Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What Do Your Neighbors Believe?

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If you have ever wondered what others in your community believe, you are not the only one wondering.

In fact, there is so much interest that USA Today and Pew Research did a "Topography of Faith" of all the states.

While all categories are not mentioned, I thought they did a pretty good job of covering the more significant religious groupings and those not affiliated with any religious group.

The categories include; Evangelical Protestant, Mainline Protestant, Black Protestant, Catholic, Jehovah's Witness, Other Christian, Jewish, Muslim Buddhist, Hindu, Other World Religions, Other Faiths, unaffiliated and "don't know".

Their survey leaves a few unanswered questions, but certainly gives one a good overview of each state.

Click below to see the results.

Click here for the "Topography of Faith" map. Put your cursor on each state to access the survey results for that state.

Be Vigilant. Be Informed. Be Active. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.

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  1. Why are Jehovah's Witness and Mormon listed with Christian? Both deny the divinity of Christ.

  2. Gary - It sure is great seeing you focused on something other than other human's beings sexuality....esp. corrupt sexuality (or the frequent dishonest pandering and corrupt, degrading, destructive partisanship)

    While I certainly don't expect this to be trend for you - it was actually a genuinely helpful and meaningful bit of input. Greg.

  3. I have followed Gary's ministry for many years. He is not focused of gays. He is focused on defending marriage and family from being redefined. In years past, he only mentioned homosexuality in the course of preaching through th Bible. A lot of us would rather focus on other issues. Wouldn't it be nice if activists would stop trying to redefine marriage? I agree with you. Until they do, thanks Gary.

  4. @7:56 You are the one consumed and focused on perversion. I mean just stop and think for a minute. There is design in humans and animals and then there is this perversion that is called homosexuality. A man is OBVIOUSLY designed to go with a woman but because of a groups perverted sexual relations and very sad and unhealthy life style they are referred to as Gay - you absolutely have not been in their society very much or that word would not come up at all. It is anything but gay. And with all that you and others want to call that partnership marriage. It is nothing like marriage nor could it be. I just can't believe that when things are so obvious and so simple that otherwise intelligent humans can be so fooled.

    Simple: a man goes with a woman.
    Simple: Just be part of the homosexual community and you will quickly learn that it is anything but gay.
    Simple: marriage is designed for procreating.

  5. Why are Jehovah's Witness and Mormon listed with Christian? Both deny the divinity of Christ.

    Raymond, both those groups identify themselves as Christian. Presumably the survey-takers didn't feel qualified to contradict them.

  6. Anon11:34, Anon 8:08
    Note - I did not defend homosexuality - not sure where you got that.

    Gary focuses on sexuality all the time - literally all the material I get in my in-box about corrupt sexuality is from Gary - if it wasn't for Gary, I wouldn't even know this filth existed - he is the polluter of our minds.

    BTW - as to the definition of marriage - try Abraham, David, etc. How many wives constitutes a traditional marriage? Why are about traditions which destroy the Word of God? You can try Jesus and Paul for the single life, etc.

    I hear a lot of cultural humanism from my fellow posters...


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