Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Michael Savage Banned from UK for "Extremism"

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Michael Savage Banned from UK for " Extremism"

I don't intend to make a case for or against Michael Savage---he makes his own case.

However, I do want to draw attention to the fact that the UK has a published "black list" based on what they consider extremism. In looking over the names, I would agree that some if not many of these folks should raise concern. (Read list).

But who decides what is "extreme"?

Well, the government does.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said on behalf of the government, "The government opposes extremism in all forms and I am determined to stop those who want to spread extremism, hatred and violent messages."

This past February she banned Dutch lawmaker and filmmaker, Geert Wilders, who made a film linking Islam to terror attacks. Now Savage.

This could not happen in America---right?

The Washington Times ran a story yesterday about our own Homeland Security Department and their "extremism" list and lexicon.

You have likely heard that our Homeland Security Dept. office has categorized a group of people whom they consider extremists or have a propensity toward extremism. That list included whites, blacks, Christians, Jews, Cubans, Mexicans, abortion foes and veterans.

The list met with such outrage from the public, that it was recalled.

They had defined their work as one with lists, definitions and key terms, "that addresses the nature and scope of the threat that domestic non-Islamic extremism poses to the United States."

It is called the "Domestic Extremism Lexicon."

Homeland Security spokeswoman Amy Kudna said, "The lexicon was never an authorized I&A product and was recalled as soon as management discovered it?"

Not authorized? Do the people at the Department of Homeland Security just do what they want and publish things without authorization?

There are certainly those who threaten our security and that must be addressed, however not a few people are concerned about the ability of some in this administration to protect our country. This doesn't help.

It is also concerning when a government starts deciding what is and is not "extreme"---particularly when you see a talk show host and a film maker/elected official on the list.

With the continuing full court press for more and more special rights and corresponding "hate crimes" legislation in our own country, one could wonder how long before dissent on those issues could be considered extreme. Or a biblical belief that homosexuality is sin is extreme. Or a pastor's sermon from Romans Ch. 1 is "spreading extremism"?

Many challenges lie ahead. Look up. Thanks for standing with us.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. I find it interesting that you seem to separate yourself from those on the list. Your goals our very similar -- to oppress gay people at every turn. You spread the same hate they do, you are just lower profile.

    Gary, if you ever wanted to go the UK you probably should go now before they catch wind of you. It should not take them long because your wind stinks.

  2. I think the government wants to
    turn all godly people into homosexual (in-the-womb) baby killers, who no longer are willing
    to listen to the voice of conscience. It seems to be their
    way of finding liberty, and knowing justice, but real liberty
    and justice will only be found and
    known at the foot of the throne of Jesus Christ who is the judge of all who come to God by him and
    will the be judge of all in the future.

    Jesus is at the end and outermost
    place where we must reach. He is
    in and to the greatest degree the
    judge and saviour of all who will
    be saved, far from what is usual or extremely
    good and perfect, saviour and lord.

    We have to come to the cross to find our salvation.

  3. I listen to the right wing talkers.

    I recall that during the early days of the Iraq war, Savage said those opposed to the war were seditious, and called for them to be taken up in helicopters, shot and then pushed out the door.

    To me, that sounds like dangerous extremism that fosters hatred.

    How can you defend a guy like that?

    England got it right.

    If you've never listened to Savage or Mark Lavin, I recommend it. You'll immediately understand the term 'hate radio'. These guys whip their audience up into a frenzy very similar to the 2 minute hate in '1984'. It doesn't foster healthy debate, just hatred. If more people heard it, I think more would support balance on the publicly owned airwaves.

  4. Mr. Randall:
    You say that allowing marriage between two persons of the same sex is a threat to the institution of marriage. It's admirable that you wish to defend the institution of marriage.

    But where were you when no-fault (i.e. divorce on demand) laws were sweeping the nation?

    Erick S.

  5. Gary,

    I admire your patience and tolerance. You actually approve the hateful things people say about you, even when they are not true.

    Spiritual things cannot be understood by the carnal mind. This is why the gay community will never understand why Christians are opposed to the homosexual agenda.

    Legalizing murder by calling it a "retroactive abortion", rendering it legal does not remove the sin attached to the act.

    Gay people are obviously miserable, else why do they protest so much. Renaming a domestic partnership a marriage changes nothing except the appearance. Calling a gay union is a lie in and of itself.

    The most kind thing we can do for these people is to teach them the truth, help them repent so they can lead a normal life. Only Christ can cure homosexuality. I know people who have left that lifestyle and are the better for it.

    Keep up the good work.

    PRS in FW

  6. Yes Jesus is the cure for this nation.

  7. Thank you for your good work and always stating the truth.

    Bless you and your family.

    Men don't go with men and women don't go with women. Not a difficult concept. In order to convince someone of this obvious physiological fact one must use a very long and arduous 'explanation'. Any time 'explanations' get long and arduous one's proverbial red flag should go up.

    Marriage is simply the way God ordained it. One man one woman. Man is the one who perverted it by insisting on divorce and by being lascivious.

  8. But where were you when no-fault (i.e. divorce on demand) laws were sweeping the nation?

    Erick S.

    Erick I opposed those new laws also . In fact quite a few conservatives did , but to no avail . As miost likely in this case . Just the passion of the debate did not get as intence . In one state I read they implemented a marriage liscernse you could opt for that actually made divorce harder to get .

    I just read a pro domestic partnership editorial in my local newspaper that spoke to the fact hetrosexuals could take advantage of the domestic partnership , sicne it was narrow to think all hetro sexuals wanted as strong a commitment to marriage also .

    I considered that anti gay from my understanding and appreciation of why marriage is important , the editorialis was equating non commiting hetrosexuals with homosexuals . In the mean time not acknowledging the very reason people promote marriage , at least many who share my view is to help married couples with advantages to help support their commitment and help them bring up children who will be responsible and positively impact our next generation . Its getting bizare when all you talk about is what the government can do for me . Sooner or later the government will not be able to too much for anyone with that attitude.

    I can send the link to the editorial if your interested , fist anti gay message I heard promoting domestic partnerships . I guess now I am a hetrophoebic.
    Anti straight because I think hetros should not get tax breaks if they are not willing to commit .


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