Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Professor Stands For Christianity--Against Vanderbilt University

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GOP Candidate Debate. I watched the debate last night as many of you likely did and was once again impressed with the quality of all the candidates. Recently, including yesterday, a number of people have called or emailed me asking who I favor at this point. Frankly, I'm deciding. One thing was reaffirmed. I believe there are a number of highly qualified people in the race. That is reassuring, given the state of our nation. We certainly need a spiritual renewal, but we also need leadership in the White House.

Recently, Vanderbilt University, founded by the Methodist Episcopal Church, told the Christian groups on campus they were in violation on non-discrimination policy for requiring their leaders to share the beliefs, goals and values of their respective groups.

"Comply or be shut down," they said.

The groups---Christian Legal Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, among others, each have a constitution that includes a clause restricting leadership positions to individuals who share the group's core religious beliefs.

A Vanderbilt political science professor has now taken a stand---against the university.

Brian Fischer with American Family Association says the action by Vanderbilt "is a flagrant example of religious bigotry."

He points out their Christian heritage and says, "Now they've started to recognize Wiccan at the same time they're driving Christians off campus, they're welcoming witches and warlocks to their campus."

"They will not let leaders of the Christian Legal Society be required to lead Bible studies," he said, "but, I'm guessing they are probably protecting the right of the Wiccan groups on campus to make sure that their leaders are adept at leading Satanic rituals."

Fischer says, "They claim to be the voices of tolerance, but they are the most intolerant batch of bigots on the face of the land."


Now Dr. Carol Swaim, political professor, is taking a public stand against her own university.

She says, "I believe that there's a move secularize the campus religion so that you end up with some feel good groups that... cannot say anything negative that might hurt someone else's feelings."

The professor says its a time for Christians to sound the alarm, "A time for Americans to wake up."

Well said Professor.

And I think many are waking up. And beginning to heed the call.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to "sound the alarm" and advocate action.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Informed. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

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