Friday, October 30, 2015

Onward (anti) Christian Soldiers

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The Bremerton (WA) School District announced Wednesday they are suspending coach Joe Kennedy, because Kennedy has been warned to stop saying a private prayer after football games---and he has not done so.

A letter has been sent to Bremerton School District by 47 members the US Congress, expressing their deep concern over the matter of coach Kennedy. Not a single Washington State politician signed the letter.

This week, a teacher told a 7th grader, in the classroom, to admit "God is not real." She wouldn't do it and told her parents.

The list is long, and growing longer, of individuals who are persecuted for living out their personal biblical faith in Jesus Christ---sometimes they are only mocked, sometimes they lose their business, or job---some have been thrown in jail.

The anti-Christian parade continues down America's main street. A majority of Americans take no "pride" in this parade.

Billy Graham tells us how to respond.

The Bremerton School District has suspended ---removed---Coach Joe Kennedy before tonight's football game, thus preventing him from offering a personal prayer to God after the game.

Officials say, "The suspension was necessitated because of Kennedy's refusal to comply with district directives that he refrain from engaging in overt, public religious displays of the football field while on duty as a football coach."

They say "his conduct poses a risk that the district will be liable for violating federal and state constitutional rights of students"---while they violate Coach Kennedy's constitutional rights.

A letter has been sent to the Bremerton School administration by 47 members of the US Congress---both House and Senate--- expressing grave concern over the school district's actions.

The letter was sent Monday to Superintendent Aaron Leavell and Bremerton High School Principal John Polm.

The letter is linked above. I encourage you to read it. Please note that not a single Washington state elected official---Republican or Democrat, had the courage to sign the letter.

Also on Monday, Jordan Wooley, a 12 year old 7th grader, says, "Today I was given an assignment in school that questions my faith and told me that God was not real."

She says her teacher said regarding the multiple choice assignment, that anyone who put "fact or opinion" as the answer regarding God's existence was "wrong and that God is a myth."

She told her parents and the school board this week that the teacher insisted God cannot be proven. She also said one of her classmates also said God is a fact, and she too was told that was the wrong answer.

In fact, the teacher "crossed the answer out several times, telling her it was completely wrong." School Superintendent Alton Frailey called Jordan "brave" and thanked her for bringing this to the attention of the district.

He said, "I am truly sorry you feel your faith was questioned," promising the incident would be "worked on per district policies and procedures."

The operative word is "feel" your faith has been questioned.

The school district has now put out a lengthy letter to all students and staff, explaining the situation from the school's point of view. The letter is included in the link above---you can read it.

In my mind, they are turning the incident from an assault on a 12 year old's biblical faith, to a misunderstanding, highlighting the pain and stress this has caused the teacher who told the 7th grade student to admit God is a myth.

You will note that the letter from the district to teachers and students says, "The teacher is distraught by this incident, as some commentary has gone as far as to vilify her without knowing her, her Christian faith, or the context of the classroom activity."

The letter also says, "The activity was intended to encourage critical thinking skills and dialogue by engaging students..." The district says the teacher "did not intend to challenge any student's religious beliefs as reported by some media outlets."

If this is true, and I personally find it very difficult to believe, that raises an equally troubling question.

Is the teacher not smart or wise enough to know that telling a 7th grader to confess that "God is not real" is not appropriate?

And if the purpose really was to "teach critical thinking skills," did she use any other religious figures? Did she ask any of the Muslim kids to denounce Muhammad? Or Buddhists to denounce Buddha?

The authorities then took this a step further, and promised that "should media be on campus tomorrow during arrival or dismissal, rest assured there will be additional patrols on the site to aide with traffic control and ensure safety and security of students and staff," implying that the school may be under assault because the 7th grader told her parents.

Lilly Skotak was also in the same class. She told her mother the same story. Her mother, Stacey, said, "This makes me furious and why I wanted to find out why this was even in a public school. There is no need for that question."

That's the point.

The only "need" for that question is for purposes of indoctrination---or absolute ignorance on the part of the teacher. I do not believe the teacher is ignorant.

In the letter mentioned above, U.S. senator James Lankford says people have become afraid of faith and prayer.

Sen. Lankford says he thinks that's part of the problem in Washington state.

He says, "A Christian coach can pray over their meal at lunch, can pray and kneel down at the end of a game and quite frankly," he told Beltway Buzz, "they can kneel down during the 4th quarter before a last second field goal and pray on the sidelines. That's just the nature of our own individual faith and they need to be protected."

Billy Graham warns of times like these. He says there is no biblical evidence that we, here in America, will escape persecution.

So how will we respond when Christians here at home are pressured to deny Christ?

Graham list's five ways to fortify yourself so that you are able to stand when that day comes.

1. Make sure of your relationship to God.
Prepare to meet God. Have you been to the cross where Christ shed His blood for your sins? Have you had the past forgiven? Have you come by faith, confessing that you are a sinner and receiving Christ as your Savior?

2. Walk with God in your daily life.
If you are walking with God now, when times of crisis come you will be prepared to meet them head on. God has not promised to deliver us from trouble, but he will walk with us through it.

3. Assimilate Scripture.
Fortify yourself with the Word of God. Begin reading, studying and memorizing Scripture as never before. The Bible says, "Stand therefore, having your waist girded with truth" (Ephesians 6:14).

4. Pray Always.
If Christianity is to survive in a world filled with materialism, the church must have a revival of prayer. As individuals, we must repent of prayerlessness. The prayer meeting must become the vital institution it was when evangelical Christianity was the mightiest force in the world.

5. Meditate on Christ.
We must learn again to practice the presence of God. Christ must be vitally real to us if we are to prove loyal to Him in the hours of crisis.

Be Prayerful. Be Strong in your Faith. Be Informed. Be Blessed.


  1. NOW, right NOW, the school is liable for violating everyone's constitutional rights, by doing this to the coach. God has proven himself to be true throughout history. No teacher can possibly prove otherwise. So many backwards people these days. No, Satan worship is not what the framers of our constitution had in mind as legitimate religion, nor did they have in mind any religion that believes in some kind of religious law of force that would rule everything and everybody, even the killing of whoever it considers infidels. That's not a legitimate religious thing to be protected either as it's contrary to the Constitution. Have we no sense? This is wake up time.

    These problems are so simple to figure out. It's boring. I sometimes wish there was something more difficult to figure out.

  2. This letter by members of Congress amazed me. They are doing good here. This is good. The state of Washington needs new people in Congress.

  3. So I wonder if they will listen to Congress.

  4. Evil people are making evil changes in our country and culture. Is God satisfied with us and with the church if we merely live pious lives for all to see or is he calling us to actively resist the actions of these people?

  5. This is American history here. Let's be sure to save this letter by the 47 (magnificent 47)
    members of Congress. It's wonderful encouragement, clearly the right way. With 47 congress members backing you up....Wow! This is a good day.

  6. So we will see what side of the bushel basket some of these people will be on.

  7. Some things I tend to struggle with about this topic. I want to understand as clearly as I can what the founders of the Constitution had in mind when they wanted protection of the free exercise of religion.

    First of all, what did they have in mind as far as what qualifies as religion? Suppose one's belief system is about forcing all others into compliance with their form of religious law, in so much that it dictates everything, and has priority over all things wherever it exercises it's power, and suppose one's belief system is that this thing should have power and authority everywhere, and should rid every other power from it's place.

    Is this the sort of thing they had in mind to protect the free exercise of? Certainly the reason for the "establishment clause" becomes a bit more clear.

    Or how about someone who wishes to openly practice the worship of evil? Is this what the founders had in mind to protect, that it might flourish freely? Don't we all know that evil is just plain bad, that it is always something undesirable to peace loving people who wish good will toward all men?

    Now I understand that every religion in this world, in the manners in which they are practiced, no doubt have something impure in them whether in doctrine, understanding of the doctrine, or practice of it, and that in this world it is not right to consider that there is any religion that is 100% practiced without any error whatsoever among those who practice it. This is just reality because we live in a fallen world.

    And so we forbear, knowing our own faults and failings, knowing that we are all on a journey to find truth and that if we are sincere, we should, if our Creator bear with us, move on to perfection, which might never come completely to us as long as we are in this world, but for such reasons we forbear. We are tolerant. I believe we should tolerate a lot of differences.

    Yet there are some things which are so different, so much bent toward evil, they are simply counterfeit through and through. They do not fit the bill of our Constitution and the purposes which are laid out in the Preamble.

    Our Constitution isn't something to be playing around with. We need to be responsible, and we need each other for accountability.

    1. The coach was quietly off to the side praying silently? This is now criminal behavior, as it pointing to the sky when football players make a touch down. Really? You think this is "over the top" maybe?? There is a big difference between what he did and cutting off the heads of people for publicly speaking their faith.....or sacrificing babies to Molech/the Devil.....

  8. I was just watching something from Morningstar TV on the computer, about the spiritual history of America, and it was said that William Blackstone, a writer of commentaries about law, whose work became the foundation of so much law, wrote, "..upon these two foundations, the law of nature and the law of revelation, depend all human laws; that is to say, no human laws should be suffered to contradict these.", and it was said that Charles Finney said that he came to know Christ by reading Blackstone.

    I wonder if Blackstone is required reading in schools today. I wonder when the last time was that it was required reading, if it ever was in public schools. It seems to me that something that was so foundational to existing laws would have been very much read in public schools at some time.

  9. And I just read on Wikipedia (about Blackstone) that "Even today, the commentaries are cited in Supreme Court decisions between 10 and 12 times a year."

    I wonder, did the Supreme Court cite Blackstone when it rejected DOMA?

    Doesn't nature tell us to allow for the free exercise of prayer in public places so long as it isn't harmful, malicious, or evil, and as long as it doesn't oppose the common good of all people, and so long as it doesn't interfere with anyone's freedom, and as long as participation, or agreement with all of it's content, isn't forced?

  10. It should be so simple for America to stay somewhere on the road and out of the ditches.

  11. I wonder how school teachers would respond to a public elementary student's request to have a reading club after school hours, or maybe even during recess, where they would read together from The New England Primer.

    This can be bought for a few dollars or less from the internet.

    1. Same book used in public education for over one hundred years.... same Constitution.

  12. Is Rev 2:5 a good verse for America today?

  13. If the Bremerton School District would be willing to be judged according to the measure they have met out, they would be out of their jobs.

  14. I begin to wonder where this persecution comes from. Does it come from those who believe in evolution, where things are supposed to evolve, even things like our Constitution, is that what they believe?

    Maybe these people believe that they need to be the strong, the tough, the bullies, in order to evolve and survive, as if this is their mind set, their world view, being evolutionists.

    Are they into progressivism? Do they think that the forceful, the arrogant, the most unbending, the most unwilling to turn, the most unrepentant, that they are the strong ones, the evolvers?

    Do they believe they must kill, kill, kill?

    Do they know what the 6th commandment is?

    Or are some of them Christians who began to follow the crowd, and simply lost their way?

  15. Let's keep our eyes on Jesus, who didn't evolve. He changes not. It's been said that people tend to become, depending on what they behold.

  16. You said no representative from Washington State signed, but Dan Newhouse, WA 4th Congressional District signed... bless his heart.


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