Friday, October 16, 2009

Further Developments with R-71

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We wanted to give you a quick weekend update on R-71.

Ballots have been mailed out.

We want to let you know that there is a link on the home page of that will take you to your county and the information they are providing regarding the election. Some counties have more information than others, but the information on most, include drop box sites for your ballot.

I'm certain the various county websites will be updating their information as we move forward.

A number of rallies are scheduled across the state and more are being organized. As activities are organized, we will update the Events Calendar. If you have something scheduled, please notify us. You must give us your name and contact number so we can verify your identity. I know you understand why. I know you also understand that we will keep your information confidential to Faith and Freedom.

Remember, now that the ballots are out, every day is election day until Nov. 3rd. Spread the word.

R-71 Developments

I received an email from attorney James Bopp, Jr. this afternoon, filling us in on some further developments on R-71.

He said the three-member panel was very liberal leaning and sometimes hostile toward our positions. Not a big surprise.

Attorney Bopp is taking the matter to the Supreme Court and has contacted Justice Kennedy. As I am typing this update, I just received an email telling us that Justice Kennedy has called for a response to the application to vacate the stay. The response is due Monday, October 19. This is very positive. The vast majority of times the application is denied without requiring a response.

I cannot give more detail, but we all want you to know we are doing everything humanly possible to protect your rights and freedoms to participate in the election process with out the fear of retribution.

There is another action item in play this weekend that I cannot discuss publicly at the moment, however, it will play out over the next couple of days.

It is unconscionable that Attorney General McKenna and Secretary Reed are taking such an aggressive position to protect, as they contend, "open and transparent" government, while ignoring the real, documented threats already made against some who are defending marriage and the threat to further intimidate people using the names from the petitions.

We all want "open and transparent" government. We would also like some common sense that is not jaded by personal support of the homosexual agenda.

What happens now? Are the names available?

They are not. Interestingly, Tim Eyman has also filed for a stay on names from several of his petitions in light of the fact that some consultant is trying to obtain them. The Secretary's website reported today that the Eyman matter must be addressed before the Pasadena ruling can go into affect.

Much will be happening over the weekend. We will keep you posted.

Be vigilant. Be strong. Be discerning. Be prayerful.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. ... so the truth comes out - Gary is wants to legislate from the bench and is doing all he can to accomplish this...

    I always knew that the Evangelical right wasn't one bit serious about strict reconstruction - they just throw such terms around when it suits them - and then duck and cover when it gets in the way of their own personal agenda.

    The immorality here is, well, troubling and exposes the real nature and character of the hearts/minds involved.

  2. You are just a bad sport!
    Queer activists want to break the rules again - the intent of the law is to help provide honest and open government and the gays want to use the information for their own purposes - those which are not intended.

    Why should anybody be surprised when they whine about Gary sticking up for the rest of us who don't agree with the gay lifestyle or agenda?

    Go back to your closet and stop preaching. You wouldn't know God's word or will if it kicked you in the butt

  3. Anon 1:02

    Marvelous display of flesh...

    Pot... kettle.... black...

  4. Gary,

    If you focused on evil like the below - rather than focused 100% on other people's sexual behavior... you might have some credibility among reflective Christians.


    Churches denounce African children as "witches"
    By KATHARINE HOURELD, Associated Press Writer Katharine Houreld, Associated Press Writer

    EKET, Nigeria – The nine-year-old boy lay on a bloodstained hospital sheet crawling with ants, staring blindly at the wall.

    His family pastor had accused him of being a witch, and his father then tried to force acid down his throat as an exorcism. It spilled as he struggled, burning away his face and eyes. The emaciated boy barely had strength left to whisper the name of the church that had denounced him — Mount Zion Lighthouse.

    A month later, he died.

    Nwanaokwo Edet was one of an increasing number of children in Africa accused of witchcraft by pastors and then tortured or killed, often by family members. Pastors were involved in half of 200 cases of "witch children" reviewed by the AP, and 13 churches were named in the case files.

    Some of the churches involved are renegade local branches of international franchises. Their parishioners take literally the Biblical exhortation, "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live."

    "It is an outrage what they are allowing to take place in the name of Christianity," said Gary Foxcroft, head of nonprofit Stepping Stones Nigeria.

    For their part, the families are often extremely poor, and sometimes even relieved to have one less mouth to feed. Poverty, conflict and poor education lay the foundation for accusations, which are then triggered by the death of a relative, the loss of a job or the denunciation of a pastor on the make, said Martin Dawes, a spokesman for the United Nations Children's Fund.

    "When communities come under pressure, they look for scapegoats," he said. "It plays into traditional beliefs that someone is responsible for a negative change ... and children are defenseless."

  5. We enjoyed a good R-71 rally around the South Center Mall in Tukwilla on Saturday. The Lord provided a nice break from the rain in the morning as we began about 11 AM which lasted till about 12:20 in the afternoon.

    Though some of us got wet, we continued to encourage the voters
    who were driving by. A little while later the rain stopped and those of us that got wet began to dry out. The temperature was mild for mid October, all in all a nice day.

    It was good to see a big turn-out. There were many young people at one busy intersection where there was heard in the air, "Special rights are not equal rights." by those rallying for rejection of SB5688 on R-71, as there was a group that appeared with their signs and their message of "Equal rights for everyone."

    Some things we should all agree on is:

    That God has a fair standard for everyone.
    His word goes the same for all.
    Nobody gets a bad deal with God.
    That God so loved this world that he sent Jesus.
    That Jesus let himself be covered in what would become scars and suffered battering far above what we often consider a call of duty to reach the unreachable.
    That he died to save sinners.
    That all that God ever did for us and will do for us has come and will come to us by Jesus who is willing to save all who come to God by him.
    That light overcomes darkness.
    That love overcomes all.
    That Charity is so very great.
    That God is fair, good, kind, patient, and merciful to those who fear him.
    That godly fear is a good virtue and is able to save us because of Christ Jesus.
    That sometimes the best we can do is to praise God by him.
    That God's word is true.

    Proverbs 11:1-3
    A false balance is abomination to the Lord: but a just weight is his delight.
    When pride cometh, then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom.
    The integrity of the upright shall guide them: but the perverseness of transgressors shall destroy them.

    At the rally Jesus was the integrity of the upright as he always is.

    All in all, it was a good day.

    Special rights are not equal rights. There is a difference.

    Heaven is full of equality.
    In heaven, everyone is saved by Jesus and has the same value. The only way to get there is by Jesus.

  6. Gary,

    I have a concern with our political strategy on the first amendment issue here. Let's say that next year the liberals west of the cascades decide to put up an initiative to revoke religious tax exempt status.....then we would be stuck not knowing who did this or how to try to sway them to our side.

    I guess with all the discussions I've read about the petition signature public disclosure issues I'm actually starting to think we could hurt ourselves even MORE by fighting the disclosure.

    At this point we are close enough to the election that there probably won't be much harm. You should keep delaying the release for as long as you can but I think that in the end you should let the names out.

  7. I don't vote anything that Eyeman
    has his name on.

    If Eyeman wants to write legislation then let him run for public office.

  8. Jewish people don't believe in Jesus.

    Why are you working to advance Judeo-Anti-Christian values??


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