Friday, August 10, 2012

Looking Ahead---The Next 90 Days

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Dave Ammons, spokesman for Secretary of State Sam Reed, says Washington now has 3.7 million registered voters. Likely that total will increase by November 6. Ammons says the Secretary hopes to see voter turnout this year equal the number in the 2008 general, which was 85%.

There are several issues that will motivate people to vote. Marriage, Marijuana, charter schools and some tax issues are a few of them. And of course the presidential election.

Kirby Wilbur, GOP State Chair, says there will be so much advertising on TV, print, radio, etc., "My biggest fear is people tune out because they hear too much."

Millions of dollars are being raised. The Republican Governors Association will spend $4 million to help McKenna. Just this week a national campaign gave $500,000 to help put Marijuana on the shelf in your local grocery store. Bill Gates, a Walmart family member and others are putting up money to get charter schools for Washington.

And then there is marriage and the homosexual groups from around the country. More on that in a minute.

One source that deserves to be tuned out is the Seattle Times editorial board. The Times editorial board generally struck out in their endorsements. A wide variety of their endorsements did not win--governor, attorney general and secretary of state to name a few. I mentioned their endorsement for the 1st Congressional District in yesterday's blog. Embarrassing. Their guy Steve Hobbs received just about 6%. The merging of news and advocacy in Washington's biggest newspaper doesn't seem to be working too well.

A snapshot of how brutal and aggressive the attack on conservatives and conservative positions may be is already in motion. John Koster, a conservative Republican, won the night in the 1st Congressional District. By Wednesday morning, the attack on Koster was well underway, with Democratic operatives claiming he is expressing extreme views. Koster says they are the ones with the extreme views. Agreed.

And there is marriage.

No less than 6 political committees are poised to raise and spend money in support of redefining marriage. They have, combined, already raised more than $5.5 million---nearly 20 times the amount raised by our side.

This is why I have said repeatedly that if the marriage issue becomes about money, we will not win.

We must use wisdom in communicating with, not so much those who are convinced, but those who are undecided or conflicted about redefining marriage, as Governor Gregoire and others in the legislature professed to be this past year.

We must also put aside our self interests, self importance and pride and need for public recognition and simply do the "work of the Lord," rather than seeking to be cool. This campaign must not and cannot be a personal bridge to somewhere else. For anyone.

Committed biblical Christians know what they believe, what the Bible teaches about marriage and how society has historically treated marriage and why. They will not be swayed by a thousand tongues to the contrary. The same for many, perhaps most conservatives.

This will also be true for those who have given themselves over to redefining marriage, family, Scripture and everything else that stands in the way of re-engineering society and the culture to affirm their sexual behavior.

Those of you close to this ministry, know we are working on an educational project that we feel will speak to those who are conflicted or questioning what is right and moral regarding the marriage.

Thank you for your support in this endeavor. It is vital.

I am going to take off next week and spend some time with my wife and family. We will not be publishing a daily blog during the week, however, I will be working on some of the aspects of our efforts to protect marriage.

Thank you for your prayers and well wishes---even some from journalists, regarding my recent injuries. The bones are healing, I'm doing great.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. Thanks so much, Gary! Our prayers for you and Faith and Freedom, this state, our nation, our churches, ourselves and our families continue. Blessings! Ann and jim

  2. My only question is whether Gary will be voting for a priest in a church of Satan coming this November?? And, worse, will he be encouraging his disciples to do the same??

    Follow Jesus - abhor Satan and his priests!!

    1. You mean the socialist Obama?

      Craig in Lacey

    2. Are you voting for a priest in the church of Satan??? Is that how you feel about Jesus???

      I will be voting for Gary Johnson - of course.

  3. Get some rest, you deserve it, and God bless!

    Craig in Lacey

  4. I appreciate your blog and all you are doing for us here in Washington state. Prayers continue for your recovery, and for wisdom as you prepare for the days ahead.

  5. "This campaign must not and cannot be a personal bridge to somewhere else. For anyone."

    Unfortunately, as Gary well knows, the R74 campaign has been completely captured by the politically ambitious Mr. Backholm and his ally "Pastor" Fuiten. The campaign is nothing but a personal bridge for Backholm to build a name for himself. That is why he helped sink I-1192 - the measure that really would have protected marriage - because he didn't control that campaign and having it on the ballot would have cut into his personal turf.

    I am sorry that Gary continues to push us for contributions for these false apostles who are doing nothing more than building their political careers. But since he is supporting Mormon Romney and pro-homosexual McKenna, maybe Gary is now in favor of compromising principles based on God's Word.

  6. I would like those who will vote for the priest of a church of Satan and who still claim they are Christians to be honest about their behavior.

    Stand up and tell us that you will vote for a priest in church of Satan. Every evangelical on this board knows that Mormonism is a Satanic, anti-Christ church that Satan brought to the earth to deceive human beings. Mitt Romney is a priest in that church....

    Are you really going to vote for a priest in a church of Satan?? Ask yourself before Jesus Christ...

    And who did he select as a running mate - a disciple of the Great Whore of Babylon... NO SURPRISE HERE!!

    How many of you want Satan ruling America??? Vote for Mitt Romney if you do!

    Full Disclosure: I do not support Barack Obama - he is pathetic - but I do know the difference between Satan's work and a silly, pathetic man.

  7. The beauty of being Mitt is that no matter what the opposition says you've said, you can honestly say that you'd said the opposite.

    1. Anon 6:30

      Took me a moment - but that is really cute! And TRUE!

  8. I wonder when Gary is going to talk about Paul Ryan's primary infuluence - a Russian atheist who claimed that the family unit was socially unnecessary???


    We heard a lot from you about Obama's Pastor, etc. That fellow does not hold a candle to the devlish Ayn Rand - the great influence in Paul Ryan's life.....


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