Monday, April 12, 2010

Death Threats: A New Art Form Using Prayer

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The practice of making death threats toward elected officials with whom you disagree has become an art form.

During seven years as New Jersey's US Attorney he received only two death threats.

CBS is reporting that "both of them came from the bloods and the crypts." CBS says, "It took only three months as Governor for an adversary to wish him 6 feet under."

The "wish" was directed at conservative Governor Christie, from Joseph Coppola, president of Bergen County's 17,000 member Teachers Union.

You may be stunned at how he chose to make his threat.

Coppola sent out his email message to 17,000 teachers, which immediately became public in the form of a prayer.

"Dear Lord, this year you have taken away my favorite actor, Patrick Swayze, my favorite actress, Farrah Fawcett, my favorite singer, Michael Jackson, and my favorite salesman, Billy Mays. I just wanted to let you know Gov. Christie is my favorite Governor."

CBS reports, "Bergen County residents were stunned."

After the idea was out into the public, Gov. Christie got a swift apology with Coppola saying, "It was a joke."


A few things we can take away from this:

*This body of people are teachers. He was teaching a very, very improper view of God. Count the ways. If he doesn't believe in God, he should leave Him out of his antics, if he does believe in Him, he needs instruction on who God really is.

*Those kinds of jokes are more "funny" when coming from a liberal progressive directed at a conservative elected official. Imagine the reaction if this was reversed.

*This came from a man who was chosen to represent 17,000 teachers who are teaching children in a classroom environment they control for four to six hours every week day. Do the teachers agree with him or are they challenged in choosing leaders?

*It is always funnier or more "not creditable" for progressives, when someone else's life is threatened. Especially someone on the other side of the issue.

*Coppola's act was extremely self centered. He acted publicly out of his own personal hate, with the authority the teachers have given him, obliviously not concerning himself with whether all those he represented agreed with his comments. His concern seems to be focused on his own cleverness. Perhaps he should represent the NEA. That is often their MO.

So, what caused all this?

New Jersey is upside down financially. Much like Washington State---and others.

Gov. Christie wants the teachers to give up a 4% raise they are supposed to get and make a bigger contribution to their health care costs to help get the state back on solid financial footings.

So we ask God to "take" this man away from us by death. Plant the thought in the public's mind, laugh, apologize and move on.


God help us.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Oh please, wishing someone ill will is not a 'death threat'. How many Christianists exactly like yourself have done the same when you 'pray' for bad things to happen to those you dislike?

    That you would try and spin this is understandable however - the 'death threats' you have manufactured are all the same kind of thing - hypotheticals where the speaker merely wished that your words and actions would reap the evil that they sow so incessantly. Be like someone saying "If there is a heaven you aren't going there and I hope you find that out as soon as possible."

    That you would try and warp such statements of ill will into 'death threats' is because you know you haven't gotten any real ones I suspect. But you never let the facts stand in the way of a good story, right?

    One reason I rarely respond here any more - you revealed your true nature during the R71 deceit and bothering to repeatedly point out that 'your mouth is moving so you must be lying' is just casting pearls before swine.

  2. If this was a sin, then I'm guilty as well. I got the same joke in the e-mail last week with Nancy Pelosi as "my favorite legislator," and I chuckled. It's an old one that's been recycled for a number of political figures. I doubt very much that the sender actually wishes the governor dead, any more than I wish Nancy Pelosi dead. Defeated in the next election, yes; dead, no.

  3. Joseph Campbell before he died in 1987 predicted we were raising a generation of barbarians. Now the barbarians that were raised are supposed to be responsible adults. This is what happens when both parents are taken out of the home due to economic need, and it's never enough. Tax revenues were increased, and spending increased right along with revenues. Maybe our society is destined to fall into total anarchy, and there's not enough insight out there to realize we don't have to kill.

  4. Actually, I found the prayer quite funny. Some of the 'tea party' slogans/signs are not funny, and more threatening or intimidating. A few years ago on his program Rush made a comment about those over 50 having outlived their usefulness and should therefore consider suicide to help the country. I did not appreciate that kind of comment either.

  5. If the prayer is "quite" funny, it's interesting that CBS, a true media ally of the most liberal and progressive folks out there, thought it wasn't funny. Thousands of people in New Jersey and parts of New York didn't think it was funny either. As far as the Tea Party is concerned, don't worry about the media not reporting anything they say that is helpful to Obama mania that is dwindling helplessly.

  6. right it's something "new". I guess Wiley Drake and the Psalm 109:8 thing just never happened. Or is it OK when it comes from conservatives?

  7. Freedom of speech is not free.
    You can not promote fear and terror
    under the guise of free speech.
    Like placing a burning cross on a black family's lawn. Along with the
    freedom of speech is a responsibility to be factual and accurate. When you call doctors and nurses of women clinics murders
    and somebody plants a bomb or assassinates a doctor or nurse you are promoting terror. When you rile against abortion the words that you chose has to chosen very carefully with the intent to educate and convince other to your point of view .

  8. Governor Christie is facing much of the same problems this state is . But they are worse in NJ. Ther Governor is gfacing them head on , we just put off facing ours with stimilus funds and 800 million of new taxes . We we will have to face a couple of billion next session , plus a pension fund that has not received its funding for years now. Their pension funds for state employees have not been contributed either in NJ, they have debt piled up, a state already one of the highest taxed per person in the country.

    I liked what the Governor said , if he had an employee who publically joked like this he would have been fired. Of course the press, Rachel Meadow and company would be calling for it also.

    Consider the source. These Union thugs do not refelct the average teacher in NJ. Look at the people making excuses for the hate speech. They be the first who would defend Hate Laws .

    But notice who defends this speech . They can't even support an issue while still remaining true to a basic value system of respect and fairness. Having to support any kind of derogatory language because it comes from someone you may agree with politically shows a lack on intellectual honesty, especially if you supoosedly care about equality and equity.

  9. Now the barbarians that were raised are supposed to be responsible adults.

    That would be my generation. We do tend to be a little less civilized than our parents. I think the Barney-and-Blues Clues generation that we have raised is also more civilized. These things go in cycles.

  10. How many Christianists exactly like yourself have done the same when you 'pray' for bad things to happen to those you dislike?

    Oshtur, praying for bad things to happen to someone we dislike is forbidden for Christians. Not that it never happens, but when we do that, we believe ourselves to be sinning.

  11. I find it interesting that the left feels the need to infiltrate the Tea Parties in an attempt to quite frankly, confront and cause trouble. Is the left really so threatened and insecure that they are not tolerant of free speech rights of all? Sadly, the left seems to be trying to silence the Tea Party, and their attempts may only lead to more support for the Tea Party movement which appears to be awakening the silent majority more and more as each day goes by.

  12. Oshtur, praying for bad things to happen to someone we dislike is forbidden for Christians. Not that it never happens, but when we do that, we believe ourselves to be sinning.

    Hahahaha! Right. Judging people outside the Church is just as forbidden to Christians too (Corinthians 5:12) and yet that is about all this blog does!

    Again, Christianists don't follow Christian doctrines, they are who "In the name of Christ do the Devil's work" and this site is mostly populated by Christianists.

  13. May the man called Oshtur find peace and love in his Life. may he know you Lord , and feel the freedom that only you can give and offer us . These issues here are meaningless , they fill time for those of us who visit here for the most part. Only You Lord and knowing you can heal the wounds and give us meaning .

    Consider asking the Lord into your life my life, it means nothing to agree or disagree witht he commenters here . Be sincere in your request , let your doubts be made known . Life is worth living !!!!


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