Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Create The Family You Want: Boy Or Girl"

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Bellevue doctor, James Kustin, says he can "deliver your dreams."

If you want a baby boy, he can deliver.

If you want a baby girl, he can also deliver.

He calls it "gender selection" and "family balancing."

Is this legal? Well, it is and it isn't.

His marketing focus is presently directed toward Canada.

KOMO News reports that the medical term is "preimplantation genetic diagnosis" and is illegal in Canada.

Canadian law prohibits any procedure designed to impact the gender of an embryo, except when there's a disorder or disease.

Apparently, Dr. Kustin has not allowed this technicality to affect his business plan. He is advertising extensively in Canada.

This is a clear picture of the secular progressive, so-called pro-choice ideology colliding at the intersection of money and morality.

The Money.

Lifesitenews reports that a recent study indicates that unborn girls are being targeted for abortion by immigrant groups in Canada, and that a Washington State clinic is targeting Indo-Canadians in British Columbia with an ad showing an ethnic boy and a girl dressed in traditional ethnic attire. The ad says, "Create the family you want: Boy of Girl."

Sabrina Atwal, director for the Indo-Canadian Women's Association in Edmonton, says she's "appalled" by the ad because it devalues women and girls. She says, "Girls are fighting for their lives even before they are born."

But Ms. Atwal, the women's feminist movement of which you are a part, is devaluing human life of both genders "even before they are born," by advocating and advancing abortion on demand.

Raminder Dosanjh, with the India Mahila Association says, "Somebody is trying to cash in on the belief that some sections of the Indo- Canadian community believes in having male offspring."

So it's about the money.

Dr. Kustin says he has done nothing wrong, but refused to be interviewed by KOMO News.

The Morality.

Donn Moyer of the WA State Dept. of Health says, "Genetic pregnancy screening on its face is legal."

He says, "If the doctor conducts only screening and gives results to the parents who use that information independently to go to a different doctor for an abortion, it would be hard to prove a violation by the doctor who did the screening."

In a murder trial, I think they call that an accomplice.

Planned Parenthood has perfected the practice. They receive hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars every year, are the leading abortion provider in the nation, but tax payer money, they say, never is used to perform abortions. It is, as most of us know, only used to pay the bills and provide the place where the abortions are performed.

Kelly McParland, a Canadian celebrity, has written an op-ed column for the National Post in which he points out the moral and ideological conundrum this has surfaced in what he calls Canada's "free-for-all baby market."

He also points out that with no law restricting abortion in the country, the sex selection clinic would be "perfectly justified" in going even further.

He says, "Why not be specific, with a two-for-one special on male twins? Crude? You bet. Barbaric? Some would say that, but certainly not the feminists, who support sex selection as another legitimate choice."

He also says, the abortion activists who have built an entire empire on the ideology of "abortion on demand for any reason" are now willing to sacrifice their own sister's blood by defending sex selection for the sake of holding fast to their ideology.

And secular progressives call biblical Christians rigid and dogmatic on moral issues.

Once again we have the champions of equality, tolerance, anti-discrimination and choice, advocating the inherent value of one sex or gender over the other.

Violating core biblical values always leads to destruction and confusion. It paints one into the proverbial corner, for an individual or a nation. And it destroys the foundations.

Those secular progressives who seek to remake (destroy) the moral foundations of our country, introduce a surreal moral proposition to one generation that will be affirmed in the public classroom and in entertainment as "normal" to the next generation.

May God help us to resist the accepted silence and speak truth to the culture.

Thank you for supporting our voice in this present darkness.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. OK, boys and girls, Mitt is now your guy. So watch how fast he changes positions and runs away from you after pandering to you in the primary. Why, just today, he just switched positions and now is for preserving low interest rates on student loans. You can't let him get away with that! He now is for higher education? What a snob! And it's only the beginning.

  2. Heard a radio show that spoke to this . Also in China right now because of tampering with how life is created their is large difference between males and females. Causing one gender to actually go out of country for marriage partners. The consequences of changing the natural order of families and how we nurture them is always detrimental to the culture.

    Moms and Dads make the best parental choices , not government,your neigbors , schools , or good intentions.


  3. This editorial implies that this doctor would be doing the genetic diagnosis to enable the parents to abort a fetus of the undesired gender. The reality is that only the embryos of the desired "gender" would be transferred to the woman's uterus. Granted, if your viewpoint is that life begins immediately at conception, and the other embryos would be discarded, then you could reason that it is the same thing. But what if this actually prevents some later term abortions by keeping the embryos from ever being implanted? Which is more heinous, an abortion of a developed fetus, or discarding a 5 day old cell mass that doesn't yet resemble a human? Tough call...


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