Monday, October 17, 2011

Atheists Help Pastors "Move Beyond Faith"

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"We know there must be thousands of clergy out there who have secretly abandoned their faith, but have no-where to turn" says Dan Barker, a former evangelical preacher who now serves as the co-president of the atheist Freedom From Religion Foundation.

With money from the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science and Reason, Dawkins, Barker and other atheists have launched an out reach to help clergy who have abandoned their faith.

Dawkins website says, "The last place you might think to find an atheist or agnostic would be in the pulpit leading a congregation, but you’d be wrong."

"Unbelieving clergy exist. In fact, we are even organized," Dawkins writes on his website.

"The Clergy Project," they say, "helps religious leaders who have chosen to move beyond faith."

Here's how many and who they say have already joined.

Dawkins and Barker say they believe clergy need help in exiting the ministry saying, "It is near to impossible to leave."

If you read the article linked above, you get the notion that they feel the pastors who have left the faith are some how victims, and must be helped into atheism or its equivalent.

The Clergy Project claims they have nearly 100 members already and they are giving them "a true sanctuary for those of us who have replaced faith and dogma with reason and human well being."

They say their members ask to remain anonymous, but they have not only liberal clergy, "But many evangelical Christian pastors, Southern Baptists and a number of Pentecostal preachers."

Those finding anonymous sanctuary with this group are ask to affirm a testimony that they, "No longer hold supernatural beliefs and choose to identify as non-believers", as they continue in their pulpits until they can make a transition.

New Testament teaching describes one of the signs of the last days as a "falling away" from the faith (2 Thessalonians Chapter 2) .

There are many voices speaking in our culture today but we are reminded, "Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

At a time when we desperately need to hear God's Truth spoken into our hearts and our culture, we experience silence from too many pulpits. And now this.

God help us.


  1. I see Judge Settle has come to the obvious conclusion and decided that anti-gay activists don't get special rights to legislate anonymously!! The sad thing, Gary and Larry's will misrepresentation of potential threats is probably causing their supporters to suffer from unnecessary anxiety.

  2. It's just another "sign of the times"! There is nothing that is not mentioned in the Word of God that hasn't and isn't happening. This is just more proof that the Scriptures are real and true.

    How blinded are these deceived pastors? Once again, it's exactly what the Scriptures tell us will happen in the last days.

    My biggest concern is that they still remain in the pulpit! But of course, the Bible also tells us that there are those who will mislead others and draw them away also, into a false faith.

    It is sickening, but Scriptural. We need to pray for those who follow message of Freedom From Religion and for those whom they are leading astray.

  3. Well, Pastor, you had a full and fair opportunity to present all of your evidence in the R-71 case and you had a Bush-appointed, conservative judge presiding. And that judge held that you did not have the evidence to back up your allegations.

    Instead of appealing, you should be drafting an apology to the homosexuals of Washington, against whom you have borne false witness.

  4. @3:32

    What I want to know is when the state will present Protect Marriage WA with a bill for the legal costs of defending the state and it's laws against their frivolous suit!!

    I'd like to see the state produce a full accounting of what this little exercise in bigotry cost it's citizens. From the time to verify the signatures, to tabulating the votes, to defending the state against frivolous suits- my guess is the total is the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Since one of their arguments against the Domestic Partnership law was that the state couldn't afford the benefits at this time, I'm sure Gary will have problem covering the costs of this little misadventure, right?

  5. So sanctimonious Gary - as if you could care less about the Word of God. Let's start with say ICor5:12,13 and then move to Phil3:20. Then say a Phil3:20... Well, it does no good to preach to those with itching ears who love thier humanist evangelical religion more than Jesus Christ.

  6. 3:32

    Borne false witness? To whom? This blog has been consistant in upholding the teaching that sexual perversion is a sin, an abomination more accurately, whatever its manifestation in society as a whole.

    Aa for the threat to those who stand upon biblical principles, do not be afraid, they persecuted our Lord also and He said this would happen. Stay strong, pray in the Spirit, be comforted. We are not alone.

    Craig in Lacey

  7. Correction. In this article you state that Dawkins writes the following comment; "Unbelieving clergy exist. In fact, we are even organized," However if you follow the links that you provide one can plainly see that the article was written by a member of the Clergy Project, CatherineD. As for the role of the Richard Dawkins and his Foundation in this project; they have graciously sponsored our website and have offered immeasurable assistance to support the needs of the projects members. As a result our members who once were isolated, have found a community that acknowledges and validates their transition from persons of faith to persons of reason. For more information about the project please visit

  8. We all make mistakes and I'm sure "CatherineD" doesn't mind her writing being mistaken for that of Richard Dawkins.

    I hope this simple human error helps you realize that there are other eloquent atheist voices to be heard.

    I've heard that Christian have a centuries-old history of thinking - hoping - that they are living in the end-times. I hope that when the end-times do not come, you reflect back on the Dawkins, CatherineD and the many other atheists who are speaking up these days and consider that it's their message, not the one in the scriptures, that has turned out to be accurate.


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