Thursday, April 02, 2009

President Obama: "I'm Here To Listen Not To Lecture"

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That could well be the wisest thing our President has done for a while. With riots in the streets of London and world leaders continuing to push back from Barack Obama's economic policies, silence may serve him well---particularly for a day or so.

The world leaders already know what we are now beginning to discover in regard to the Obama/Geithner economic recovery plan.

Bloomberg is reporting that our government and the Federal Reserve have spent, lent, or committed $12.8 trillion, an amount nearly equal to our nations total gross domestic product of $14.2 trillion in 2008. That's $42,105 for every man woman and child in America and 14 times the $899.8 billion of currency in circulation.

David Broder in the liberal Washington Post says they are not revealing the whole picture either. He says they learned their tricks from the Bush administration, but are not coming clean with all the numbers. He says its worse than they are saying.

John McCain called this fiasco, "generational theft". And it is. Our children, grandchildren and beyond will live with these decisions for generations to come.

An equally serious and troubling problem is to whom we owe the money.

China. They are colonizing America, differently than England, but none the less just as effectively.

China is calling for the world to replace the dollar, has just presented their newest military weapon that our own military say they have no defense against and are cutting 30-year deals with Russia for oil at about $20 per barrel according to FOX News yesterday.

What is the answer? What should America do?

China has deployed what is called in the West, the "Sizzler," and it has been offered to Iran as well.

Orville Hanson has evaluated weapons for the Navy for 38 years and he says, "This is a carrier destroying weapon, that's it's purpose."

A Pentagon employee said Russia, who built the weapon, has also offered it to Iran. Officials say we have no weapon that can effectively defend against it.

While China acquires weapons against which we have no adequate defense at sea and builds strong financial ties with Russia and Iran, they are continuing to expand their stake in America, by buying our T bills, etc., economically colonizing our country.

Now China, Russia and other countries are calling for the world community to replace the dollar with a new global currency.

Obviously that is a concern to most all Americans. In fact, Rasmuessen polls showed yesterday that 88% of Americans oppose allowing the dollar to be replaced.

There is now a growing greater concern, that our President and Geithner may not be leveling with the public.

Rep. Michelle Bachmann, R-Minnesota, says a day after Geithner promised he nor the President would consider allowing the dollar to be replaced, he left that option on the table when asked by reporters about China's proposal.

She has now introduced a resolution that would ban the dollar from being replaced by any foreign currency.

And yesterday AP, not your conservative news service, is reporting that Obama has already broken his promise regarding no taxes on the middle class by raising the tax on tobacco . I've linked the story, you can read it.

So what can we do?

I believe Walter Williams, the well known African-American columnist has touched the answer in his latest column. He says our problem is immorality.

At it's core, the problem in America is spiritual, not political. Certainly our leaders could and should use better judgement---but ultimately the problems we face today in this great country will be solved by spiritual renewal.

The social issues we face today are related to rebellion against God, our Creator and Giver of life.

While we are preparing the next step in the defense of marriage in Washington State, I am asking you to join me personally, and set aside a special time to pray for our country and our state every day.

Greater is He that is in you, than he who is in the world.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. With this kind of reporting who needs the Seattle PI? Thank you Gary for putting it all together from a spiritual point of view.

  2. I started reading with interest, and then came across the line:

    "David Broder in the liberal Washington Post"

    As if even the liberals are concerned, not just one wingnut that write for the paper. I nearly fell off my chair laughing, this is so 'Gary'. Sir, you are a wordsmith.

  3. I see nothing spiritual, but a great that is political about Gary's post.

    Yes, it is going to take some time and cost a great deal of money to clean up the colossal mess left George W Bush and the Republican Congress, who's every reckless action Gary whole-heartedly supported, undoubtedly for "spiritual" reasons.
    Or course the concern over deceptive bookkeeping was non-existent from Broder and other Bush sycophants when it was used to misrepresent the impact of his tax cuts for the rich.

    George W Bush has been receiving and ignoring warnings (sound familiar -9/11 anyone?) for the past SIX YEARS!. This isn't some new threat, but rather one that the last administration failed to deal with. I guess Gary shares the warped views of some of his commenters, Obama owns everything on Day 1, but Bush didn't own national security until after 9/11 - a full eight months into his Presidency.

    As for China's calls for a new world-wide reserve currency, it has nothing to do with replacing the dollar in the US, which is what the nutjob Bachmann is claiming and biased pollster Rassmussen is polling about. The fact is if China want to use another currency for their reserves there is nothing we can do about it. They are free to keep their reserves in dollars, euros, pounds, rupees, rubles or any other currency they choose.

  4. Pres Bush was very aware what was happening. He consistently tried to get congress to do something. Barny Frank for one kept stating-'there is no problem'! It's comical when everyone tries to blame Bush--when it's the democrats who are/were at fault with THIER denials!

  5. "Yes, it is going to take some time and cost a great deal of money to clean up the colossal mess left George W Bush and the Republican Congress,"

    I wouldn't even want to know who you are. You live in an absolute daze. No matter who or why we got into this mess are you so brain dead that you can't figure out what Obama is doing is beyond stupid?

  6. Insulting me isn't going to make the mess left by the colossal failure of Bush and the GOP. I don't agree with everything Obama is doing, but none of it is "beyond stupid".

  7. Why is the blog censor any mention of the fact that the article Gary links tauting the threat of the "Sizzler" missile is two years old? That's right Gary is now apparently blaming Obama for events that occurred before he was even a candidate for President.

  8. I see, so it's mention of the fact that, while he was being warned of and ignoring the threat of the "Sizzler" missile, George W Bush was also ignoring warnings of threat posed by Osama bin Laden and Al Queda, which lead to the deaths of 3000 innocents on his watch, that you are censoring.

    I guess it's never to early for professional propagandists like FFN staff to start re-writing history.

  9. anom 1153

    You crack me up and your idea of calculated justice .

    Even been to a liberal blog ? Oh yeah Bush was not at the grassy noll .

  10. 10:41 AM

    Why yes, Mick, I've been to many liberal blogs, and have yet to find one that puts Bush at the grassy knoll. Of course, Bush having been President when the article Gary cites in his attack on Obama, and had been President for the entire six year time frame referenced, is simple fact not wild-eyed conspiracy theory.

  11. Gary,

    I would appreciate your comment on the following.


    A RELIGIOUS RIGHT CRACK-UP?.... In general, the most noticeable fissure among politically conservative evangelical Christians is generational. In this dynamic, older evangelicals see themselves as an appendage of the Republican Party, and consider abortion and gay rights as the only "moral" issues that matter. Younger evangelicals are less partisan, and consider poverty and global warming important, too.
    But there's another fissure, which in the short term, may be even more consequential. It's between leaders of the religious movement vs. those more inclined to take John 18:36 to heart (Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world").
    The split first emerged, on a conceptual level, about a decade ago, when Cal Thomas, a far-right columnist and founding member of the Moral Majority, write a book called "Blinded by Might," arguing that conservative evangelical Christians have been going about their efforts all wrong. Religious right activists, Thomas said, should focus less on political power and influence -- having a seat at the proverbial GOP table -- and more on religion and family.
    In her Washington Post column today, Kathleen Parker reports on how this kind of thinking as grown considerably more common, to the point that many "principled Christians" are now "finished with politics." Parker highlights a recent argument between Tom Minnery, head of the political arm of Focus on the Family, and Steve Deace of WHO Radio in Iowa.
    Deace's point was that established Christian activist groups too often settle for lesser evils in exchange for electing Republicans.... Compromise may be the grease of politics, but it has no place in Christian orthodoxy, according to Deace.
    Put another way, Christians may have no place in the political fray of dealmaking. That doesn't mean one disengages from political life, but it might mean that the church shouldn't be a branch of the Republican Party. It might mean trading fame and fortune (green rooms and fundraisers) for humility and charity.
    Deace's radio show may be beneath the radar of most Americans and even most Christians, but he is not alone in his thinking. I was alerted to the Deace-Minnery interview by E. Ray Moore -- founder of the South Carolina-based Exodus Mandate, an initiative to encourage Christian education and home schooling. Moore, who considers himself a member of the Christian right, thinks the movement is imploding.
    "It's hard to admit defeat, but this one was self-inflicted," he wrote in an e-mail. "Yes, Dr. Dobson and the pro-family or Christian right political movement is a failure; it would have made me sad to say this in the past, but they have done it to themselves."
    For Christians such as Moore -- and others better known, such as columnist Cal Thomas, a former vice president for the Moral Majority -- the heart of Christianity is in the home, not the halls of Congress or even the courts. And the route to a more moral America is through good works -- service, prayer and education -- not political lobbying.
    It's worth noting that both sides of the fissure believe the culture war has effectively been lost, but they differ wildly on the diagnosis. For religious right leaders, the culture war flopped because they faced too many enemies (popular culture, changing norms, progressive interest groups) with too few allies (no Republican follow-through). For those like Deace and Thomas, the war never should have been fought in the first place, because it required principled Christians to effectively become political lobbyists.
    Thomas told Parker, "If people who call themselves Christians want to see any influence in the culture, then they ought to start following the commands of Jesus and people will be so amazed that they will be attracted to Him. The problem isn't political. The problem is moral and spiritual.... You have the choice between a way that works and brings no credit or money or national attention. Or, a way that doesn't work that gets you lots of attention and has little influence on the culture."
    The movement, in other words, has a decision to make.

  12. So, in other words,'Be a good little Christian, go to church, mow your lawn and keep your shoes tied.' And leave the "politics-er-moral decisions of the union-to the snakes. Yeah. I'm sure that wasn't what Jesus was doing inside the temple when he over-turned the tables of the money-changers. What we need is less talk and more action.


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