Wednesday, October 14, 2009

R-71 Goes to Court Today---Again

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Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna, and Secretary of State Sam Reed are asking a federal court in Pasadena today to overrule the federal court order we got in Tacoma, which blocked release of the names of all who signed the R-71 petitions.

The State of Washington is asking the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to "stay" the lower court's decision and reverse U.S. District Judge Benjamin Settle's decision to block the release of the names.

Brian Murphy, with the homosexual activist group "who signed" says he will post names and addresses of the 138,000 people who signed the petitions if he gets the green light.

The Secretary of State and the Attorney General are doing all they can do to make his wish come true.

It isn't likely that a ruling will come from the hearing today, although it could. However, we will continue to represent the safety of all who signed the petitions, taking every and all steps possible.

Please remember those who are representing us in prayer.

This is not a political battle, it is a spiritual one. It is against principalities and powers.

The homosexual agenda to redefine marriage and the family does not stand up against societal history or accepted moral norms. It stands in stark contrast to biblical teaching and that of every other major religion in the world.

Given the weakness of their case, they have crafted SB 5688, a deceptive bill and presented it to the public as benefits, while telling the press it's the "strategy" and "bridge" to homosexual marriage in Washington State..

They, as is the case with Brian Murphy and others, are also attempting to intimidate and frighten anyone who stands for morality and defends marriage. And who does so through the democratic process of our political system.

The state has seen fit to seal names from the public in the past for both a homosexual rights organization and a socialist group, but cannot accept that real people have and are making real threats against anyone who stands against the homosexual agenda.

Intimidation is common place in third world countries. I've spent a lot of time in these places, building and establishing Christian churches. It is sad that this has become an accepted action item for homosexual activists in the most advanced country in the world.

We saw it in California. We are seeing it here.

We will continue to stand for marriage and the family and for godly principles. We will not be silent.

I promise.

We are in the final push to REJECT R-71/SB 5688. Over 200,000 flyers have been distributed in communities across the state. Radio ads are running and more are on the way.

The records show, we have no large donors, as in the case of Microsoft giving $100,000 to help our opponents.

We have you. Thank you for standing with Larry Stickney and myself in this battle for marriage, the family and our children and grandchildren.

Your prayer and your financial support is needed. The need at this time cannot be overstated.

Click here to make an online donation to the PAC.

God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. As an intercessor, I bind every evil spirit that is behind the homosexual agenda which has been working against Godly measures for this state and nation. I command them to back off in Jesus' name. I declare they have no authority to do so. I say they are tresspassing against the kingdom of heaven. Their work will not prevail against the church of Jesus Christ. I command blessings of peace and prosperity to come to those who are working to preserve godliness in this state and nation. The prosperity of God will come to those who have given of their finances and time for his purposes in strengthening what remains that is good in this state and nation.
    Good things will come to us because of God's grace which is unto us by Jesus Christ who has sustained us and daily strengthens us by his provisions from heaven.

    I call on all intercessors to bind
    evil forces that you discern which have been working contrary to the ways of God which are in Christ Jesus. Let's all do this for a few minutes every day.

  2. Gary says
    "The homosexual agenda to redefine marriage and the family does not stand up against societal history or accepted moral norms."

    Since when do Christians operate by "societal history" and "accepted moral norms"?? Isn't this the classic definition of humanism??? Don't we operate by something far higher - the Word of God?? The word of God teaches that multiple wives as well as concubines are very acceptable family units.

    Gary - are you willing to abide by the Word of God or are you going to simply tout religious humanism as your agenda?

  3. If you think two gay people in a committed relationship raising a child with a lot of love is somehow "evil", then I feel very sorry for you indeed.

    Let's climb out of ignorance and hate and at least take the time to get to know a family headed by two men or two women before you judge them all.

    Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged!

  4. OH, we can get to 'know them' and have, as we pray for their deliverance from a deivant livestyle.We are not judging, we are God's instruments to 'reach the lost', and dealing with a spiritual battle. Not judgement, just honest consern and love for those who are 'lost' in this 'movement', that is contrary to God's ways of man and women relationships!

  5. I highly doubt that you have personally got to know a gay or lesbian family. If you *really* have an honest love and concern for them, then you would get to know them instead of claiming to know what is best for them from afar. I think your love and concern is for your religion and not for gay and lesbian people.

    Society does not want your, or anyone else's religious beliefs pushed on them. Religion should be a personal choice. You need a better reason than "this is what I think God wants".

    How would you like it if Muslims pushed all of their religious beliefs on you and had them cemented in law? Probably the first step would be to ban all worship by Christians.

    We live in a diverse society and one person's beliefs cannot be made law.

    Remember that religious extremism is what caused 9/11. Those terrorists thought God wanted them to destroy those buildings, and that was the only justification they needed.


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