Monday, August 10, 2009

R-71 Signature Count: Good News --- I think

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The newest rejection, or error rate, on the R-71 signature count was issued in an email sent out on August 8 at 2:39 AM. The election officials said at that time the error rate was 11.51%, which is quite low compared to most petition signature counts. That is good news and we are not surprised that the error rate is lower than normal because of the way most all the signatures were collected.

However, the Secretary's office is pointing out in the linked report that calculating the error rates are complicated and keep changing. It is important that you read the complete report.

Keep in mind that the bottom line is that we need 120,577 or more qualified signatures.

We have people in the Secretary's office observing the process. They have expressed some concerns, which we are presently looking into. I cannot say more on that today, but we will keep you posted.

You will notice in the Secretary's update that the election officials, "hope to complete the full check by August 17 or thereabouts."

There are some elements of the process that are subjective. We also have some concerns in these areas. One of the concerns is that in a stepped-up process, the signatures are not thoroughly reviewed. Careful review is to our favor.

I will keep you up-to-date as we proceed.

There is a continuing attack against marriage, family and biblical values, including an increasing attack against those who stand for those values and in particular, those who lead. We are also looking into what the proper response to these latest attacks should be.

Your financial support is deeply appreciated. Without it we could not continue.

The battle for the culture is fierce. Thank you for standing with us. God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. I question why so many people allow the use Manufactured labels/titles such as Gay, Homosexual, etc. --Why are we so Liberal in allowing these Misnomers ? We should address all of them as "Sodomites " under Our Freedoms of Expression, Speech, and Press just as they claim !! It is not a 'Hate-Crime " to use verbage from the Bible in America !! Also, "Marriage " is a "Christian Institution began by God " and It should not be allowed for someone to use erroneously just because they "think" that they are "Equal" when God calls them an " Abomination " and Noone is "Born Gay " therefore "Equal Rights" to these Perverts is not Equal Justice under the law , but a Miscarriage of Justice at the Taxpayers' Expense. The Bible is Very Clear also that "-Sodomites can not be Christians at the Same Time- "--such a Doctrine is a Hate Crime against every True Christian !!! It is Past Time for True Christians to Stand in the Gap on this Issue and Many More --We need a True Revival in America--NOT the Phony Ones called that !! How many Souls have any of you Personally led to Christ this week or day ? How many Preachers of God Preach Seperation from the World, Its' Ways , or these " Doctrines of Concision "? What does the Bible say to do against these" people who practice Abomination "??


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