe it is a "done deal." I don't agree. Senator Swecker and I, along with others of like mind, are working to defeat the Senate bill. I believe we have a shot at it. If not, we will immediately begin a referendum process that will put it before the people. Traditional marriage prevailed in California, Arizona and Florida this past November. We can do it here as well.

Some observations.

The gay activists, including those in elected office, were very defensive. They brought their lawyers and their partners to tell their stories of normalcy, church endorsement and community activity. They brought kids into the hearing room who asked the legislators to please pass this bill so, "I can have a family too."

These two bills and those who are trying to advance them are very deceptive. Senator Ed Murray, sponsor of the Senate Bill, began by referring to the "unfortunate ruling" of the Supreme Court in upholding DOMA, then gave a long list of what his bill is not. He started by saying his bill is "not gay marriage." Technically, that is true, however these bills are designed to undermine marriage and give entree to gay marriage as a next logical and legal step.

I told the committee that if these bills pass they will elevate domestic partnerships to the status of marriage, removing all legal difference between domestic partnerships and traditional marriage. If these bills become law, there will then be litigation to attach the name "marriage" to gay relationships and the homosexual community will have subverted DOMA and the State Supreme Court ruling that upheld it and used the courts to achieve gay marriage.

There is spirit of arrogance and deception in this movement. It was extremely evident.

It is clear that this is a spiritual battle, not a political one. The gay movement is not really about benefits, rights or even marriage. It is a rebellion against the Creator and His natural laws. It is an unrestrained push to normalize that which is not.

If you have ever had a thought of standing for what is good and right, this is the time. It is impossible to estimate the damage and unintended consequences these bills, if passed, will inflict on traditional marriage and family.

Faith and Freedom is on the front line. We are able to stand each day because of your prayerful and financial support. That is needed more today than ever before.

Thank you and God bless you.

God help us.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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