Tuesday, July 07, 2009

New Study Finds Sexual Orientation Can Be Changed

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R-71 UPDATE: I continue to be encouraged by the notes and emails we receive from people all across the state. I received this email from a person who had requested petitions for R-71.

I am retired and by God's grace, I have the time to do this. I feel our pastors will be soon under attack if we let this pass. I am the National Chaplain for Combat Veterans International. I believe it is time to fight the good fight, knowing the time may be short. Thank you and Faith and Freedom for all the good work you are doing to defend our Christian Faith in these challenging days. If we pull together and trust the Lord, this will be nothing more than another "Red Sea" experience. We should be able to praise God for such a great victory.

Your Brother In Christ

I received an email yesterday from a professor in one of Washington State's colleges. I will not reveal the gender of the professor or the college, but am grateful for the advice and insight in presenting our case for R-71. The professor said I am a donor to Faith and Freedom and to R-71. I thank you for your hard and diligent work.

When any appreciation is expressed to Faith and Freedom or myself, I am fully aware that we are only able to do what we do because of your financial support and God's blessing. Together we are able to make a difference in our culture if we remain diligent.

Thank you for your financial support.

New Study Finds Sexual Orientation Can Be Changed

Focus on the Family reported yesterday afternoon that a new report in this month's issue of the peer-reviewed Journal of Human Sexuality finds that sexual orientation can be changed.
Focus says, "The study directly refutes unsubstantiated claims made by some factions of the American Psychological Association (APA) and several other professional mental health organizations that it is unethical for therapists to assist patients to overcome unwanted same-sex attractions."

The study also found that:

*Despite knowing the AIDS risk, homosexuals repeatedly and pathologically continue to indulge in unsafe sex practices.

*Homosexuals represent the highest number of STD cases.

*Many homosexual practices are medically dangerous, with or without "protection".

*More than one-third of homosexual men and women are substance abusers.

*Forty percent of homosexual adolescents report suicidal histories.

*Homosexual relationships are more violent than heterosexual relationships.

*Societal bias and discrimination do not, in and of themselves, contribute to the majority of increased health risks for homosexuals.

Jeff Johnson at Focus said, "These findings should have an impact on those who claim to have the best interests of the gay community at heart."

Focus on the Family has long been an advocate for those wishing to separate themselves from the homosexual lifestyle through their "Love Won Out" ministry. Through that aspect of their ministry, many people have found deliverance and freedom.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. From the original study Randall References, "It is perhaps worth re-emphasizing here that with respect to studying homosexuality, or homosexual behavior more specifically, my research only engages with the essentialism versus social constructionism debate but not the nature versus nurture debate. Alternatively put, my findings do not, in any sense, offer an explanation of the natural causes of homosexual behavior."

    Read the study for yourself. Draw your own conclusions. Those of Randall and the Faith and Freedom Network are different conclusions than the author of the study itself. http://www.ejhs.org/Volume12/Homosexuality.htm

  2. I was suicidal when I was a teen. I knew I was gay, but was told week after week in church that I was evil for who I was and that I was going to hell. Every adult I respected told me to try to get cured. I tried the so-called "cure". I told my parents that the cure did not work and that I was still gay. They kicked me out of the house. I was only 16. I slit my wrists because I had lost everyone I knew. Fortunately my suicide attempts were a failure. I was put into the foster care system and got really lucky. A very nice, loving family took me in, paid for my college education, and continues to love me for who I am. Your "cure" is dangerous and misguided. Christ is about love, not hate.

  3. Focus on the Family is at again. Lies, lies, lies. I read the study and it does not draw any of those conclusions.

  4. I'm confused - none of the bullet points listed relate to the assertion that homosexuality can be changed.

    Instead, all the statements are statistical facts about homosexuality and homsexual behavior.

    Showing outcomes of a behavior is not the same as showing a behavior can be changed. Can you provide a link to the source for readers to review more closely?

  5. This is NOT a peer reviewed journal, but merely a phony journal put together by NARTH. It is volume one of what is sure to be a one volume series.

  6. I'm confused - none of the bullet points listed relate to the assertion that homosexuality can be changed.

    That isn't the article the blog entry is about. THATJournal of Human Sexuality is a scam produced by NARTH and no one has the article itself on line. Do a scan in Google you will see the are just putting it out into the conservative 'echo chamber' to generate some totally bogus smoke. All the stories are word for word...

    I predict the article itself will be instantly debunked and as such will be very difficult to find. People are taking bets on how many times it references the statistical deceits of the infamous Paul Cameron. ;)

  7. As a result of this good information given to us from Focus
    On The Family, let's pray that the government comes up with no more homosexuality stimulus packages.

  8. This is sad, as one is NOT born with this 'condition', but is a choice. God does NOT make mistakes, but people do when it comes to their decisions! Sad, and we continue to support and pray for the indviduals who are caught up in this 'movement' of being 'different' from others!

  9. Homosexuals commit suicide more often, hook up anonymously more often, have more violent relationships and do more drugs solely because of all of the hate we receive from outside sources. Sources like you, and all other ignorant people that do not understand that it is not a choice, but instead something we are born with.


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