Tuesday, November 03, 2009

R-71 Election Day Update

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We will be putting up links to live vote count updates and R-71 related news stories as they are published through out this evening on our home page. This will be available on our website beginning at about 8 PM.

In talking with David Ammons, spokesperson for the Secretary of State's office today, I learned that the voter participation may not be as strong as many counties had predicted---particularly King County and Seattle. If that is true, it could favor us, because Seattle represents the strongest opposition to our efforts with R-71.

PLEASE REMEMBER: with mail-in ballots, the dynamic of reporting has changed. For example, the Secretary's office will likely report on King County at about 8:15 or so this evening. That will include ballots received through this past Saturday and may include some ballots received yesterday. The rest will be processed over the next several days. Keep in mind, the initial state-wide reports will be impacted by the King County report. Don't cheer or faint prematurely. It may take several days before the results are final.

Win or lose on this vote, we have a clear sense of direction going forward. Things have changed in regard to the involvement of people of faith and social conservatives.

I want to personally thank the team of volunteers across the state who have worked tirelessly on R-71.

The Slavic Churches have not only helped lead, but have reminded us all how important our freedoms really are. The involvement of the Slavic pastors and their churches have been exemplary. A most sincere thank you to these brothers and sisters.

Without your financial support, R-71 could not have happened, nor could we continue to stand for godly principles in the culture.

Be at peace. God is leading us.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Admittedly the man praying loudly down on the corner standing on one leg is as nauseatingly obvious today as it was when Jesus spoke of him.

    Those of a shriveled, fleshly religious heart will always be amongst us - Jude warned us of them.

  2. Patrick, you must be very bored

  3. Any more bored than Gary writing all these lengthy and deceptive blogs??

    Why are you worried about my state anyway??

    As Jesus said to Peter - what is it to you My call on John...


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