Tuesday, October 27, 2009

R-71: The Revelation and the Deception

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R-71 UPDATE: The following is a report I received yesterday morning from the person who led the Tacoma Mall R-71 Rally on Saturday. In their own words:

"Please pass my thanx on to all those that attended the Tacoma Mall rally. At the height of the rally over 300 people stood shoulder to shoulder for 3 hours in support of preserving God-designed, natural one man - one woman marriage up and down 38th St. & Tacoma Mall Blvd. Many stayed for several hours longer after the rally officially ended."

"Vehicle honks, hand gestures of approval and comments were at least 10 - 3 in favor of rejecting R-71/SB-5688 and preserving marriage. Hundreds of brochures were given to people in their vehicles passing through the intersection. Hundreds of signs went home with people who attended the rally that said they would post them at their personal residence. A big thanx to our Russian brothers and sisters in Christ who attended. They seem, more than anyone to understand what we are stand in the threshold in defense of. We left the area cleaner than it was when we got there."

"Tacoma's finest in blue mentioned to me several times that, 'it was the most well-behaved and civil gathering of people that they had seen in a very long time.' They also mentioned to me that, 'the only individuals that they had to speak to about vile signs, offensive language and gestures and obstructing traffic were those in attendance in favor of approving R-71/SB-5688.' About 15-20 in support of R-71/SB-5688 were in attendance with signs that read, "Christianity is about hate, and do they ever love to hate" and "Vote YES for homosexual marriage." Unlike the media, most homosexuals understand that this is about marriage."

"No surprise, the media ignored the rally! Thanx for all your hard work and God's blessings to you."

R-71: The Revelation and the Deception

Before it is even known if SB 5688 will become law, and I personally think there is a good chance it will not, it has already revealed what many have known all along about the press, the homosexual community and a bit about the Christian community as well.

The R-71 campaign seems to have transcended the Referendum itself.

Among other things, R-71 has revealed a good deal of deception. I want to be very candid in my comments.

The law "that would be," the "everything but marriage" law boldly states in its more than 100 pages, "It is the intent of the legislature that for all purposes under state law, state registered domestic partners shall be treated the same as married spouses."( p. 4: 25-27 )

Had it not been for R-71, the statements made by Sen. Ed Murray, pleading with his colleagues in the senate saying, "this bill is not marriage, I wish it was, but it is not," then telling the press that "domestic partnerships is an incremental step, a long term strategy" for the "prize" and the "prize is marriage," would have gone unchallenged, except for the minority group of lawmakers who opposed it in the legislature at the time of its passage. Thank God for them.

Rep. Jamie Pederson's remarks to the press suggesting SB 5688 is a, "bridge until they can legally marry," would have also passed without a challenge, aside from all of you who signed on for the R-71 campaign.

You have challenged their comments, called SB 5688 "homosexual marriage," which it is, and over the past few months, they have moderated their words in an attempt to find something more than a hallow chant and an attempt to frame SB 5688 as being akin to the civil rights movement of the 50s and 60s. Not finding substance for their argument, they have turned to attack our message and our messengers.

And they have ceased their mantra that SB 5688 is not about marriage, with signs, as we saw displayed at the Tacoma Mall Saturday, simply asking people to vote for gay marriage. As our coordinator correctly pointed out, everyone but the press seems to know this is about homosexual marriage.

They know.

R-71 has laid open a complicit press, that has made a feeble attempt at appearing objective in the past, to one of merely writing stories that affirm the obsessive support of homosexual marriage and redefinition of the family that nearly every editorial board in this state has taken.

Today's Seattle Times editorial is typical of the daily assault on R-71 supporters, with references to arm waving (that's you guys who are going to the weekend rallies) and suggesting that somehow we are trying to confuse the voter with hand waving and court orders to seal petition signers names. Sort that out.

It is not only what they write, but what they do not write.

The press has shown itself to appear accountable to the so-called homosexual newspapers and pornographic blogs that are obsessed with the personal destruction of all who do not accept their agenda to deconstruct marriage and the family.

R-71 has cut deeply into the slice of what we believe about marriage and the family---and what we believe about the Bible itself and biblical teaching.

I have lived a fully engaged and rather public life in Christian ministry. I have not seen a more concerted effort to undermine and marginalize biblical teaching on homosexuality and destroy those who believe it as truth.

A recent mild example is that of Ken Schram writing, "I have seen the light, brothers and sisters. I have seen the light." While he eventually gets to his point that easy divorce, not homosexual marriage is destroying the institution of marriage, he must take a shot at the evangelicals. He is, by the way, suggesting that we run an initiative to ban divorce calling it, "Defending American Marriage" or DAM.

It is not uncommon to be mocked for biblical beliefs, but the intensity has reached a significant high since R-71 was filed.

R-71 has also exposed differences within the Christian community. Some have, unfortunately, made it a public matter by taking their case against R-71 to the press and continuing it to include pastors and Christian leaders.

While most seem to agree that marriage must be only between one man and one woman, there are differences as to whether the church should be speaking to these cultural issues and if so, how. Some have said that the work we have done in the R-71 campaign has been harmful, not helpful.

From these differences, new alliances have been formed, based only on deeply held moral beliefs and a belief that reaching people with the message of the gospel and speaking with a clear voice to the cultural issues of our day are not mutually exclusive. We have been called to do both.

If people of Christian faith do not actively speak to the culture, who will? Who will defend life? Who will defend marriage? Who will defend the family? Who will expose and stand against the secular progressive's assault on our children in the public school classroom?

Who will provide moral cultural clarity?

I personally believe there is a call for those who will "stand in the gap" and be the "watchman on the wall." There is a call for those who will rise and be counted for "such a time as this." This is a time to shout it from the roof top.

There is no need for those who merely look for political advantage to solve spiritual challenges or ways to prove their love by passively letting the culture continue to spiral into the abyss, saying it is too late. Whatever will be will be.

That is both fatalism and deception.

Jesus Christ has proven God's love for all who will accept Him.

The call to the church is to rise and be healed from division, fear and apathy.

God is going to help us.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Wow, Gary. Much to think about.

  2. This will be distributed to my church this coming Sunday. Thank you and God be with you.

    a pastor.

  3. Gary, you and your followers focus on homosexuality a lot. Is that really the best use of your energy in the face of so many social ailments?

    People like you have already made it impossible for gays to marry. Now you want to spend thousands of dollars to prohibit their ability to take care of each other???

    You realize we’re in a recession, right?

    All the money you’ve been begging for, so that you can depict gays as boogey monsters, could have been used to feed, clothe and provide job training to homeless out of work families.

    Thank God your interpretation of the bible is only yours! You seem to be more concerned with using your faith as a tool for partisan politics than for teaching compassion.

  4. Anonymous 2:19
    We would prefer to spend considerably less time focused on homosexuality, as we have done in the past.Both Gary and those associated with him would prefer to direct our resources elsewhere. It was when the gay lobby and activists began to insist on redefining marriage and the family did we feel the need to actively defend natural marriage.

    Regarding needy people. Gary and his ministry has helped people in many countries of the world, as well as here in America.

    We are presently involved in discovering how we can help people in Samoa, where Gary has built 12 Christian churches.

    We will soon be asking for a one time donation for this purpose.

    Faith and Freedom Staff

  5. Yes! I agree with the F&F Staff - I am so sick of defending myself, my family and my culture against the onslaught of homosexual cultural revisionism I can hardly STAND it! I have some gay friends, I love them but do not support their sexual choices or the agenda to change public opinion on this mater. In fact, I wonder why they have isolated themselves from the perfect loving heterosexual mate that is broken hearted and looking for them.

    I reject this legislation and can't wait to defeat it and focus my attention on the business of loving and helping others to find Christ. So, homosexuals, quit wasting our time!

  6. Faith and Freedom Staff,

    Thank you for this response, and for your global charitable contributions.

    I still feel that this effort is a waste of resources. My marriage and family don't feel threatened or redefined by SB 5688.

    I believe that homosexuals are born that way. If two committed adults who love each other register as domestic partners and raise and nurture a family - I think they should have the same protections my wife and I have.

    I want to share with these families the same securities that my family has.

    Too many children lack loving homes. As a society, we need to protect our committed families whether they be bound by marriage or a registered domestic partnership (because they can’t get married).

    So I guess that is where we disagree.

  7. 4:26
    Perhaps your marriage will not be affected, howewver this issue is not about one person or one couple. Natural marriage impacts society in that it provides sustainablity for the human race. Natural marriage provides for a child to be genetically connected to both a father and a mother and in successful marriages, the blessing of being raised by these parents.
    No homosexual relationship will ever accomplish that. Even if they call it marriage, it would merely be a counterfiet.

  8. Exactly when was Faith and Freedom NOT primarily involved with anti-gay activities? I have been following this organization for several years, and in that entire time it has been about 70% attacks on gays, 25% anti-abortion activities and 5% other miscellaneous right wing causes. Not once over this entire time have I seen this organization ask for donations for anything other than a political cause. If this "one time" (one wonders why it wouldn't be continuous as the anti-gay fundraising is) request for churches in Samoa ever materializes it will be a first.

    I know, if you are doing all this charitable activity, why don't you post your 990's from the last decade and let everyone see for themselves just what percentage of the money goes to charity.

    My guess is, not only will you not post them, you won't even post this.

  9. Actually, the defense of marriage began when Senator Ed Murray began his assault on marriage with his "long term strategy" "eye on the prize" campaign to redefine marriage.

    You have no idea of the depth of involvement in third world countries Gary has had over many years.

    Faith and Freedom Staff

  10. I'm the same anonymous in posts 3 & 6 again.

    First, to the person who said:

    "In fact, I wonder why they have isolated themselves from the perfect loving heterosexual mate that is broken hearted and looking for them."

    People don't choose to be gay anymore than you or I chose to be straight. The fact that you can't wait for gay issues to disappear means that you are prioritizing your focus on this and not on other more important issues. They haven’t isolated themselves. They’ve been isolated.

    To the person who said:

    " Natural marriage provides for a child to be genetically connected to both a father and a mother and in successful marriages…”

    Well, unsuccessful marriages produce children too. Like it or not, gays will continue to be born. Though they cannot have children biologically together, they often make good parents of adopted children who have no home. What do you say about hetero couples who cannot have kids?

    To the Faith & Freedom Staff,

    I believe Cal Anderson started the long term strategy to obtain equal rights for gays in this state.
    Gays aren’t new to society. If our definition of them has changed over the years, offering them more equality, so much the better.

    Defining others and creating limitations for them on behalf of your definition of them is oppressive.

    Look, the same people protesting this legislation are the same ones who protested against establishing basic anti-discrimination laws! So that begs the question, what rights do you feel that gays deserve?

    What I'm indicating is that I do not believe this is a compassionate cause that you stand behind.

  11. Gays deserve the same rights we all have and they have them. They are asking for special rights because of their sexual behavior.
    There is no evidence whatsoever that gays are born that way.
    If we allow gays to redefine the family and marriage will we be compassionate then? Or will there be yet more before we are compassionate?

  12. Well, we'll just have to disagree and let the voters decide.

    Best wishes -

  13. This reminds me of Haggai, Nehemiah, and Ezra.

  14. I have a question for F&F and Gary......What will you do if voters of this state vote APPROVE?

    Will you then continue to push for more votes on this issue having already lost at the polls under circumstances favoring you (i.e. a referendum that confuses people and should boost your cause) in an off-year election (which the demographics say are in your favor too)? I mean if this was a vote on the ballot when 85% people turned out you'd be toast. I agree you have a shoot this year but I'd hate to be in your corner which is with your back against the wall. I mean that from a political strategy standpoint ---- you are lucky the vote is this year.

    Seriously, what will you do if your reject efforts fail?

  15. The confusion favors the gay rights advocates doesn't it?

  16. Once again, the Christian right is on the wrong side of history. As with women's rights, civil rights for blacks, inter-racial marriage, etc.

    Gays will eventually get equal rights and in the future it will be hard to find anyone who was ever against it.

    In fact, the right wing has consistently been on the wrong side of all historical social issues. If they'd had their way, we wouldn't have medicare, social security, 40 hour work weeks, child labor laws, clean air, seat belts, etc, etc, etc.

  17. Gays are single people, who 'choose' to be different. No one is born gay, as God does NOT make a mistake. Gays have just a much 'rights' and freedoms as the rest of us. They have for years lived thier lives quietly, not getting into our faces, as they are doing now, and it's irritating! Our children need to be kept free from this 'lifestyle' and NEVER be told that it's ok to be gay while in school, especially during the teen yrs, as that is when they are seeking identity, and gays will just confuse them more! Our laws do not need to be changed. This is a free country, and the gays have their freedom, but they do NOT have the right to redifine authentic marriages!

  18. To the person who said: "The confusion favors the gay rights advocates doesn't it?"

    The answer is no. People generally vote "no" when they are confused because they are trained to think that "yes" is a change of the status quo.

    And you need only look to you own protect marriage washington cite to know that confusion helps you. Larry Stickney even said in his "10 reasons why to run a referendum now":

    #5 A Referendum to the people to roll back Senate Bill 5688 would force our opponents to get the "YES" vote, which is always more difficult. People tend to vote "NO" if confused about an issue. I am told that the advantage for the "NO" side can be as high as 9 - 13%.


    So no - the confusion doesn't help gay people. It helps the reject side

  19. I read that Islamic taxi drivers in New York were refusing to transport clients that had liqueur in their luggage because drinking liqueur was against their religion
    and that some how they would be afending Allah .

    If you believe that your religion
    is against the homosexual life style
    then don't do the life style.

    God will punish each of us for our own sins.
    It is not our place to to deny same sex partners the legal protection that is enjoyed by heterosexuals.


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