Friday, February 11, 2011

Should We "Turn Off" The National Anthem?

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Following Christina Aguilera's fiasco performance of, "The Star Spangled Banner," at last Sunday's Super Bowl before a record television audience of 111 million viewers, there are those now calling for "THE Anthem" to be axed from sporting events.

This is probably more of an opportunity to advance a personal agenda than to cover for Aguilera.
And it's not a new effort. The idea of getting rid of the Anthem has been floating around for some time.

AOL, who announced earlier this week they had purchased the ultra liberal "Huffington Post," carried a story by Kevin
Blackistone titled, "Time To Turn Off The National Anthem At Sporting Events." And yes, he thinks we should.

He calls it another "mindless ritual."

Other headlines this week include, "National Anthem Should Be Banned From Sports," "Fans, Not Stars, Should Sing Anthem At Sports Events," "Oh Say Can We Sing," etc., etc.

This idea has been around for a while. Michael Kinsley, whom Blackistone references, wrote an op-ed for the
Washington Post back in the summer of 2009 advocating dumping the Anthem saying, "Anything would be better than those 'bombs bursting in air'."

Kinsley, half heartedly, goes through a number of alternative songs, pointing out that "This Land Is Your Land" has found mainstream acceptance even though Woody Gutherie, a communist, wrote the song out of annoyance at the popularity of "God Bless America." Clearly Gutherie had a very different view of America's future than most of us would have.

Kinsley says "even Republicans " like the song because they are unaware of its origins.

Not all Republicans are unaware, Mr. Kinsley.

What do you think? Should we dump the Anthem for another song? Is there a better song that we should be using? Is this just a mindless ritual? Or are these folks just trying to exploit an opportunity to further undermine one more public expression of patriotism?

Personally, I think we should keep the song, continue to sing or perform it at sports events and forget the celebs who probably, for the most part, agree with Gutherie and let the folks sing it.

What do you think?

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. I agree with Gary. Keep the song and let the fans sing it. If they axe the anthem, we will ultimately have no expression of patriotism at sports events and that would be a win for the Gutherie folks.

  2. How about choosing a singer that likes America who can sing.

  3. Let's start with teaching children the story of where the anthem came from. Let's instill some patriotic values in our citizens and then they will stand tall and appreciate the song and silence the rest. As a music teacher, it is a shame we can't pick 'musical' folks. As a patriot, ditto the above: 'someone who likes America'.

  4. Instead of dumping our national anthem why don't we reinstate teaching it in the schools so that everyone knows the words and can sing it.

  5. Wow, I actually agree with Gary Randall! We should nix the celebrity singing of the national anthem, not only do they regularly mess up the lyrics, but even when they don't they either can't sing or they add so many extra notes you can't even recognize the tune.

    It is a shame that Gary and the other commenters here couldn't just make this point without the needless attacks on "liberals", but I guess haters gotta hate.

  6. 11:47 If it were not for hate, you might find you agree with Gary on a number of things. Remember expressing the Truth is not hate. It's belief and conviction.

  7. Can't imagine a ball game without "The National Anthem" being sung...just like I can't imagine America with no baseball or football!

    Puyallup, Washington

  8. Can't imagine not singing "The National Anthem" at a ballgame...that would be like America without baseball or football!

    Puyallup, Washington

  9. I believe what transpired Sunday Super Bowl indicates there should be more thought put into selecting performers. The song is in fact difficult to sing, and can truly show off one's talent -- or in this case lack thereof. Personality/popularity aside, singing talent and interest in the Performer's interest in the election and venue should be the qualification for performance. Absolutely no sympathy from this quarter for vocal hardship, or poor program planning.

  10. The last stanza of the anthem honors God and the nation.
    It's something that I would like to hear.

    Too often I hear people sing the anthmem as if what's most important is their fame or promotion.

  11. Keep the anthem. Have the announcer lead the crowd. I think some are doing this at baseball games.

  12. I think we should have someone sing amazing grace at every sporting event. Wouldn't that create a stir?

  13. While I know Rush is radical right and an anti-government anarchist, I don't know anything about the ultra liberal huffington post; so I'll have to check it out to see how radical left it is. I do love the 'Labels', even if I don't know the meaning....
    Our national anthem should be sung by everyone. At sporting events though, most of the fans don't care. I'm much more impressed with 'O Canada' when sung at an event like the recent Olympics. Somehow, Canadians appear more patriotic AND religious.
    A considerably religious play was recently canceled soon after auditions were announced. That was because it was being performed in a public community facility, and two government entities stepped in to say the production was illegal. We no longer pray to start our seniors or other ass'n meetings. I wonder, does congress still have a Chaplain like Peter Marshall, or is that now outlawed?
    A rural WA John Birch Liberal RINO

  14. I think the song should be sung by the fans. I have no problem that it be led by a good singer. I think the singer should be instructed to "sing it straight" instead of showing off. That's really all they are doing is showing off.

  15. You know I have a problem with reconciling
    the direction that this county is going and my Christianity.

    I see our seniors saddled with Something like the Medicare Donut Hole and the paranoidal fear of
    affordable health care for American citizens
    and my mind goes fuzzy when I try reconcile this with the teaching of Christ and my Christianity.

    How do you reconcile this?

  16. Yes keep the song and let someone who can sing do it! Please can we keep America with our own customs. I love to see others, so why can't I share mine?


  17. I look forward to hearing the National Anthem at the beginning of sporting events. I take pride in standing tall as the anthem inspires me to remember my American heritage. I was appalled at the careless regard for the accurate presentation of such an important part of who we as Americans are. To allow someone who does not hold our country in the highest of regards to use the opportunity to showcase themselves is unpatriotic. Let the fans sing our National Anthem with hats removed and hands over their hearts demonstrating their love for all America stands for. I was also saddened by the number of players who were to busy looking at all their adoring fans to take a few minutes to show respect for the country that affords them the privilege and the countless number of brave men and women who paid with their lives to make this the “land of the free and the home of the brave”. Bud in Lynnwood.

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