Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Conservative and Faith Leaders: "Best GOP Platform Yet"

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Phylis Schlafly, Mike Huckabee, Tony Perkins and others are very pleased with the final form of the 2012 Republican Party platform. Schlafly says it "may be the best one ever adopted."

Frankly, I was concerned when the Party decided, for the first time, along with calls from Jeb Bush and others to "expand the reach of the party" to include the homosexual organization, "Log Cabin Republicans" in the platform process.

The concern was that on the issue of marriage, the GOP may come out with a fuzzy, unclear message---or simply a departure from the support of traditional marriage or even the sanctity of life---like some local WA State Republicans who clearly stand against the platform of their own party.

It didn't happen.

And the Log Cabin guys are furious. R. Clarke Cooper, executive director, has expressed outrage toward the platform, promising the Republican position on marriage "will be a hollow short-lived victory."

Why is the platform the best yet?

The Party is addressing fiscal, social and sovereignty issues separately and together---recognizing that they are interconnected in our culture.

Ronald Reagan called this approach a "three legged stool" approach.

Here is a brief overview of the commitment the Republican Party is making to the American people, with quotes from the document.

After review, I personally have one compelling question.

  • It adopts the identical pro-life language that has been in the platform since Henry Hyde inserted it in 1984-- "The unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed."

  • It takes a strong, clear stand in support of "marriage as the union of one man and one woman."
  • It specifically opposes any changes made to marriage (or other traditional values) by "an activist judiciary" or "by a president who swore an oath to 'take care that the laws be faithfully executed.'"
  • It is crystal clear and forceful regarding Obama's "war on religion." It says his actions are "trying to compel faith-related institutions, as well as believing individuals, to contravene their deeply held religious, moral and ethical beliefs regarding health services, traditional marriage or abortion."
  • It calls for the repeal of Obamacare---unlike Rob McKenna's latest position.
  • It clearly addresses immigration, using e-Verify, etc.
  • It expresses outrage at Obama's idea of eliminating work requirements for welfare.
  • Strongly endorses "American Military Superiority" as a cornerstone of our strategy to deter aggression and protect national security.
  • It rejects a long list of United Nations treaties, including Agenda 21, a proposal for a global tax and various UN declarations on the environment.

It is a true reflection of the American values that have made this country great.

After personal review, one compelling question remains, at least for me:

How can any biblical Christian vote for Barack Obama?

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. "How can any biblical Christian vote for Barack Obama?"

    And the other question is, how can any biblical Christian vote for leader in cult that believes you get your own planet when you die?

    Best sit this one out.

    1. "Best sit this one out." - Really??? Are you kidding???

      I do not subscribe to the Mormon faith, and I will never subscribe to the Mormon faith. However, Governor Romney is not asking, nor requiring, any of us to subscribe to the tennants of the Mormon faith. Governor Romney will not be enacting legislation that takes away our freedom of religion (or, freedom to believe in nothing).

      So, by "sitting this one out", you will be casting a vote against freedom . . . against our Constitution . . . against the country that you allege to support. You will be casting a vote against the principles of life, liberty and freedom . . . that are Biblically based.

      I must ask again . . . really????

      If you still feel you will make a difference by sitting in the corner and pouting . . . and not join the rest of us in fighting for our country . . . then don't ask us to save your hiney when it all hits the fan.

  2. Sit it out at OUR peril....

  3. Sit it out at OUR peril....

  4. My question is, "why should we care what's in the Republican platform seeing as the party never follows it?" Once the convention is over, the platform is for all practical purposes 'dead and buried.' No one so much as speaks of the platform once the convention is over, much less follows it. In all the times the Republican Party has held the reins of power and been in a position to implement its platform, it has not done so - in fact, it don't believe it has ever implemented even one element of its own platform. And now, while Christians and conservatives jump for joy over the platform, they simultaneously line up in lock step to nominate a man whose present policies and past record show him to be the polar opposite of the very platform that they rejoice over - a globalist, socialist, pro homosexual, with no intentions of securing the borders, balancing the budget, abolishing the department of education, auditing the Federal Reserve, or cutting off the crony capitalism that keeps bailing out his Wall Street buddies - a man who, if judged by policy, is little more than Obama lite. The only real purpose that the Republican Party platform serves is that of a public relations tool designed to keep gullible Christians and conservatives pacified as the establishment throws them a bone every four years, then goes off and does whatever it wants knowing it will be able to enjoy the support of the religious right so long as they remind them once in awhile that "we let you have a conservative platform, so keep supporting us - we're the good guys, we have an "R" after our name."

    1. One GOP platform promise kept was the cut off of taxpayer subsidized abortion. The "R's" have worked hard on the prolife issue and have stood for traditional marraige as they have had in the platform.The GOP, as per the platform,has stood for Peace Through Strength dating back as far as I can remember. The platform has stood for the 2nd amendment to the constitution and with out the "R's" every gun store in America would have been close decades ago. I have personally known many political leaders at the state level that have tried to implement all of the platform planks over the years but politics is the art of the possible.
      Where everyone agrees their has been times that the GOP had the ability to advance freedom and dropped the ball. Over all they have been trying to move the nation back to the center. It has been an uphill battle,with the major media slamming conservative principals daily for years. Plus the Progressives have dominated the Public School System for 50 years and keep turning out little marxists.The one positive note in education is that conservatives have dominated Christian Schools, Parochial Schools, Private Schools and Home Schools where young adults can be critical thinkers still. Anyone who thinks there is not a difference between the partys are either not into reading or are from some other planet. To not vote for Romney,is to vote your children into slavery,where they will live under the boot heel of government.
      That is where most men have lived in recorded history, in bondage to the educated and the powerful.
      The US Constitution has had the power in the past to change that but now the Obama Administration has declared war on this document and freedom is in peril
      t men in recorded history have lived.


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