Monday, June 25, 2012

Activists "Middle Finger" Ronald Reagan at the White House Calling Him a Murderous ...

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As the battle for marriage continues to escalate, we are being inundated with messages of love, inclusiveness and so-called "equality."

The other side of that coin, however, shows a more malicious, rancor and dark side.

As you have likely heard, President Obama invited his evolved LGBT constituency to the White House last week to celebrate "their month."

Zoe Strauss, a Philadelphia photographer, waved 2 middle fingers at the official President Ronald Reagan portrait, took a picture and posted it on Facebook---then removed it from her page.

Matty Hart, national director of public engagement at Solutions for Progress, did the same. He then told the Philly Post Reagan "was a murderous fool." And said he didn't care if he wasn't invited back.

Other incidents of pictures with President Bush's portrait happened as well.

And these folks are leaders and spokespersons for their movement. With influence worthy of an invitation to the White House from the President of the United States.

All this happened at an event in which President Obama told his friends that he would be their "fellow advocate."

The President also said he and Michelle "have made up our minds" on marriage equality.

I suspect this would fall under the campaign slogan of,  "FORWARD."

Two thoughts.

  1. Have you ever heard of any conservative or Christian gesturing their middle finger at the portrait of any Presidential portrait in the White House, regardless of how much they may disagree with certain policies? Much less taking a picture and publicizing their action?
  2. How is it that conservatives and Christians who stand for natural marriage, are always labeled by these folks as "hateful," "bigoted" and opposed to inclusiveness and so-called "equality?"

There is much more than generally meets the eye behind the campaign to redefine marriage.

It is a spiritual, not political or social battle.

May God help us.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. Gary

    You and others of your ilk have been middle fingering all kinds of human beings made in the image of God for years - I just naturally expect of you now - though admittedly I was initially shocked that someone who claimed to be "a man of God" would engage in such distortions, perversions and deceptions (but televangelists abound).

    Your severely hyper-dramatization of homosexual marriage as a "spiritual thing" is silly - the only spiritual issue is why are you are rejecting both the clear Word of God and sound reasoning to which Jesus has called us to.... That has to do with a spiritual reality and it is not one of light.

    In Christ

  2. Just saw some pics from the Seattle Pride Parade. Microsoft, Expedia, Alaska Airlines, The Seattle Public Libraries, and more were there supporting the cause. At this rate, it's soon going to be easier to publish the list of just the companies you CAN do business with.

  3. Homosexuality is an addiction, not an unalienable right. I've never known a homosexual who didn’t have a personality disorder. Homosexuality is a rare, intensely codependent sexual addiction that, like other addiction epidemics, has poisoned civilizations. It is the sine qua non of personal and national failure. Legislatively enshrining any addiction in marriage or the military is utter madness, or treachery. Humanity has an inherent Natural right of self-defense. That right has been defamed as a hate crime by addicts, Progressives seeking social destabilization, and RINOs craving power over principle.

    The hypocrisy and irony is that self-hating homosexuals are in virulent denial of their addiction and are committing projection hate crimes and acts of violence and intolerance against Christians. Homosexual addicts naturally exclude themselves from Christianity by their acts; this inclines them to atheism and opposition to our God-given unalienable rights and responsibilities, which further inclines them to communism (political sodomy). They become enemies.

    No one, including Obama, members of Congress and State elected officials, has the right to inflict addiction on our healthy society -- that's just common sense. Homosexual acts were felonies throughout our State and nation's history until forty years ago. They should still be felonies. Help and treatment are available.

    1. Don't argue with Ernest. Encourage him.

      He just makes the far right look stupid(er). No reasonable person thinks being born gay is a 'personality disorder', nor will they think it should be illegal.

  4. Ernest Huber - well then we should also make alcohol, cigarettes, gambeling, and a whole slew of things illegal and felonies. These too are all addictions. So, if you are not willing to make these addictions also felonies then you are just "cherry picking" the ick factor.

    1. It's amzing how much people justify their behavior by talking about somebody else instead of facing the problem. Before talking about alcohol, cigarettes, gambling etc. look at yourself in the mirror and see what you have allowed yourself to become.

  5. Thanks, Gary, for bringing this up. I have never heard of Christians giving the middle finger to the portrait of the president anywhere and posting their prank on Facebook.

    But, I have heard of Christians bombing abortion clinics and shooting doctors. And of course, some Christians have been protesting the funerals of our fallen military men. And then there were all those wars in the name of God...

    Hey, wait, that's not fair, you say? You're right. It isn't. I don't believe you can group all Christians into one bucket. But Gary seems to think that this infantile and, yes, I would say, very rude event at the White House speaks for all gay people. It’s a common tactic to demonize people when you don’t have an argument to stand on.

    I've been with my husband (we are married in California) for 18 years now. I have never flipped my middle finger at a president, never committed a crime, we pay our taxes, give to our community. And we want to be married in our home state.

    The disrespectful actions of these few gay people are not an argument against our right to marry, any more than the actions of a handful of bad Christians is an argument for it.

  6. Anon 9:29 I also saw some pics of the Seattle Pride parade. Sick.

  7. 1:55 I think Gary and others have some solid arguments to stand on. He regularly makes very good arguments for marriage and against redefining it. Thanks Gary. Keep up the good work.

  8. There is a double standard in the media . I have only heard of this in conservative media . Why oh why when homosexuals gain access to the White House , after the struggle sf what has been called Civil Rights , would these individuals behave like this .Its not a homosexual issue per say , these idiots should be under the eye of the media and be made accountability for their vulgarity . They undermine the very democratic institution that has allowed them to gain that access.

    I just could not see Martin Luther King and other civil right leaders doing this in front of Washington Portraits and other slave owners portraitshanging in the white house , not to mention recent Presidents who have nothing to harm them or their ability to use the political system . I would be ashamed , embarrassed. Some of these comments are very telling .


  9. You don't like homosexual acts
    don't do them . It is not your place
    to judge and punish for GOD. Only GOD
    knows the whole picture. Our job is to not sin by the best of our abilities.

    Seems to me that cutting school lunches
    funds for the poor is a pretty big sin.

    How about saddling the sickest of our elderly
    with a financial burden like the MEDI CARE DONUT HOLE. That is a biggy in my book because it goes against the commandment of Honoring our parents.

    It is a sin to vote for politicians
    that don't respect the poor or the
    elderly. DON'T SIN!


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