Monday, August 27, 2012

The Biblical Christian and the Coming Vote

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The most important election of our lifetime is about 70 days from now. Many, due to mail-in ballots, will be voting much sooner than that.

With the very essence of what America is about hanging in the balance, just last month 46% of Americans told Rasmussen that they will be "voting for the lessor of two evils" in the presidential election.

The decisions we make in a few weeks will impact out country, our state, our communities and our families for decades to come.

Many are expressing concern and conflict to me through personal email and conversation.

Here are 5 things I believe every biblical Christian must consider.

1. We live in a republic---a form of representative democracy where votes count and the rule of law prevails and is respected. Where freedom is believed to be given by God, not government. Government is to play a role in protecting those God-given freedoms, not in bestowing them.

To whom much is given, much is required. We are called to vigilance.

The founding principles and beliefs that birthed America were based in Christian ideals and biblical truth. These gave birth to the most prosperous, free nation in the history of the world.

Policy followed these principles.

These values have guided America to properly address slavery, woman's suffrage, civil rights for African Americans and other important moral issues.

Freedom is and always has been, under assault---from within and without. Perhaps never more than today.

Religious liberty or freedom and political responsibility are inseparable in our form of government.

If we default on our political responsibility we will forfeit our freedoms.

A biblical Christian cannot in good conscience sit out this or any election.

You must vote.

2. In order to construct "a more perfect union," biblical Christians must be actively involved in the issues of our culture.

If biblical Christians and biblical churches do not speak truth to the cultural issues of our day, who will?

While the IRS regulates churches from endorsing political candidates, a rule that must be reversed because it has nothing to do with Jefferson's separation letter to the Danbury Baptists and is rooted in LBJ's corrupt motives decades ago, churches can address the moral issues of our day from a biblical view, regardless of how politicized they may be.

Strongly encourage your pastor to speak to these issues. If he or she does so, actively support them among others in your church.

Do not be silent.

3. Be discerning as to which are the most critical moral issues of our time. Successful leaders have always done this. This will form the basis of how you vote.

Our economy is critical. Economically, our country is upside down---standing at the proverbial "eve of self destruction" if things do not change.

However discernment leads a biblical Christian to understand that the economy is a result of moral and ethical failure. The solution to our economic success is found in a moral, not merely a political solution.

So, is the "economy" the most important issue of our day or are the causes of our economic woes the most important?

William Wilberforce saw the abolition of slave trade the most important in his time.

Abraham Lincoln saw the emancipation of slaves in his time.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer saw Hitler's persecution of the Jews as most critical in his time.

Martin Luther King Jr. saw civil rights for African Americans as the most critical for his time.

All moral issues.

What moral issues are most critical and potentially most destructive in our day?

Most biblical Christians would agree they are : A. Life. B. Marriage. C. Erosion of Freedom.

These are the moral issues most under assault in today's culture. These issues must provide the basis of the biblical Christian's vote.

Be Discerning.

4. Biblical Christians must discern the difference between moral issues and partisan politics. Most politicians will play to their audience, or at least how they perceive their audience. A very few do not.

Unfortunately, some pastors and Christian leaders, operating under the "lessor of two evils" principle, will endorse people who do not support the most important values of "Life," "Marriage" and" Freedom."

Often personal ambitions and wrong motives drive these endorsements.

If a candidate supports abortion, how can a biblical Christian, in good conscience, vote for that person?

If a candidate stands against marriage as between one man and one woman, a model established by God at Creation and honored by every successful civilization in history, how can a biblical Christian vote for that candidate?

If a candidate advocates socialistic forms of government, suggesting that "Government" rather than God bestows "Freedom," who in their right mind could vote for them?

Exercise a biblical worldview.

5. Voting is an act of responsibility and stewardship.

We must have an informed mind---be aware of the issues of our times and how they impact the culture from a biblical worldview.

We must also have an informed conscience. We must listen to God's voice in Scripture. This will inform our conscience as to what is important to God.

Be prayerful.

Pray according to Chronicles 7:14. Then...

Be Active.


  1. Voting for the best choice of those candidates remaining on the ballot is wise. High taxation on the people directed to cadillac benefits and perks for officials was at issue in Nehemiah's day, Nehemiah chapter 5. Nehemiah never demanded the food alloted to the governor, and demanded that the usury stop, since that was too heavy a burden on the people. Is skyrocketing taxation and fees coupled with growing cadillac benefits for government workers strictly an economic issue or a moral one? Some candidates favor higher taxation, higher government debt, and higher benefits for government workers that far exceed norms in the private sector. Some are more fiscally prudent.
    Who is the more fiscally responsible candidate? Find out and consider that when you vote.
    Citizen of Camas

  2. "William Wilberforce saw the abolition of slave trade the most important in his time. Abraham Lincoln saw the emancipation of slaves in his time. Dietrich Bonhoeffer saw Hitler's persecution of the Jews as most critical in his time. Martin Luther King Jr. saw civil rights for African Americans as the most critical for his time."

    Notice a trend? All these guys were for expanding civil rights, they didn't want to deny civil rights like Gary.

  3. Gary, et. al,

    You are aware that those who claimed to be "Biblical" Christians - and usually a majority of them - stood on the wrong side of every single "moral" issue above??? Slavery, Civil rights, women's suffrage, alcohol prohibition, now "drug" prohibition, etc., etc., ad nauseum - were all primarily supported by "Biblical" Christians.....

    They would cloak their oppression and anti-Christ evil in the same arrogant self-righteous rhetoric that you have done above. Any fool can see right through your prattle and see and know the phariseeism that you proclaiming - since the Pharisees made the EXACT arrogant claim that you do - to be speak for God - all the while murdering Jesus.

    In the Lord Jesus Christ,

  4. Excellent counsel, but too late for the primaries.

  5. 8:37 You are right, there is a trend. Gary is pointing out how biblical Christians have always stood for biblical,God given civil rights. Gays are asking that the biblical model of marriage be abolished to affirm a certain sexual behavior. Good point.

    1. What???????? Christians have opposed every single advancement in civil rights and they based it on the bible. You can't just revise history. What Gary advocates is exactly 180 degrees opposite those great men.

    2. Anon 9:30 - Further, the Biblical model was most often polygamy with concubines as the very archtype of the Messiah showed us - King David, likewise the very saint of righteousness by faith, Abraham, etc.,etc.

      As Anon 11:28 pointed out, you are a revisionist - except when you revise the Word of God, those things in Revelations shall be added unto you - and deservedly so for such evil!!

      Add to the fact that there is no such beast as "state sanctioned" marriage in the Bible - that is completely made up fiction to enhance the role of government over our lives. Gary has taken up to fighting wind-mills for whatever reason. True marriage is, as scripture specifically states, that which GOD (NOTE: GOD - NOT the State) joins together.

      I highly recommend some basic Bible coursework and discipleship training. I would be glad to provide.

      Sincerely and humbly,
      In the Lord Jesus Christ


  6. Citizen of Camas. Well said. Thank you Gary for this post. Good counsel.

  7. Patrick, you need help my friend. Is there anything or anyone you would support for a political office other than your self?

  8. Gary, your comments are getting to the heart of what is really wrong in this country. If Christians continue to vote for the lessor of two evils the bar continues to be lowered until we find ourselves unable to distinguish between right and wrong and good and evil in our political discourse. Abortion, the gay agenda and how it rewrites or social order and the erosion of freedoms is evil, not merely a different opinion. Thank you.

    1. So are you going to vote for a priest in a church of Satan???

  9. "The lesser of two evils" as if the presidential race is all that we are voting on. The congressional races are are every bit as important and this house is just as much to blame for our economic and moral failure as the White House. Given a choice I would rather have a conservative congress and a liberal president than the other way around.
    In most cases there is neither a R or a D who is correct on moral and economic issues. Will I vote for the lesser of two evils? Yes, because abstaining will only advance the liberals. I believe we have to vote for the more conservative candidate even if he is farther left than we like. Big ships turn slowly, but they can turn.

    1. So you are going to vote for a priest in a church of Satan.... a satanic, anti-christ priest as president of the United States........

      How far have you fallen!?!?

  10. I didn't get that Gary is only talking about the presidential race. His counsel applies to all political choices. Look at the choice between McKenna and Inslee. I am personally having a problem with this vote. I suppose they are both good people as those things go, however they both support abortion. How can I support that kind of belief? I'm wondering how their belief in aborting unwanted unborn children affects their other decisions. Will God bless that? I fear he won't, which is Gary's point. Thanks Gary. Very thought provoking.

    1. I, too, am having a problem with that choice - based on some other issues. For instance, why did not McKenna as Attorney General object to the presentation of legislation by the Governor in lame-duck session. Legislation is to be brought by the legislators. The governor clearly used the marriage law to pander influence (I won't sign your bill unless you support mine). Washington already had in place a variety of options for non-traditional "marriage". The fact that they used up the majority of the regular session on this farce when they should have been doing the budget angers me... why should we prioritize social issues when the business of the State should come first? Special sessions are expensive!

  11. Which of the two candidates is against men and women being able to marry?

  12. I am a Republican, but I'm concerned that our state party is drifting further and further away from the beliefs that the party says they believe in. How can we champion someone for governor who supports abortion or "womens choice" as he calls it? The lessor of two evils seems it is becoming the curse, not the blessing.

  13. 11:28 You are drinking the kool aid. Christians have not opposed "every single advancement in civil rights." At the heart of every civil rights issue was advocacy by biblical Christians. It is the blatant attempt by gay rights advocates to hi-jack true civil rights from Black Americans, that is disgusting. Homosexuality is not a civil right. Christians oppose redefining marriage, family and society by deconstyructing marriage trying to make it something it can never be.

    1. You better go back and study your history. You can start with Ku Klux Klan.... those great Biblical Christians of their time....

      And don't forget the great Biblical Christians who condemned inter-racial marriage - maybe through an Jerry Falwell in there too....

      Just study your history and be honest.

  14. I am humbly impressed that Gary and his staff do allow tasteful opposition. Despite the ills he foments, this singularity is impressive - and rarely seen among his ilk. In this instance he walks the talk - and because I am not a partisan and submit myself to the Lord Jesus Christ who calls us to integrity - it is essential to recognize the genuinely good despite the source. Freedom of speech is genuinely good.

    Gary - Kudos to you for allowing free speech on your site.


  15. Political Science Question

    Gary says, "Where freedom is believed to be given by God, not government."

    If so, Gary, why do you look to and use government to take our freedoms - especially our God given freedoms - away from us???


    1. What God given freedom would that be?

      Craig in Lacey

  16. The same forces that put Obama in place have now engineered a choice in the 2012 election intended to force voters to side either with a socialist Democrat who wants to impose socialism on the nation or a socialist Republican who has already imposed socialism on his home state of Massachusetts.

    Check out this article by Alan Keyes !!


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