Friday, July 27, 2012

Chick-fil-A: Ridicule, Retribution and a Response of Affirmation

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You've heard about the firestorm of ridicule and retribution directed toward Chick-fil-A because of the religious beliefs of the owners---the Cathy family.

Interestingly, those administering the fire apparently haven't even read the interview that supposedly lit the fire, they are merely depending on reports from those with shared hatred toward the Christian view of marriage while igniting their own blowtorch with word and deed.

However, it may be backfiring on those homosexual activists who are seeking to do harm.

Make no mistake, the Cathy family has a history of believing, practicing and advocating biblical principles---including the sanctity of life and natural, traditional, biblical marriage. They have built a successful restaurant chain of 1600 stores with an annual revenue of $4 billion dollars. They have consistently treated every customer with Christian respect and dignity regardless of who they are or what they believe.

Homosexual "marriage" activists apparently didn't even read the interview before launching their attack on the Cathy family, demanding tolerance and inclusion.

Here's what happened. And what will likely happen over the coming weeks.

The Baptist Press interviewed Don Cathy awhile back, asking him about his beliefs on marriage. He told them he believed in traditional marriage as only between one man and one woman, and said his family are all married to their original spouses.

When asked further he said, "I think we are inviting God's judgement on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say, 'We know better than you what constitutes a marriage'."

While that's forceful, it was not a personal condemnation of anyone, he was merely stating his biblical beliefs.

Then all hell broke lose.

Boston Mayor Menino threw his political power against the Cathy family. He said, "Chick-fil-A doesn't belong in Boston. You can't have a business in the city of Boston that discriminates against a population. We're an open city, we're a city that's at the forefront of inclusion."

No-discriminating against a population? Are there no people in Boston who believe in traditional marriage?

Inclusive? Are biblical Christians not welcome in Boston? Or do none live there?


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel told the press, "Chick-fil-A values are not Chicago's values." Does he speak for the religious beliefs of all the resident's of Chicago?

Chicago Alderman Proco Moreno told the press he will block a Chick-fil-A restaurant in his district. He said, "If you are discriminating against a segment of the community, I don't want you in the First Ward."

What about the churches and Christian people who live in the First Ward who believe and teach biblical truth regarding marriage and homosexual behavior? Are they no longer welcome? Must they relocate? Are there none who teach or believe biblical truth in the First Ward?

Mountain View, California, a bedroom community of San Francisco, has blocked a new Chick-fil-A from opening in the city because of the beliefs of the family who owns the business.

Let's put this in perspective.

What if a city in, say, Washington state blocked a Starbucks from opening because Howard Schultz, the CEO, strongly supports homosexual "marriage"? Or a city or even small town banned Microsoft products from being sold because Bill Gates supports homosexual "marriage"?

That's how culturally and socially perverted this is.

This is different than average people boycotting businesses with which they disagree. This is the force of government.

The advocates of tolerance, openness, inclusion, equality and kindness are trying to destroy a business because the owners do not share their religious, moral or social beliefs.

Homosexual activists should be ashamed and embarrassed. Their mask has slipped.

Some are. The LA Times has reprimanded elected officials for using their political power in seeking to destroy. Not because the Times is moral or fair, but because, I believe, they are embarrassed and fear these hateful actions may hurt the cause they and the media are so deeply committed to and so closely associated with.

The Boston Globe has done the same. For the same reason.

I personally think this seek and destroy mission is going to backfire. The blowtorch directed at the Cathy family will, I believe, be turned back on those who were so quick to light the match.

Not because Christians will respond in kind---we don't and won't. But because the public will see how hypocritical and disingenuous these people really are. They label others as being "hateful" as they dispense hate. They congratulate themselves as symbolizing "openness" and "inclusion" while they are closed to every other belief other than their own.

Mike Huckabee has called for a "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day" on August 1. That's next Wednesday. I don't believe there are many, if any Chick-fil-A restaurants in the Northwest.

If so, correct me and send us the locations. However, there are many elsewhere. I would encourage every reader to, if possible, find one and eat there on Monday. Encourage your friends and family to do so as well.

This is a snapshot of the self serving hypocrisy that drives the movement to redefine marriage. It's not the face of the "person next door" that is displayed in their ads, the movement is driven by people who share the sentiments and emotion of Emanuel and Moreno and Menino, but are usually more restrained in front of the public.

As we address this issue in Washington State, the obsession to redefine marriage will take on many faces, but behind the mask, it is not about equality or tolerance or inclusiveness, it is about rebellion against the God who created us and a disregard for His institutions that have sustained the human race through out history.

May God help us.

Be Strong. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.


  1. They not only have consistently treated every customer with Christian respect and dignity, they have also shown the same repect to their employees and suppliers regardless of who they are or what they believe.

  2. Hi Gary,

    I only see one in Washington

    Western Washington University
    516 High St Ms 9196
    Bellingham, WA 98225
    Phone: (360) 650-7457

    Too far for me to drive or I would defintily eat there on the 1st and any other day I had an opportunity. God bless them.

  3. Yes, May God Help You.

    It wasn't just the original interview but comments he made as follow up a couple days later that got people rilled - Google it.

    And of course there are lots of people who support traditional marriage, heck I support traditional marriage - I can't think of anyone who's saying a wife shouldn't be able to license with her husband, can you?

    And even the ACLU is telling people they can't say a business can't come in because of their opinions. All parties have already retracted any threats of actual blocking. Individuals have a right and can express their disgust at the company just as if there were one that advocated a return to miscegenation laws, or said that some race/religion/ethnicity were inferior to another, but that's it. If they comply with the local statutes they can put in a business just like anyone else.

    People have a right to say what they want, they don't have a right to have no consequences for what they say. Just as I'm sure many here will stop using Amazon after Jeff and MacKensie Bezos $2.5 million donation in support of marriage equality and approval of Referendum 74 and others will use Amazon because of it, so Chick fil A will lose a few and probably gain more because of where most of their locations are. That's America.

    Hope you are feeling better soon Gary, do follow the doctor's advice - fractured vertebra at my age and older need lots of TLC to heal up.

  4. "General Mills is saying to all those who support traditional marriage and family, "Cheerio."

    I am not aware of any organized boycott at this point, but can assure you, I will not be the only person in America who knows there are other brands of breakfast cereal.

    So, to the company who has been making them for over 70 years, I say "Cheerio."

    Gary Randall, June 19, 2012

  5. 12:00 You either missed or ignored this part of what Gary said. "This is different than average people boycotting businesses with which they disagree. This is the force of government."
    Nice try.

  6. I also saw only a Chick-fil-A in Bellingham. Maybe We'll drive up there if we are in Seattle in October.

    1. While you're driving all the way to Bellingham for fast food, I'll stay in my comfortable house and place a big order on Amazon using my Microsoft Windows computer enjoying some fresh Starbucks coffee. Then I'll do a Google search for the closest Target and Home Depot stores. And that will just be the start of my day supporting businesses that support gay marriage.

      Enjoy your lunch.

  7. Traditional, Biblical Marriage - ha, ha, ha....

    Would that be the traditional, Biblical marriage of that great man of God Abraham? How many wives and concubines?


    Would that be the traditional Biblical marriage of David (the archetype of the Messiah) against whom God only had the issue of Uriah the Hittite. Say about 40 wives and 80 concubines?

    Why has Gary never defended real traditional, Biblical marriage????

    Could it be that Gary is actually a western based cultural humanist who hates what God actually teaches in the Bible? I am just asking the question in light of the facts that Gary conveniently ignores yet God's word loudly speaks.


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. @patrick. You are confused, sir. God's PERFECT design for marriage is ADAM AND EVE. After they fell, His men and women were (are) IMPERFECT. The great news is that God, via His uniquely awesome Son, still loves and blesses His children in spite of our many, many imperfections.

    3. Patrick

      Here you go again, God expressly told us what marriage is in Genesis and Jesus reiterated that in the Gospels. There is no mistaking his original plan or intent, that man in his weakness has often failed the test is no surprise.

      Gary has consistantly supported the original Biblical plan of marriage.

      Which by the way, God's Word loudly speaks!

      Craig in Lacey

  8. Did you all hear about the $2.5 million Jeff Bezos donation to R74!? This is exactly what I was talking about in the thread about how the R74 people are leading Christians into a losing fight that will only benefit Fuiten and Backholm. You all might remember Fuiten as the guy who viciously attacked Pastor Gary and undermined his efforts to defeat R71 a few years ago.

    Now Fuiten and Backholm killed off a real marriage protection initiative, I-1192, and even actively undermined a Bible-believing Christian attorney, Stephen Pidgeon in his efforts to get it on the ballot.

    Now these same false apostles (II Cor. 11:13) want Christians to donate money to their campaign to pay their salaries and boost their political standing in Washington. But R74 will do nothing but drain Christian money from the election and would not protect marriage. Because even if we won, the legislature could re-enact so-called "gay marriage" the very next day.

    Fuiten and Backholm are luring Christians into a war of attrition against Bezos, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. This is a recipe to drain Christian influence out of the WA elections and channel it into a pointless battle over a measure that can be undone 24 hours even if it passes. Gary, please get off this train before it runs us all over. We need to work for a constitutional amendment next year, not fight under a false flag this year!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Ohstur. I'm sure glad you cleared up the fact that Chick-fil-a can build a business anywhere they want just like every body else. Citizens boycotting businesses and the government bullying businesses and telling them they can't come into their city are two very different things. As far as the bullies retracting their statements, you are over stating what they said. They are covering their back because what they did was stupid and illegal.

  11. Maybe bullying is only selectively illegal.

  12. I had to say my piece about in response to 3:24 above -

    We should all understand very clearly that 2 Corinthians 11:13 very much applies to "Pastor" Joe Fuiten. This guy has attacked Gary and his supporters at every turn. It didn't surprise me one bit when it turned out that he was responsible for killing I-1192.

    Remember, this same fellow is the one who denounced the effort to repeal the "everything but marriage" law 3 years ago. If we had won on that, we wouldn't be in the position we are right now. Fuiten is responsible for that.

    Then, when the effort to repeal it went ahead, he undermined Gary. When we lost, he was quick to attack the campaign for couching its message in terms of conservative Christian principles! As if we should be ashamed of our Christian faith and message!

    Then he continued to attack Gary. Here's what Fuiten had to say about Gary after the election in 2009, blaming Gary for not doing enough, even though Fuiten did nothing but attack and criticize:

    "On August 28th, Mr. Randall promised "All income is spent directly on printing, mailing, Internet promotion and going forward, media ads and expenses, rather than salaries or consulting fees." We were promised "Radio ads are running and more are on the way." As it turned out, according to the PDC reports, virtually nothing was spent on media ads and precious little on anything else.

    Because of the lack of strategic planning on our side of the R-71 campaign, I called our side a 'leaderless army." Gary Randall objected to that. Maybe he was right. When you consider how little money was put into this effort by Randall's organization, maybe it should have been an armyless leader."

    This is the man who is now running R74. Pastor Randall, I do not see how it can possibly be Biblical to support the very same "deceitful workers" that the Apostle Paul warned us about in his epistle to the Corinthians. It seems to me that there are more important things than winning a particular election battle. We need to safeguard our integrity and our faith first.

  13. Faith and Freedom staff12:59 PM, July 29, 2012

    For the record. Fuiten made a number of public statements that were false. Gary purposefully did not defend himself or this ministry, although many of the comments were deemed slanderous by legal counsel. We did raise money for radio ads through both Faith and Freedom and the Protect Marriage group of which Gary served on the board. The radio ads did run.


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