Friday, June 18, 2010

Why Do You Vote ... Or Not Vote?

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A new Rasmussen poll shows 72% of Republicans feel the Republicans they elected to Congress are out of touch with their (the voters) core values.

In 2006, polls showed that many, perhaps millions, of evangelicals simply did not vote because of a lack of confidence in the candidates who were running for office.

In 2008, after an aggressive outreach to Christians, a good number of evangelicals heeded the call from Barack Obama and voted for him, believing he best represented their values.


Why do you vote? What motivates you to vote for one candidate over another----or simply to vote at all?

We are going to keep our "Patty Murray" poll up for a few more days, then we will take it down until the ballots are mailed out for the primary election. At that time we will reintroduce the same question, regarding the same candidates to compare results of now with then.

Today, we have put up a new Faith and Freedom survey that asks this question:
What Motivates You Most Strongly To Vote ?

You are given the following options:

*To support a particular political party.

*A Christian command to be salt and light.

*A candidate who reflects my values and will stand firm on those values once elected.

*A desire to see integrity returned to politics.

*A candidate who is a good administrator and leader regardless of his or her personal values.

I'm certain several of these options may be true for many of us, however we are asking which Most Strongly motivates you to vote.

Your input is very valuable. Thank you for taking a minute and participating.
Click here to vote in the poll. You may post comments regarding this subject here.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Do Not Be Silent. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.

Thanks for
helping us do what we do.
Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. While I answered your latest poll the same as the majority of others who responded, I would say this answer is NOT what motivates me most strongly to vote, although it definitely is a primary motivation to vote for one candidate over another.

    I have not answered the "Patty Murray" poll as I am currently undecided--an option not provided in the poll. I always read about the candidates BEFORE I vote. The primary election is still a long way away and I've been too busy with other things to investigate the positions of the various candidates.

  2. I answered the poll as the command to be salt and light, but I agree with Bill that the answers really don't reflect well the reasons I vote.

    For me, politics is an outworking of my Christian faith. Where I stand as a Christian dictates where I stand politically; whether supporting candidates, influencing political parties, writing letters, or voting, all is determined by my best understanding of the scriptures and my faith.


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