Monday, November 02, 2015

Confessions of an Atheist---Why Do Atheists Rage Against God?

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Professor Phil Zuckerman is a well known and highly influential atheist.

At a convention focused on liberty and personal freedom last week at Georgetown University in DC, he made some very interesting confessions about Christianity---and Islam.

Although he is known for intellectually attacking Christians and Christianity, he confessed that "Christianity is "a great friend of secular culture"...while "Islam is more of a threat, much more debilitating."

In noting the distinction between the consequences of Christians living out their faith, and Muslims living out theirs, the professor inadvertently highlights the hypocrisy of his own beliefs and that of other atheists.

Peter Hitchens, a former atheist, brother of the late and famous atheist Christopher Hitchens, says, "Atheists are in moral terms, children clamoring for their own desires."

Note of Correction: In Friday's article, I wrote that of the 47 US Congressman who signed a letter to the Bremerton School administrators in support of Coach Joe Kennedy, no Representative or Senator from Washington State signed it. I missed seeing the signature of Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-4th district). 
Thanks Dan. You were the only elected official from Washington to sign the letter.
The matter in Bremerton continues to boil. Two candidates for school board who are on the current ballot say they support Coach Kennedy. They are Tony Stevens and Naomi Evans.

Zuckerman told the participants at George Washington University, "I can say anything about Christianity and Mormonism, and I'm not living in fear"...but "what keeps me from critiquing fear."

The self described atheist and professor of secular studies told the convention he does not fear retaliation from Christians, but does from Muslims, therefore, he does not disparage Muslims.

He admits his position is inconsistent, but says he "has three kids" and has to earn a living.

Kirsten Powers, a Democrat pundit, often seen of Fox News and a recent convert to Catholicism and author of the book, "How the Left Is Killing Free Speech," questioned Zuckerman about his duplicity.

She said she does not understand why Muslims can oppose same-sex marriage and not be targeted by the Left for it, but calling out Christians for their beliefs is acceptable.

Powers referred specifically to some hidden video recordings earlier this year in which Steven Crowder asked Muslim bakers in Michigan if they would bake a cake for a same-sex wedding and they refused.

She said, "If these had been Christian bakeries, it would have been on the front page of the New York Times, so I'm wondering why we're able to have this amicable disagreement with Muslims for having this view. Why are we not able to do that with Christians?"

Zuckerman agreed with her, saying, "I absolutely agree that it is okay for those on the Left to critique, mock, deride Christianity, but Islam gets a free pass, which is so strange, because if you care about gay rights, then really Islam is much more problematic---sorry to paint Islam with a huge brush---and much more devastating."

When Crowder's videos appeared earlier this year, more than 2.2 million people viewed them the first 3 days on the Internet.

The response of the progressive Left was to generally attack those who took the videos---much like the attacks by pro-abortion secular progressives on those who video taped conversations with Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale and price of baby body parts.

In both cases, they vilified those who exposed the truth.

Zuckerman says, "Where on planet Earth is the death penalty meted out to atheists? It's only in, I think, 24 Muslim countries."

He says, "I would never write the same stuff about Muslims I write about Christians and Judaism and Mormonism."

The reason? "Just straight up fear," he says. I have 3 kids to support.

Interestingly, this is a strong testimony to the authenticity of Christianity---from the mouth of an atheist.

It also reveals the duplicity of atheists and the thinking of the secular Left progressives.

Peter Hitchens is the younger brother of the late and famous atheist Christopher Hitchens. In his book released last year---"Why Modern Atheists Rage Against God," he explains he has "hesitantly returned to his faith from my days of atheism."

I am not suggesting he has given his heart to the Lord---I don't know. What I do know is that he has seen the hypocrisy of atheism up close and has concluded there must be a better way.

He sees modern atheism as "a lucrative new wave as seen in Richard Dawkins and my late brother Christopher, who are full of mockery and spite."

He says, "The truth is that modern atheists have constructed their position very carefully so that they can never be asked why they hold it."

Peter Hitchens says, "Fundamentally, once our society has dispensed with the concept of God, we are left with nothing. The modern atheists don't wish to discuss this because they are very well aware of the implications of what I'm saying for society in general. They know perfectly well that if everybody didn't believe in God, the comfortable lives they live in extremely agreeable suburbs, where people can trust people not to cheat them and rob them and mug them and rape them, would come to an end. They want to keep the secret to themselves."

He says, "They are, in moral terms, children clamoring for their own desires, but children who have grown large and articulate in the years they might have learned true adulthood and full humanity. That is why they rage against God."

He also says, "They want to have all the joys and all the advantages provided by Christianity, and not pay the dues."

I'm certain he doesn't know this, but in a twisted sort of way, that also defines too many Christians.

We have become so accustomed to living without persecution in our America, when it comes, we tend to adjust to the changing culture to avoid conflict and the rage of atheists---and abortion activists, and homosexual activists---all under the guise of trying to reach out to them. To show love.

The gospel reflects the love of God, "and" the penalty of sin. Both must be taught.

It is written, "Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

That transformation comes not through the understanding of man's ideologies, or creating a superior ideology. It comes only through receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, accepting His forgiveness and experiencing His restoration and the gift of eternal life.

The great preacher Charles Spurgeon said, "Christians are not so much in danger when they are persecuted as when they are admired."

Be Vigilant. Be Faithful. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.