Thursday, January 26, 2017

Planned Parenthood: "Our Name Is Deceptive, We Don't Help Pregnant Women"

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The face of evil has spoken again. Their mask has slipped.

The pro-life organization, "Live Action," released an investigative video on Tuesday exposing PP's misleading claim that it provides healthcare services to pregnant women.

PP essentially doesn't offer prenatal services to women who want to carry their unborn baby to term.

The Planned Parenthood clinic worker in Boise, Id., for example, told the Live Action investigator that the "business name is deceptive," adding, "if you are looking to terminate [your baby], we can do that."

So much for the "truth" that PP's abortion business is only a very small percentage of their business.

Other Live Action investigators were told: "Planned Parenthood offers abortions, so they don't offer prenatal care." And, "No, see, we don't see pregnant women as a way of giving prenatal care, we see pregnant women, um. you know, if they are considering other options."

The link above contains a link to their video.

Another Planned Parenthood employee seen in the video even recommends that the investigator go to CareNet, a pro-life center down the street, for prenatal services.

Just among those visited, 92 PP clinics responded by saying that Planned Parenthood doesn't have OB/GYN on staff and only use their ultrasound equipment on women seeking an abortion to find out if the abortionist will need to perform a first, second or third trimester abortion.

In their investigation, Live Action found only 5 clinics in the US that said they provide prenatal services to pregnant women.

Planned Parenthood repeatedly claims to provide prenatal care for "under served women."

Clearly that's a lie.

The only service some of the clinics were found to provide for prenatal care was a packet of prenatal vitamins.

In 2013, Planned Parenthood received $677,287.00 from the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to fund breast screenings, however, Cecile Richards, president of PP, admitted under oath in 2015 that despite repeated claims that the business provides mammograms to women, "there aren't any Planned Parenthood clinics...not any have mammogram machines at their facilities."

Last week Live Action released public records that show Planned Parenthood also chose not to report child sex traffickers to local authorities, after claiming it had done so.

Planned Parenthood has also denied that they hold training seminars to train staff how to identify undercover journalists. That, too, is a lie. One of their own gave Live Action a copy of the materials PP uses in the training classes.

This week, President Trump signed an executive order reinstating the Mexico City Policy that bans government funding of international groups that provide or promote abortion.

This is a first step. President Trump has said he will work to defund Planned Parenthood.

In the coming days and weeks, expect Planned Parenthood to mount one of the most divisive, deceptive, destructive campaigns against President Trump, pro-life politicians, conservative Christians and our children and grandchildren who sit in government run school classrooms that has ever been experienced in this ongoing culture war.

Far Left Huffington Post has already started the defensive assault with a feature article titled, "Yes, People of Faith Can Absolutely Support Planned Parenthood."

In it they identify Hindu, Jewish, Christian---both Catholic and Protestant---and Pagan religious leaders who are publicly supporting funding for PP.

Willie Parker, MD, MPH, identifies himself as "Protestant Christian, Abortion Provider" and says among other things, "In multiple passages of sacred text, from Joshua's 'Choose you this day who you will serve' to Paul's exhortation in the New Testament, 'Let every person be fully persuaded in their own mind', the declaration and insistence on the ability to choose has always been a function of humanity."

He is twisting God's truth, much like Satan himself did in his conversation with Eve.

He is suggesting that people have always had a God-given right to choose or decide what is morally right and what is morally wrong, when God's Word is clear that the moral principles are absolute--unchanging. The choice we have been given is how we will embrace or reject that Truth. Not to decide based on personal preference what is Truth.

And it is true according to the "sacred text"---killing people, born or unborn---is murder. Not a God-given right.

Sara Hutchinson Ratcliffe is the Program Director for Catholics for Choice. Her message to Christians is, "Catholics can, in good conscience, support access to abortion and affirm that abortion can be a moral choice."


The other "religious leaders" somewhat echo this message.

Huffington Post, the oracle of the Left, also is reporting that "By defunding Planned Parenthood---which offers many, many more services than just abortion---the GOP is effectively threatening 2.5 million people's access to care every single year."

That is also a lie. Studies show that any "other" services (besides abortion) that PP provides are easily accessible in all most all communities. There are very, very few exceptions.

Cecile Richards says, "American women will not go down without a fight when it comes to their right to access basic health care."

Richards, who is paid more than $500,000 a year to run PP, says, "This is not a partisan issue...the people that come to Planned Parenthood...they're from every walk of life."

She's right. It isn't a partisan issue---it is a spiritual issue.

I am saddened every day by people who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ, yet advocate for abortion in the name of "choice."

To those "Christians" who advocate for abortion under the guise of "choice" or "women's health care"---When you stand before the God who said, "Thou shalt not kill," how will you explain your advocacy for killing?

Gianna Jessen is an abortion survivor. In fact the movie, "October Baby" was loosely based on her life.

Gianna, who is a devout Christian, was "aborted by saline injection"---so she would be born dead, and the killing procedure would be "legal." However, when she was born, she wasn't dead, thus requiring the abortionist to sign her birth certificate, which identifies her as having survived an abortion.

She tells her story in 15 minutes. I know how busy you are. However, I beg you---take the moment and watch her story.

I've never seen a more moving, inspiring, uplifting, entertaining and compelling story than her's.

This is the YouTube link to her speech.

She is an American, but in this video she was speaking at Queens Hall Parliament House in Victoria, Australia.

Beyond what she says, I have no further comment at the moment, except to suggest you pass this post, with the links, on to your friends and family---particularly any who claim to be Christian, yet advocate for abortion, or advocate for those who support leaders who advocate for abortion.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Blessed.