Monday, May 11, 2009

What was President Obama Thinking?

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Thank you to all who have taken our survey. Many of you have politely pointed out that my numbers were wrong on Friday. Some of you have been,shall we say, "not so polite", demanding to get to the bottom of it.

Here's the deal. There are no absolutes. If truth is what you understand or want it to be, why can't 98.8+6.7+1.5=100%?

Truth. I made a mistake---it was a type-o. Our proof read didn't catch it.

As of this morning, with hundreds more participants than Friday, the numbers are; 87% Yes, 13% No.

If you have not yet taken the survey, please do. If you have, please encourage friends to do so as well. This information is helpful and your comments are very valuable. Some of the developing results on other issues on the survey are very interesting as well. Thank you so much. Click here for survey.

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What was President Obama Thinking?

I'm sure you know that every year there is a White House Correspondent's Dinner in Washington DC. This year's event was Saturday night.

The hallmark of the event is that people make fun of the President and the President pokes fun at the press. At least, that's the simple explanation. This year some feel the comments by Wanda Sykes, the first African American woman and according to the Huffington Post, openly gay, person ever to perform jokes at the dinner.

While most in the main stream press sanitized the evening, Toby Harnden, who attended the event, feels her comments were way out of line and the President's response was inappropriate.

Among other comments, she said Rush Limbaugh should be charged with treason, was the 20th hijacker, but was so strung out on OxyContin he missed the flight and she wishes his kidneys would fail. All because Limbaugh has said he hopes Obama's administration fails because he feels Obama is leading us into socialism.

As she called Limbaugh a terrorist, a traitor and wished him dead, Obama, according to Harnden, seemed to think, "It was pretty hilarious, grinning and chuckling and turning to share the joke with the person on his right."

This from the man who said he would bring civility and elevated debate to Washington. It is chilling to hear comments about death or the hope of death for those who disagree with the administration. That is Hope we can not tolerate.

I have linked Harnden's story and the video of her remarks and the President's response.

On a personal note, I also felt the President's comments, particularly the one about his chief of staff having difficulty using the word "day" after the word mother, were below any level of dignity we should expect from our President.

I have also linked this morning's article from the Washington Times.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Right, Obama telling a rather staid joke at a roast is beneath the level of dignity expected of a President, but Cheney telling a sitting Senator to "go F*** yourself" on the Senate floor is a shining example of Presidential behavior.

    We get it Gary, anything that Obama does is beyond the pale, not because of what he actually does or did, but because he doesn't share Gary's politics.

  2. Proving once again Gary does not have a sense of humor and does not understand statistical science.

  3. Your poll is not scientific. It is biased towards the people who subscribe to your e-mail list who are presumably a majority of people that support your opinion. You already took a scientific poll, released the data, and learned that indeed the majority of people do not support removing Domestic Partnership Rights. In fact, according to a UW poll (scientifically conducted with a random sample) nearly 77% of Washington voters support some form of legal equality for gays and lesbians. It is sad that you are trying to mislead your flock. I know you are smarter than that.

  4. I thought some of Sykes' comments were inappropriate and I won't defend them. But how in world can you attack her and defend Michael Savage. His comments about people he disagrees with are much worse. In fact most of right wing talk radio regularly says much worse things about their opponents.

  5. This is the 5 year anniversary for gay marriage in Massachusetts! We're still waiting for the end of traditional marriage there. However, it seems to be going strong in spite of the obvious temptation of gay marriage for all those hetero guys. Go figure!

  6. These comments will NOT deter us for doing the right thing, and go forth with our referendum. You will see that you all are in the miniority, as yes indeed the majority of our citizens do NOT want 'special rights' for single people! That is what I personally call the 'gay' community, as that is what they are-single! They do NOT 'belong' in our authuentic marriages. When I was involved with politics last year, I talked to hundreds of people, and in my 'poll', the majority was concerned and do NOT want 'special rights' for the gay community, and absolutly NOT the so called 'marriage' that belongs ONLY to us authentic marriages!

  7. @12:57 I don't understand your comment. Again, there is a difference between anecdotal evidence, ie "I talked to hundreds of people" versus statistical science that has a proven correlation to opinion across a population. You may have talked to hundreds of people, but your sample is biased. For a sample to be scientific it must be randomly selected.

    I think it is terribly sad that you think it is better to spend millions of dollars attempting to take away equality from one group of people instead of using that money to help needy people like this sick, old, and poor.

  8. let the voters decided--that is the issue!

  9. "We're still waiting for the end of traditional marriage there"

    I think the left convinced us we will all be destroyed by global warming first. What really sucks is if your for gay marriage and global warming, then we know your doomed

  10. @12:57

    Keep up the good work. Everytime you post like this it puts the lie to all the claims by Gary and groups like Natinonal Organizatin for Marriage, who claim that anti-gay bigotry isn't a motivating factor behind the so-called "marriage protection" movement. The fact that these comments are censored (meaning each and every one is approved as appropriate by FFN staff) is just icing on the cake.

  11. RALPHINEVERETT7:51 AM, May 12, 2009

    It is interesting that the self proclaimed party of family values ,GOP, has
    set up Rush Limbaugh as a spoke person. A man that has been divorced 3 times and has no off spring , children and prescription drug problems. If you measure sucess by money & fame Rush i s a sucess , but if you measure it by family & family values then Rush is misurable failure.

  12. 5:52 Actually, I am against global warming. It's interesting that you choose to attack global warming in response to my statement that gay marriage hasn't caused the predicted demise of traditional marriage. It just shows that after 5 years, traditional marriage survives, and rather than acknowledge it - you change the subject. Cheers!

  13. @4:00 PM, the voters have decided. Poll after poll (even Faith And Freedom's Poll) shows that the voters value equality for all citizens. This campaign is just an attempt to build the strength of faith and freedom network and their allies. It is going to divert resources that the state needs to give people health care, children schools, and homeless shelter. I've studied the Bible, and Jesus is far more concerned with those issues. He never, ever mentioned gay people.

  14. If the signatures are even gathered voters will approve referendum 71, the Elway poll in April 2009 provides sufficient evidence for that (i.e. if only 50% of people were against marriage than that should be the starting point for disapproval of domestic partnerships and so it is highly likely that less than 50% oppose legal rights recognition)......what will the organization do when the attempt to repeal the law fails?

    The bill isn't a marriage bill but if F&F and WVA decree it is that and then lose what will they do when the real marriage bill comes through the legislature in a few years?

    I'm fascinated by the messaging on the referendum.....because if you make your messaging about marriage and lose than you have doubled down too early for your cause.

    Good luck getting the signatures in time ----clocks ticking and with summer vacations coming, an increased signature number, and an inability to start getting signatures for another week (at the very least) you have an uphill battle.

  15. Cheny wasn't our president! Stupid.

  16. 8:51pm

    Name calling is really uncalled for. But, if you do, you should check your spelling. Especially when calling other people stupid.


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