Friday, October 07, 2011

R-71, Rob McKenna, Hugh Hefner and Congressional Atheists

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It's Friday.

I have 3 things I felt might be of interest to you. Also, please note that we published the first Elway Survey on homosexual "marriage" in Washington State late yesterday afternoon.
  • *R-71, Rob McKenna and what the judge said about the 138,000 citizen's names who signed the Protect Marriage petitions.

  • *Hugh Hefner and NBC's" Playboy Club".

  • *How many atheists do you think serve in the US Congress?
Be sure to participate in our GOP presidential poll. It will come down on Monday.

First, Judge Benjamin Settle says he will rule on whether the R-71 signers names should be released within the next 2 weeks.

Katie Blinn, Sec. Reed's co-director of Elections told David Ammons, Reed's publicity person, that she "is optimistic" the judge will release the names to the homosexual activist groups.

Reed and McKenna continue to stand with the Washington Coalition for Open Government and the homosexual activist group Washington Families Standing Together in demanding the names be released to the several homosexual activist organizations waiting for them.

We will keep you posted on this matter.

Second. Playboy founder Hugh Hefner says he thinks he knows why the show failed. Saying that "fans are really upset" about the cancellation. What fans? He said, "I'm sorry NBC's 'Playboy Club' didn't find it's should have been on cable."

Or, perhaps, the idea of an old man living with young girls in a filthy old mansion and the culture that gave birth to Hefner and his porn empire is so not interesting that even NBC can't resuscitate it. And maybe there are more than a few people who have a sense of morality and no time for that level of trash on network television.

Perhaps NBC is intoxicated on their own social agenda and can't find the line in the center of the road.

Side note: ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" continues to rank considerably below previous years ratings.

Third. Do you know how many atheists serve in the US Congress?

The Secular Coalition of America (SCA), an atheist activist organization, claims there are 28 atheists in Congress. "But," they say "27 of them are in the closet." Only Rep. Pete Stark D-Calif., has come "out."

SCA President Herb Silverman says, "We don't 'out' people."

Freedom From Religion Foundation, the folks who put up the "I don't believe in God" signs, co-president Annie Laurie-Gaylor says, "It has never been better to be a free thinker or an agnostic in America."

While Ms. Gaylor, Mr. Silverman and others struggle, in and out of the closet, to free themselves from religion, the words of someone else comes to my mind.

He taught, "Those whom the Son sets free, are free indeed."

Jesus Christ taught us that it isn't necessary to fight religion, hide in a closet or mock God to be free.

Accept Jesus Christ as the resurrected Son of God and He will set you free from the restraints of both destructive sin and man-made "religion." He will build your life from the inside out.

Think about it. Have a great weekend.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed. Be Free.

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  1. You constantly try to project yourself as the victims of discrimination by those evil atheists. Yet it's the atheist's who stay in the closet for fear of religious discrimination.

    Personally, I kept my atheism to myself when I worked in large corporations. I feared the openly devout christians above me would block promotions because they were taught that atheists could not have morals.

    Atheists will be free when christians start judging them on how they help their fellow humans rather than on their lack of religion.

  2. 8:02 If you want to judge atheists by how they help their fellow human beings, the first question could be how many hospitals have atheists build and sustained in America? How many have Christians and Christian orgnizations built and sustained in America? How much organized relief work do atheists do around the world? Do you really want to go there?

  3. Why does Gary never mention the non 'gay activist' public records requests and act as if this case would somehow not exists if every single records request was withdrawn?

    As long as they are requesting the special right to legislate in secret the secretary of state and attorney general would be standing against them. This is about a lack of civic courage to the extend they would gut our expectation for open government and nothing more.

  4. 9:15am

    Yes, I do want to go there and you're per-conception actually validates my point.

    I would postulate that the number of atheist relief organizations is proportional to comfort that atheists have in self identifying.

    Atheists don't put up a big banner to show how good we are. However, I'm sure that if you surveyed the volunteers at any given hospital, you'd find the number of atheists proportional to general society. I'm also sure that it you surveyed the relief workers globally, you'd find the same representation.

    I'm talking about judging individuals on their own merits. Can you do that?

  5. 9:15 Of course I can. Christians don't put up big banners either. They just do good works. Which hospitals have been funded and built by atheists?
    What relief organization was started by and admisistrated by atheists? I am thinking about organizations such as World Vision, etc.
    Are you telling me that atheists don't do humanitarian work because of the risk of self identifying? Let's start counting the Christian who have been murdered because of their good works motivated by their faith in Christ.

  6. oster. Gary does mention "non gay activist" requests. He mentioned the group for open government. Are they a gay group. Maybe Christians are not afraid of open government people because they agree with them, but are of some gay activists based on what has happened in California and other states.

  7. Atheism is not a religion, every secular charity is an 'a-theist', i.e. without religion, charity.

    Atheists are indifferent to religion, as long as someone can focus on the task at hand they don't care what else they might be into.

    One of the largest humanitarian organizations in the world, the Gates Foundation is founded by an atheist, Bill Gates.

  8. Atheism is not a religion, every secular charity is an 'a-theist', i.e. without religion, charity.

    Atheists are indifferent to religion, as long as someone can focus on the task at hand they don't care what else they might be into.

    One of the largest humanitarian organizations in the world, the Gates Foundation is founded by an atheist, Bill Gates.

  9. You'll have to point out where Gary mentioned that the Coalition for Open Government was one of the groups demanding their release to themselves, he only mention.

    California doesn't release its signatures (the only state that has an initiative process that doesn't) so not a single anything happened there because of signature release - right?

    As for 'other states' - again point out a case where the release of initiative signatures alone resulted in illegal acts to any greater extent than say putting a yard sign out did.

    Signatures have been put on line in 4 other states with no reports of problems that I know of - can you point me to any incident to the contrary?

  10. oster. Are you sure Bill Gates is an atheist?

  11. Google is your friend.

    He's said when god is scientifically proven he'll worry about it.

    He is what's the famous philosopher Bertrand Russell called a 'teacup atheist' - he doesn't know there isn't a god, just like he doesn't know there isn't a teacup orbiting the sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. But the chances of either being true are just too small to worry about or make life decisions because.

  12. Gates atheist friend, Warren Buffet, also donated tens of billions to Gates Foundation.

    Just a quick search revealed the following secular aid organizations:
    American Red Cross
    Doctors Without Borders
    ActionAid International
    International Relief Teams
    Partners in Health
    Humanist Charities of the American Humanist Association
    Direct Relief International

    These organizations do great work just for the sake of the doing the work itself. They don't do it as an opportunity to proselytize.

    Again, the point is to consider the individual, not the lack of religion.

  13. Come on. The American Red Cross is not an atheist organization. I happen to know that doctors with out borders was started by Christian doctors.
    With no moral authority or identity, what motivates some one to help another person? Because they are good? How do you define good, without moral distinctives? Where do they distinctives come from? Who or what says they are moral. With no guide, anything can be "moral" to someone.

  14. @12:15

    Can you provide the names of these Christian doctors you claim founded MSF/DWB? I believe you are misinformed on this.

    Not believing in a deity does not mean that one lacks moral authority or identity - what a silly, and frankly bigoted idea.

  15. 12:15 Where does the moral authority or identity come from? Who or what defines the moral code? Who or what decides what is and is not moral?
    Asking questions is bigoted?

  16. The question is why wouldn't they? There's a reason every major religion and doctrine has its version of the Golden Rule - its common sense. All you need for 'Treat others as you would have them treat you' is acknowledge that the world is filled with people with all the same rights, needs and desires as you.

    Doctors Without Borders was formed by French doctors and journalists and as a-religious (atheistic) from its inception.

    I think you don't understand what 'atheistic' means, it literally means 'without theism' and these organizations are without any intrinsic theistic underpinnings. Whether a deity was 100% proven or disproven tomorrow they would continue working as they always have, they have no theistic dependent element.

    There is no need to mention you don't have a religious basis anymore than you would continually mention all the things you DON'T have either.

    And this is wandering far afield - the question was are there atheistic groups working for the betterment of the country and world historically and currently - the answer is a resounding 'yes' so nit picking over particular ones really just distracts.

  17. 12:14

    I didn't say the Red Cross was atheist. I said it was secular.

    You may be phrasing your statement as a question, but the implication is clear that you don't believe atheists can have morals. Frankly, it doesn't speak very well of you that you personally wouldn't know right from wrong if someone didn't give you a guide.

    My moral values come from my own beliefs. The most basic is that I treat others as I would wish to be treated. I hope your religion doesn't decide to kill all the atheists, because apparently you'd go along with it if they told you it was moral.

  18. Common sense? Really! Take a couple 2 year olds, put them in a room together and give only one a toy and see what happens. The one without will try to take the toy from the other one. There is no inate morality in humans, it's learned. That's common sense.

    Craig in Lacey

  19. Craig all that shows is some are more innately altruistic than others. My parents had to stop me from giving away my toys and I remember my dad rolling his eyes when I told him I let the others win because it seemed more important to them than to me.

    And regardless of how some children might act people who live their lives by principles rather than feeling their way through life realize that any right they have others have too, any expectation of their own they share with everyone else.

    So if you can't keep your hands off other people's things without being explicitly told to then please, stay religious. For those that can figure out that by themselves they can be moral without such divine fiat.

  20. I never used the term common sense. Common sense is too often used to justify ones feelings when they are contrary to evidence (ie: homosexuality is bad).

    I do agree with you that what I perceive as morality is learned in the sense that it is derived from a combination of genetic development (evolution) and personal experience. It's why I didn't have to teach my cat not to eat the other one when it's hungry.

    Your point about the 2 year olds is meaningless. The dominant one probably learned that behavior. Not all kids are aggressive like that. But we're not talking about the morality of 2 year olds.

    We're talking about people who've had the experience and opportunity to discover what they personally feel is right or wrong. My values are now very different from what the church taught me. And they are now better.

  21. As you know the petitions will be treated the same as other petitions and be available to the public.

    If anyone does anything illegal to anyone as a result please let us know.


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