Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sen Ed Murray Tagged as "Biggest Winner" in Election -- But is He a Winner?

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Seattle's Publicola reported that one of the biggest winners in the election "wasn't even on the ballot."

Senator Ed Murray.

Josh Feit writes, in celebration, that Murray is responsible for shepherding through a series of incremental legislative actions that has given Washington State gay marriage. Indeed he has. His work as a legislator has redefined marriage and the family, impacted how sexuality and family relations are taught in public school and has changed the culture of Washington State forever.

And he could not have done it without the never failing support of Seattle's news media.

Feit says Murray is poised to have a "working majority" as he becomes the new senate majority leader in the 2013 session.

He says this will give him the perfect entree to become Seattle's Mayor.

But why has the press been, on the one hand, so careful to chronicle all his systematic re-engineering of the culture while ignoring the allegations of his foster son? And at least a couple of his foster son's friends.

Feit writes that "Murray sponsored the gay marriage bill--the capstone legislation in his long, patient fight for gay rights which began in earnest when he passed the gay rights bill in January 2006 and has continued as he ushered through a series of domestic partners bills that withstood a referendum of their own R-71 in 2009."

He says that Murray will have a "working majority," better than last year's "majority" in the senate in 2013, giving him the opportunity to even get more "progressive legislation passed this year."

"All this," Feit writes, "will be a perfect springboard for Murray to jump into the [Seattle's] mayor's race; as if the guy needs any more momentum after last night's monumental win."

"Arguably," they say, "Election 2012's biggest local winner, Murray is set up to be a potential bigger winner in 2013."

I understand Murray is the champion of the press and they are the champion of Murray. He's their guy.

But should that stand in the way of at least following up on the allegations made by his foster son and a couple of his friends?

If Murray would have been a champion of conservative values, the press would have been in storm tracker mode---on steroids, getting to the bottom of it---investigative reporting---front page---on your side, etc., etc.

Instead, they have brushed the allegations aside, saying there is nothing there.

We are asking the press to do their job. Look into the matter regarding Jeff Simpson. Some of you in the press who read this blog know exactly what I'm talking about. Some of you have been alerted over the past couple of years.

While it is past the statutes for criminal action, isn't it right for the press to be forthright with this matter? It will likely not matter a wit to the progressive constituent in Seattle, but your willingness to be up front with this matter could mean something to those living outside Seattle who read your papers.

Hoping for the best, expecting the worst.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Informed. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. Curious, where are you gettting this info about Jeff Simpson? I would not like that if this is real how do we what the alligations are? I would like something since the media isn't I would like to know where we can get more info on this. I did google it, but nothing. of course you probably wont even provide it, so I guess I SOL (shucks out of luck)

    1. I think that's the point of what Gary was saying. You obviously can't Google it because the media and/or Murray have covered it up. It's time they investigate and cover it. Although, no hope that it would be covered fairly and accurately. Benghazi comes to mind.

    2. OK, but then how did Mr. Randall find out about it. If he could find this kind of info, why not share where it was obtained from? Maybe and then only maybe we could use it to try and get answers. By just making this statement without follow up or resources to back it up how am i to believe this. Just like if we walked around talking about the "Resurrection of Jesus" however did not have any stories or other information, how would we convince others that he was resurrected?

  2. Seattle deserves murray .

  3. Gary wants the media to report rumors that he makes up.

    1. Isn't that what fox news is for?

    2. Yep and its the video that caused four Americans to be murdered in Libya . Now finding out who gave Rice the non official talking points instead of the official CIA report which stated it was a terrorist attack after all . Now who told her to go on the five news programs stating that it was the nasty video . The mainstream news takes the view it is really old white guys attacking an African American women like the President says .

      I heard it on CNN .

      Lets see four dead Americans , the CIA saying it was a terrorist attack , the president saying he had no idea even five days after when Rice was reporting to the mainstream news outlets from talking points " CIA gives talking points ?" So if not her fault , is it not kind of easy for her to tell us who told her to go on the shows .

      So we have incompetence or a cover up . Really seems like the President is concerned about this .
      Whats a commander in Chief to do ?

  4. I think the "thou shalt not bear false witness" commandment may apply here...just sayin'.

  5. Gary, what is happening to you? Gossiping and rumor-mongering are sins in the eyes of God. 1 Tim. 5:13; Ephesians 4:29; Prov. 16:28; Lev. 19:16.

    Yet you post "teasers" on a public blog, with no facts, no specifics, and no sources. This is gossip and it is a sin. And it is a sin even if the victim of the gossip is himself a sinner and a homosexual and liberal.

    I really don't know what is going on with you. You seem intent on throwing away your authority as a Christian leader. If that is your intent, you are succeeding.


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