Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Planned Parenthood Stung----Again

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The abortion industry is incestuous, both nationally and here in Washington State, and has been caught once again in the act.

This time, sex trafficking of children.

Planned Parenthood Nationally

Amy Woodruff, the clinic manager of a New Jersey Planned Parenthood clinic, was first defended by PPH, then fired.

Lila Rose, a UCLA student and founder of "Live Action," a pro-life activist organization, organized the latest under cover operation. Once again Planned Parenthood failed miserably.

On tape, Ms. Woodruff is advising a man acting as a pimp on how to hide a group of under age girls who are prostituting, how to make the little girls look as "legit as possible" by lying about their age and that of their sex partners, where the youngest can get an abortion with no questions asked, how they can return to "work" after the abortion and even the benefit of the absence of parental notification laws.

She even explained how the pimp could get a discount. And promised to try to keep it all a secret.

"As Legit As Possible."

I have
linked the video. Please watch it if you are pro-life and pro-children.

This is once again, "The Face of Evil" in action.

Planned Parenthood takes in about $363 million from taxpayers each year. One wonders who is actually being stung.

You help fund them while they try to appear, "As Legit As Possible."

This is one more incident in a line of despicable behavior from the abortion business.

A trial is under way in Philadelphia where an abortionist is charged with killing babies born alive under the guise of a "late term" abortion. He is also charged with killing a woman in his clinic. We wrote about this earlier.

Washington State

Planned Parenthood and their first fundraising cousin, NARAL, are very active and successful in Washington state.

Each year NARAL holds a fundraising campaign to silence our own Faith and Freedom voice. The last attempt was this past summer. With God's help and your support, we're still talking. And taking action.

They have tirelessly tried to put the Stormans' family pharmacies in the Olympia area out of business because of the Stormans' pro-life convictions. They have forced the Stormans' to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend their pro-life beliefs and practices.

They are presently trying to pass legislation that would allow them to sue the pro-life Pregnancy Centers out of business. HB 1366 and SB 5247. You know about this.

I have linked a report from
Washington Wire issued yesterday on the State Senate discussion on the matter.

While people recognized as community leaders sit and serve of the respective boards of these organizations and people whom you elect consistently support them in policy and funding, all under the guise of "choice, women's rights, health care, reproductive rights," and a number of other bullet points, the organization and its enablers continue to operate in the messy, immoral world of killing the unborn and in some cases born children, assist in child sex trafficking and God only knows what else.

What are we thinking?

And please, moderate, pro-abortion Republican, don't tell me it is all about the economy. Focus on fiscal, not social issues, you have said.

The issue of abortion and its funding and influence is so important in Washington State that State Senator, Kevin Rankin, D- San Juan, who sponsored the Senate bill designed to allow Planned Parenthood to sue Pregnancy Centers out of business, said from the Senate floor just last week, on the record:

"There are some issues that rise to the top regardless of our budgetary situation and economic situation, I believe this is one of them."

Yes, it is.

I believe many of you agree. And somehow Rankin and his majority must be defeated.

Keep in mind, Rankin is speaking for the majority of elected officials, including some pro-abortion Republicans.

We must keep talking and taking action. This is not a battle that has been lost, but a battle that must be fought. Along with the defense of natural marriage and other social issues.

Please, once again,
contact your Representatives and Senator and express your opposition to these bills.

financial support allows us to continue. Thank you.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. No one has forced the Stormans to spend money to defend themselves. Stormans Inc. has sued the state of Washington, in Stormans v. Selecky (Selecky was the head of the Department of Health). It's the state that is having to spend money (during a budget crisis, no less) to defend itself and its policies. And with the assistance of the Alliance Defense Fund, it's doubtful whether the Stormans have spent much of their own money in pursuing their suit against the state of Washington. The Stormans are not being persecuted -- they are the plaintiffs.

  2. The bill number relating to the 'limited service pregnancy centers' is 5274, not 5247. Thanks for your diligence and courage in promoting righteousness in our state government.

  3. The Stormans only seek to preserve the right to follow their conscience in their business. They believe God wants us to protect innocent human life, not destroy it. So, they should not be required to sell products that destroy innocent human life.

  4. Why do you assume the christian pregnancy centers could be sued out of business. Don't you think they'll comply with the law?

    There are plenty of laws that would allow me to sue a used car dealer if they didn't follow disclosure laws, yet there are plenty of used car dealers out there.

    It's not that hard to follow disclosure laws. They don't automatically put one out of business.

  5. 10:22 Many think this whole charade by Planned Parenthood is intended to sue the Centers out of business. Didn't you read Gary's link to the Washington Wire? It also quotes Senator Cheryl Pflug, a pro-abortion Republican, as affirming that same fact. It is on the record, read it.

  6. This sure puts Rob McKenna in a squeeze, doesn't it? He is going to have to rule on it. If he rules in favor of free speech it will favor the Pregnancy Centers and if he doesn't he is supporting the pro-choice abortion people, which I think he is a pro-choice Republican. How will his favorite evangelical pastors put him up front in their churches?
    Very interesting.

  7. This issue was settled 15 years ago. It's called free speech.

  8. Actually the free speech thing was supposed to be settled when they ratified the Constitution in 1787.

  9. I don't recall PP defending Amy Woodruf at any point, got a source for that claim?

    Furthermore, Gary neglects to inform his followers of the salient fact that, far from supporting the sex trafficking of children, PP reported these incidents to the FBI! So to recap PP reported the incidents to the FBI, and fired Woodruf once they were aware of her behavior, yet anti-abortion zealots continue to claim that this somehow proves PP supports the sex trafficking of children. I guess they just don't want to let the facts get the way of a good smear.

    While the linked article is slanted heavily in anti-abortion direction, it seems clear to me that if the pro-abortion rights side has flipped on whether or not this is a free speech issue, so has the anti-abortion side. Val Stevens is of special note, having been a sponsor of the bill in 1995 to force clinics that perform abortions to present anti-abortion material, yet calling this bill an attack on free speech. Hypocrisy much, Val?

  10. 10:22

    You're comparing a used car dealership to an issue of life or death? Are you kidding me? Should grocery stores be required to disclose everything they have on their shevles on the front door? An autoparts store? A gas station? Whats wrong with people actually getting out of their car or calling on the phone to ask questions about what a business offers or not?

    This is what the nanny state has given us. People can't think for themselves. Leave these Centers alone, they're not killing anybody.

    Craig in Lacey

  11. 9:18 The state is the victim? You have got to be kidding. The state is trying to force the Stormans to sell items in their stores that they cannot sell because of their moral convictions.
    The Stormans are protecting themselves and their expression of religious freedom from a state that is in the pocket of Planned Parenthood, who is use to getting their way every time. Give me a break.

  12. Craig,

    Make your mind up. Is it a facility that deals in life or death issues, or just another retail outlet. Because the regulation necessities are quite different.

    And if by 'nanny state' you mean laws that protect the vulnerable from misleading, unscrupulous businesses? Yeah, I'm ok with that.

  13. Sex trafficking of children?... another branch of the same tree that abortion is connected to isn't it? Evil connected to more evil is what. Everything is connected somehow. It's how things work, a matter of nature, which is why we should keep working to cut off a few things that are bad.

    Instead of the state supporting abortion, they could make all abortions illegal and tell the press and the people that if they can't understand why, they should go to church and read the

    It past time that we replace those that are for evil with those that are for good. The church should be put into office in our government positions. Our ears should open to the sound of reason, righteousness, and praise to our God who watches over us and protects us for his purposes in Christ Jesus.

    It's time for states and this entire nation to return to light that we might become a beacon of light to the world to such extent as has not yet been seen. Signal fires are burning. May God keep them going.

  14. 1;32

    You made the comparision, I just followed thru with what would be your logical conclusion, any service org. should be required to post their services on the front door.

    That's precisely the laws we need, to protect the most vulnerable. Those with no voice and given no chance at life by unscrupulous and misleading businesses, who only want to profit from genocide. Have you no humanity? Don't give me that nonsense about "rights" either. Do children have no rights?

    Craig in Lacey

  15. 11:27 They reported to the authorities only after they realized there was a problem. Gary is misleading no one. Do you realize even CBS-Katie Couric, had to carry this story tonight because it is so big and ugly. Thanks Gary.

  16. 9:18 I know the Stormans personally. They have spent a great deal of their own money defending theoir right to free expression and free speech. They have also been mocked publicly and boycotted for their beliefs.

  17. Craig,

    Actually, I made no statement putting them on the same level, you made that leap on your own. I simply pointed out that even what is considered one of the most untrustworthy business categories is able to comply w/ disclosure laws.

    You question my humanity and I question your competency to have a rational discussion. Statements like PP "only wants to profit from genocide" have no basis other than your emotional rantings.

  18. 9:44 PM,

    Last I checked it was after realizing there is a problem, that said problem is reported. How else do you propose it should work? How does one report a problem, which they do not know exists?

    The CBS report makes it clear that the FBI is investigating is BECAUSE PLANNED PARENTHOOD REPORTED THE INCIDENTS! Moreover, the CBS report fails to mention that only one of Rose's videos shows ANYTHING that could be construed as aiding these people and that person was clearly operating outside policy and was fired. Since LiveAction has already been caught doctoring the audio on these tapes, it isn't even clear that the fake pimp and whore clearly identified themselves as such.

  19. 10;00 P.M.

    Last I heard PP isn't doing abortions for free; hence profiting from genocide. That is a fact, not emotional ranting.

    People can phone or go in person to ask what services are provided. The abortion centers in this State are unregulated, I don't hear an outcry from the pro-death crowd about that.

    I am not naive enough to believe that this pimp and prostitute business doesn't happen everyday in pro-death centers all over the U.S. We need parental notification laws and severe prison time for those failing to comply.

    What we don't need is these laws that seek to put pro-life centers out of business. If we sow death, that is what we will reap. 53 million and counting!

    Craig in Lacey


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